Chemtrails Over Portland
Don't Dissipate

From Michael

Dear Jeff ...
As you know, in response to the many "chemtrail" photos and stories you have run on your site, a common claim by "chemtrail debunkers" is that the trails only fail to dissipate when there is an approaching low pressure (cloudy, rainy) weather system moving in.
I am here in Portland, OR, where the forecast calls for 100% clear and sunny weather for THE NEXT THREE DAYS. I just snapped this "chemtrail" pic on my digital camea...and these trails are NOT dissipating!
I am making an urgent call to all Portland, OR residents to keep their eyes on the sky and their cameras ready over the next 24-48 hours, and we will put the debunkers' theory to the ultimate test!!
I will send you more pics as I get them....
As I mentioned in my previous emails, the weather forecast for the next 72 HOURS, is clear and cloudless conditions. "Chemtrail" debunkers continue to insist that "chemtrails" only linger when low pressure weather systems are present, or approaching.
In the pics that I've attached, we see what apper to be small cirrus cloud formations...but these are NOT cloud!. These are the remnants of abnormal contrails, which do not dissipate, and instead create these "murky" formations.
I am a natural born skeptic...but the "skeptics"' explanation for "chemtrails" doesn't seem to wash.



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