Photos Of Large Scoop Mark
On British Columbia Man

From Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
TRAIL, British Columbia -- I had an email from a fellow who resides in Trail, British Columbia. He asked if I would like to see some photos of an unusual mark he has on his back. He added his phone number in his letter and I called the man straight away and had a nice talk with him.
The fellow told me when he was around 9 -12 years old a large scoop mark appeared out of nowhere at the base of his spine. The gentleman said at that young age (9 - 12) he was literally plagued with vivid dreams which were very real to him. When the mark appeared out of nowhere on his back he was seen by a physician who told them that it looked as if "someone" had taken a chunk out of his back. The man said there was never any pain associated with it and no scaring. The fellow explained that there is a thin layer of skin which is covering the indentation and nerves in his back. The nerves are sensitive to the touch.
The scoop mark focused around a very detailed dream of hearing a strange chatter. In his vivid dream he found himself standing in front of his father's property, which is located in the Creston, B.C. Approximately 40 feet in front of him was a craft which was hovering about 6 to 10 inches off of the ground. It was round in shape but flat on the bottom, a dull aluminum in color and had no distinguishing markings on it. He said there was a green glow (a vapor cloud) which surrounded the craft. It made no sound but he did feel an odd vibration the craft emitted. (His example was, if you took your hand and placed it on running equipment and felt the vibrations from it) He didn't find all of this disturbing at all. The fellow never saw any kind of creatures of any sort.
Also the man was in a state of paralyses and all the time hearing this strange chattering sound. He went on to say that he eventually work up laying on the floor in a pile of laundry and to find his socks were wet from what he believed was from the morning dew outside. There were also was small twigs and a little soil laying about the floor. The fellow told me he is still wondering what actually happened that night many years ago. Also he wanted me to know that this was a one time experience.
Thank you to the person for the report and photos. More photos are being taken and will be sent along to me.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Rese arch
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