Review Of Michael Horn's
DVD 'The Meier Contacts'

By Alfred Lehmberg

I started this piece with no small trepidation... but then I remembered that the following is dismissed entirely by Kal (triple 'K') Korff with some... energy and vitality, so there is a good chance that there might be something to it, after all.
I should let everyone know near the start of this review that I'm not trying to irritate serious Ufologists Richard Hall or Jerry Clark (...or a host of other sincere persons down firmly on the side of the fence they feel they ~should~ be down on... and comfortable there...). These gentlemen, in particular, have recently shown me some kindness and collegiality, and I'm loath to disappoint them in a casual way. I apologize in advance though I'm sure everyone understands I just have some questions about something (and observations regarding same) here... and a few... well chosen... rational and constructive words from learned readers should put me aright, straight away! [g]. I'm not an ideologue; I don't "have to" believe, I just can. Above all else, I want the ~real~ deal.
I've been hearing things about an individual of late, an individual, well known in our community, who has had his facts dragged back and forth over the credulity line so hard, so often, and for so long, now, that even the ~metaphor~ has become hopelessly smudged, indeterminate and indistinct. Lately, another gentleman has stepped forward in an apparent bona fide attempt to clarify that line once more. That man is Michael Horn. The line to be *clarified* is the, decidedly interesting, Billy Meier. The review to be expressed concerns Michael Horn's DVD presentation on the "state of the art" that is one Eduard Albert Meier.
The decidedly unlikely Meier arouses, still (after 40 years!), equal passions on both sides of the ufological fence, and ~few~ ufological occurrences have been so diligently and passionately investigated, attacked, and passionately debunker-ized as the indefatigable saga of this aging Swiss farmer. After all the sturm and drang, the passionate pleas, and furious invalidations... there remains Billy Meier, grinning happily like a seemingly unwhackable whack-a-mole... from a surprisingly unassailable hole. What provokes the continued belief in this very usual and un-presupposing gentleman?
I can't, shouldn't, and won't (shan't!) suggest any verity for Billy Meier -- a benign separatist (?) who lives on a commune (?) amongst like-minded persons (?), a person heartily denounced by critics exponentially less canted and more acceptable than "Triple'K'" (?), a person repudiated by a close family member as a total charlatan (?), a person offering the most inexplicable testimony and even prophesy (?).
Burned and shy... (a pox on culpable liars of any stripe for encouraging same!), one becomes reluctant to put their full weight on the next stone across the paranormal pond. I can't qualify Billy Meier, but I can; however, retain the capacity to be intrigued by recent claims in his decades old case!
Michael Horn, one of us yet to discredit himself it appears, goes a little further out on that limb than I can, presently. He identifies himself as Billy Meier's media rep in the United States, and he's making some startling claims regarding Meier that seem to have some support, are not conclusively refuted by the garden-variety skepti-bunky, and are provoking dodgy, inconsistent, and fallacious (...and so, therefore, suspicious...) behavior from same!
His claims, as rationally (and logically) detailed in his (not ~too~ pricey...) DVD ("The Meier Contacts"), feature highly specific predictions and prophesies made decades earlier in extant works and books... subsequently revealed recently in mainstream science news?! They include detailed photos and films that have not been duplicated or otherwise conclusively shown to be fakes?! They feature pieces of metal purported to be irreproducible and compellingly alien?! They include clear sound recordings made of a *beam ship* close by... equally irreproducible, with alien intimating and peculiar harmonic properties?! Put this together with the documentation of the double digit attempts on Meier's life, along with a consistent and well documented journal of ongoing alien contact, and what do you have?
Some would argue a continence of ufological buffoonery and the degradation of same! Others would argue that the preceding could be citations of verity. Still others would swear by it! The larger remainder are distractedly aware... or unaware because of the aggregate distraction.
I only want non-canted answers to a few questions: What is the verity of the evidence? Are the predictions Mr. Horn outlines with regard to "ozone depletion" and the asteroid Toutitis (among ~significant~ others) legitimate and bona fide? Are the photos, video, and film footage vetted and genuine? Is the aforementioned sound recording significantly indicative of a sound that could not be easily fabricated as examined by competent and unbiased aural authority? Does a similar condition exist for the bit of strange metal mentioned; does it withstand the scrutiny of an unbiased metallurgist? Is there credible evidence that the attempts on Meier's life number in the high teens?
Michael Horn has indicated, in his DVD presentation and on the radio, that all the aforementioned evidentiary bits conclusively pass these un-conflicted examinations and appear to provide convincing evidence that Billy Meier is the genuine article. What is the rebuttal of the opponents to Mr. Horn, beyond the reflexive and therefore discountable conclusions based only on citations from the work of the pecu-liar triple"K"?
If there are problems with the vetting of the evidence, then there are problems with the vetting (!), but I am unimpressed with proclamations, irritated by innuendo, and righteously angered by baseless and reflexive acrimony! Moreover, treat ~me~ like a rube or dismiss me as a mere believer regarding this query at your ~peril~... Get testy, terse, or disrespectful with me on this, and I'll eat your literary face! I won't be taking any crap. I insist upon reflection over reflex.
I am 'everyman', sir, madam, and entities lurking! I pay taxes, try to live an ethical life, and continue an ongoing education regarding what chews on ~my~ ass, and on the derrières of my brother and sister Human Beings. I want some quality answers, some better freaking ~questions~, and something more out of life than sacrificing our sons and daughters, generation after generation, to the whims of a pompous and illegitimate *elite* while... living a contrived life of the planned obsolescent in their decaying land of emptying promise...
