A Nation Coming Out Of Denial
By Vincent L. Guarisco
Axis of Logic Contributing Writer

With the September 11 hearings burning fresh in our memory, especially Richard Clarke's prolific eye-opening testimony, a body bag -- er, a "transfer tube" of truth comes zipping to mind -- President Bush was then, and remains, disgracefully asleep at the wheel. As a result -- so far -- more than 3,000 preventable American deaths have occurred at home. Bush's blundering incompetence will remain embedded in our nation's memory long after he and the rest of his soured crew are in the grave in dross-dripped caskets, their bones stripped of flesh...
Think about it! The worst preventable tragedy on record in American history foolishly allowed to materialize on our soil simply because "keeping us safe" was NOT important enough to be a high priority on Bush's list of things to do while steering the world's mightiest helm.
Here's the kicker, folks (insert drum roll) --The Neo-Republicans are now arrogantly propagating that our safety is Bush's STRONGEST selling point for his "war president" re-election platform! Holy shit! I'll sleep soundly tonight -- like a peaceful dove in a foxhole. Yeah, right.
So, I have a question for the anointed/appointed one -- if a few of us are still gullible and hungry enough to swallow your seeping sewer swamp-swill of putrid leadership directives -- if we actually (gasp) re-(s)elect you -- what do we get in return? Gee, I must be a glutton for pain.
Hold on to your wing nuts flyboy. Let me guess what the prize is for digesting your crap (that noise you hear is me hacking) and actually voting for you. I think I've got it! Perhaps we'll win the grand prize of a pair of complementary military fatigues, and maybe even our very own tombstones -- conveniently inscribed with our names -- right? Hey, am I psychic, or what?
Hot Damn! Sorry if I spoiled your surprise, dumbya. I'll be sure to cast my George W. vote for sure. Yeah, you bet -- and the really neat thing is I probably won't even know I'm doing it. But if you listen to Wally O'Dell over at Diebold, voting for you is so damn fast and painless that delivering the election to you won't hurt us a bit. Why should Americans question your Ohio buddy's Ripoffagain voting technology if it relieves all the stress of choosing candidates? Since you're so proud of the way you protect citizens of this great democracy, you say that all we have to do is trust you. We can all walk away after voting, conscience-free. We don't need a paper voting trail, because there's no way Wally's computer hackers are going to re-route my choice at the unsecured data bank, is there? I voted right. Yes -- "right" indeed.
There's only one thing that comes to mind when I think about George Bush's track record in the "trust" department -- how successful he and his mind-controlling corporate media are at rubbing salt into our wounds while lying right in our faces and dragging us into one bogus war after another. With Bush, trust is a cold, dreary one-way street...
Let us not forget Bush's gift to those of us who love to travel internationally. Thanks to our gunship-enhanced diplomatic genius, it's now open-hunting season on all Americans who travel almost anywhere abroad. Thanks to Bush, if I should dare to roam, there's more than a good chance that all I'll have to show for my dream vacation is a Kodakian memory of my family getting splattered into a thousand tiny pieces of melting flesh...
And for those of you who can't afford to travel abroad, don't feel left out; because a promise was made to you too. You are now all quietly being targeted for future large-scale attacks while nuzzled in your homey little cribs. Nice work Georgie! Thanks again, we really needed that rampant global anti-Americanism epidemic in order to reinherit some more misery and death here at home and abroad. Kudos.
Forget it -- I can't even pretend to smile while attempting to joke about thanking Bush for the wounds he has inflicted on innocents here at home and throughout the world. It's a scary assembly of sick, twisted world-dominating ideologies who brought us to our current on-going horror, a horror secretly birthed in dark murky corridors of the Project For a New American Century (PNAC). This group has been single-minded in its < >quest for world domination,and was founded by the Weekly Standard's William Kristol. Its members include Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and Lewis Libby, Dick Cheney's chief of staff, among others.
That's why we need to remember this well on election day -- It doesn't matter who influenced him, Bush's build-up for war in Iraq was reckless, needless, premeditated and unremorseful. The buck stops with him. He squandered the lives of hundreds of our brave soldiers and slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent civilians. The world is increasingly shocked and awed by all of this -- increasingly enraged -- and it will damage our nation's reputation and trust for a millennia.
Remember when John Kerry thought his microphone was off and, in a candid moment, remarked that he'd never seen such a slimy, mean-spirited bunch? Remember how relieved we were to hear that sliver of truth in what Kerry said? It was a much-needed breath of fresh air! At least we can say we heard the truth from a hopeful in a high place who really understands how deep the "rabid" hole goes.
Listen, learn, think, question and -- most important -- face the fact that our current government operates with a collective criminal mind! So many mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, in-laws and friends are grieving -- weeping rivers of tears over their killed, lost or maimed loved ones. All are victims of the Bush/Cheney profiteering war machine. This regime will never care for the tears of the weak. For them, tears are but useless, wet bi-products of war, bi-products that quickly evaporate before their sick hot-steel vision of world dominion.
We must also remember that those who draw the battle lines of war create no risks for themselves. Nor do they put their rich loved ones or friends at risk. Unlike the rest of us, none of them will ever fight a single day of battle in war. Those who would send us to die in the killing fields are guaranteed the best protection and technological support systems that our hard-earned taxpaying money can provide. If we do not take a stand, we are destined to pick up the tab for their protection while struggling to make ends meet. To allow this to continue is so obviously wrong it staggers the imagination.
Many Americans are abruptly awakening, and are coming out of denial with an abused spiritual sense of what the rest of the world already knows -- has known all along -- that our once admired United States of America (all branches of power) has been feverishly overrun with a cabal of sadistic conservative powerbrokers who criminally steal and smirk their way to the bank. They give each other "high fives" with blood-soaked hands, chortling over how easy it was to send others to die as they look on in comfort and enjoyment.
We must face the fact that nothing will stop this war-mongering carnage until "we the people" stand up and refuse to fund it or participate in it. It has come down to two avenues of action -- we must vote the entire Bush machine out in November 2004, or we must face the fact that there will be a major revolution. Continuing to allow them to dominate everyone at will and to force our young men and women to fight and die like meaningless chess pawns on an endless gameboard of death while the planet continues to spiral downward drenched with fresh evil at the hands of our rulers who have hate emanating from their every pore -- is not an option.
The choice is ours. We must take a stand. The time is now.
Vincent L Guarisco is a freelance writer from Bullhead City, Arizona, a co-founder and contributing writer for Axis of Logic and a lifetime member of the Alliance of Atomic Veterans. Reprint permission is granted if it includes name of author and Axis of Logic designation.
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