Curious Object In Martian Sky
Hello Jeff,
I noticed an amazing picture on the official NASA/JPL Mars Rover site. Go to:
This is the most recent Navigation Camera photo from Spirit. Click on the picture or go to:
This is a spectacular Martian sunrise for a number of reasons. The first one, is the huge mountain range in the far distance, well beyond the hills commonly seen in most Spirit' photos. But it's the second thing that rreally blew my mind. If you look at the upper left corner of the photo, you'll see what looks like an object in the sky. If you download the NASA jpeg and just sharpen it in Photoshop a little bit, and then enlarge it to 200%, you will plainly see what looks like a classic saucer or cylindrical object in the sky. You can even see the glint of sunlight off the lower top portion of the object. You can also see what appears to be a trail of distortion, the same diameter of the object, as well as a trail IN FRONT OF IT! This is not "dust on the lens" or "something on the film" as the usual idiots will chorus. This is a high resolution digital image

(Note: The spike of light extending down from the sun is an effect called 'bloom' where the CCD imaging chip gets an overload of light -- it is a known anomaly)



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