That being said, I'd like to talk about the real problem of a "Billy Meier", which Michael Horn understands very well and laid out in almost too calm a manner in his DVD presentation -- stealthily almost (...and would, sensibly, given that the aggregate idea is ~that~ ultimately tumultuous!). There's no cult, there's no cult of personality, there's no institutional eschatology of Raelean-like cultish doctrine as detractors have campaigned. There is only a very unlikely guy, singled out (of billions, presumably and inexplicably enough!) for an alien interaction... not so important for the ships that they fly or the actuality of themselves... but the ~message~ that they might have!
The vast majority needing to hear a message of this type will be reluctant to hear it, at all, for an obvious reason (...and the reason for Horn's stealth). The *message*, if true (and I think it is for reasons I'll get into in a moment), would quite literally turn our contrived, arbitrary, and unbalanced society on its well deserving ear! There's no pretty way to put it. Everything would change, respected reader... every ~thing~! I'm very confident that it is change for the better, but tumultuously and disconcertingly *interesting* (albeit needlessly), nonetheless...
For example:
Religion, as it's presently practiced, would be abandoned out of hand like the individual was leaving a sinking ship of fear, hatred, and disease. Money, hoarded and saved or purloined, would be rendered moot and meaningless. *Power* would be to the individual. *Property* would be newly defined, *privilege* would have no justification, and *position* would be rendered impotent and invalid. A new individual Autonomy and self-sufficiency would be the rule, and we'd all have to respect our planet as an *appreciative* thing, instead of a thing to thoughtlessly and irresponsibly consume. We'd have to respect what we EAT, ladies and gentlemen (Hamburgers and fries soaked in HVO and trans-fat are not respectful to the cattle and over-eutrophied [and environment destroying] potatoes, just as they are not respectful to us, individually and physically, on any level you'd care to name. We'd have to be a lot more aware who *pays* so we can *play*! We would have to substantially reduce our numbers from the catastrophe-begging overpopulation that we endure... right at the perilous edge of its tenuous capacity!
The reason I think the over-all message, as relayed in Horn's DVD rings true (has an underlying sense of solid rationality for me personally) is because it so closely parallels a personal philosophy I've laid out for myself in 55 plus years of watching the world work, what's right, what's fair and balanced... and comparing it with the antithesis of those things as I try to really see them... from an alien's point of view. The AlienView. A short piece (mostly prose) on that personal philosophy is found at .
It's what I allude to when I wrote in the last verse of a recently posted piece of poetic explication: "Fill Your Bucket..."
"The future that's portended will be seen and not pretended, but the satisfactions gained will awe inspire! We will live beyond pretensions, and ignore old class distinctions as we build on firmer ground than what's now known to be conspired! We will build upon new ethics in a wealth of new ~eclectics~ that we didn't know abundant... in our fog... and we'll find that our behavior's more inclusive -- it's our SAVIOR, while elitists see their error in the past, and all along! C'mon up and fill your bucket with the facts you haven't chewed yet, and don't worry that it tastes a ~lot~ like crow -- it may taste a little worse before you finish what needs chewing... but then tasting, far, far grander than you know!"
Correcting our own mistakes is never easy, but putting off the consequences of ongoing bad behavior is like putting off a trip to the dentist's office, as I have written before. It's an ongoing pain one can even endure to a point... given enough *distraction*, but the outcome, to gallop this metaphor, is inadequate chewing, resulting in badly digested food, poorer aggregate health, and an eventual dental emergency precluding being able to eat, at all! This is what Billy Meier would transmit to his brother and sister humans, and it's good information and rational advice (it would be my own), apart from flying saucers, multiracial human aliens from the Pleiades, and new definitions of time and space... which all the principals admit are incidental and subordinate to that communication (message), anyway.
If Billy Meier is a hoax and a fraud it is unfortunate that an efficacious, self-revealing, and responsible message has to be trussed-up into such a bad wrapper. But if Meier is not a fraud, as Michael Horn reports in his DVD presentation, and there is verity in the evidence of his claims? Then Meier's message has value and gravitas that it couldn't have before... everything we know is wrong (a broad brush but accurate enough to be descriptive), and significant, heartfelt, and self-identifying cultural imperatives must be discarded and abandoned if we are to step out of present pretentious paradigms into a multi-verse ever bigger than we ever thought it could be... and growing all the time!
Qualified, Meier means change, reader. Discomfiting change. Inconvenient change. Tumultuous change brought about (predictably) by those most reluctant ~to~ change. But change regardless. Easy or hard it's our choice. One need only look around at what reflexive and unthinking nationalism, rigid religious fundamentalism, material disrespect to self, others and the environment... and programmed ignorance... have ~ever~ done (and now do!) for us on this planet... or we'd ~already~ embrace the stars! Change, in this context, is a good thing, and listening to Michael Horn discuss it reasonably on his DVD, isn't bad, either.
Find further info on Mr. Horn's DVD at:
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Alton Raines
I don't see any reason to so hinge the very paradigm of the whole universe on the verity of Billy Meier and his contacts! Nothing in this universe is that black and white, not even our poor, perplexed planet. Let's consider for a moment that Meier is telling the truth and his contacts are genuine. Does that mean his contacts are perfect beings incapable of lies or error? Is it impossible or improbable that these beings might have an agenda far more sinister than a trusting, simple farmer and "like-minded" extra-terrestrial fanatics might easily swallow hook, line and sinker? How many countless ancient civilizations can we see that apparently encountered beings "from above" only to find themselves pushed or pulled in some drastic direction, leading to their complete evaporation from the face of the globe and into the dust bin of mysterious history? Too many! No, the cosmology of the universe, spiritually and physically, cannot hinge upon Meier being truthful or not, but rather his 'contacts' being truthful. And this wouldn't be the first time man has encountered manipulative liars from "above."



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