Conned By Condi
From Sallie

We were conned by Condi. This was a buck passing session. She just propagandized her position with softball questions, and it was a fixed ballgame. She was aided and abetted by the four CFR members serving on the panel with close ties to Bush. Mr. Kean even had oil dealings with Bin Laden, and should have recused himself for conflict of interest.
Questions the 911 Commission didn't ask -- but should have asked. Instead we got a scripted filibuster, and canned answers. As NSA she should have known the answers to these questions, never asked:
1) Why didn't the CIA armed with a warrant for Osama due to the bombing of USS Cole, not exercise it, while they visited OBL daily in an America Dubai Hospital? Could it have been, if they arrested him, then they wouldn't have had a pasty for 911 or a reason to invade Afghanistan?
2) Why did Bush give CIA asset Bin Laden $15 million in the last part of July 2001? Then Bush's envoy visited and offered him a "carpet bag of oil" or a "carpet bag of bombs."
3) Why after OBL refused the US oil pipelines in Afghanistan, Bush planned an attack on Afghanistan in October 2001, timed it to take over the poppy fields simultaneously? They were never burned by our government, since the Taliban burned them, and will provide a huge cash crop this year according to the CIA.
4) Why was the military ordered to invade Afghanistan before 911, but not yet approved by Congress?
5) Why were US troops already in Afghanistan and on the ground before 911, and not as the result of 911?
6) Why was FEMA in NYC the day before 911? What did they know and when did they know it?
7) Why did Condi tell Mayor Willie Brown not to fly into Manhattan the day before 911, indicating foreknowledge?
8) Why was Bldg. #7 (undamaged) "pulled" by Silverstein earning him $500 million not investigated -- shown on PBS?
It imploded just like the WTC 1 & 2. Perhaps it will be, if the Sears Tower he just bought is also imploded?
9) Why were Mossad agents masquerading as students allow access to high security areas, then whisked out of the country?
10) Why was the FBI harboring and paying housing and car rental cost for two of the alleged hijackers?
11) Why was there no major plane parts at the Pentagon? Why was there a hole in the building only large enough for a missile, but not a huge 757? So, where's the wings, fuselage, and tail section, not seen on the pristine unburned lawn? Where is the film surrounding the Pentagon, probably the most secure building in DC, and film also confiscated by FBI from nearby businesses? What are they hiding from the public?
Side note: A similar tactic used in OKC and the film of the bomb infested Murrah Bldg. was never to be seen again. Pictures were taken of undetonated bombs being removed from the building when they stopped taking out bodies and began taking out bombs. The same company who cleaned up OKC also cleaned up the WTC, and in both cases everything was immediate was removed, buried, cover with a park and monument. It was not saved from the crime scene for later investigation, which is illegal. This clean up company is also well known for imploding buildings.
12) Why did Condi lie, and say OBL was responsible for the 1993 WTC bombing, when the New York Times exposed:
"The FBI allowed the 1993 WTC bombing to happen." -- THE NEW YORK TIMES Thursday October 28, 1993 Page A1 "Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast" By Ralph Blumenthal. The tapes reveal it was a FBI supervisor who was responsible for the bombing. Luckily he misplaced the bomb, so it did just minor damage and only 6 people died.
Claim vs. Fact: Rice's Q&A Testimony Before the 9/11 Commission April 8, 2004, Center for American Progress
"Planes as Weapons"
CLAIM: "I do not remember any reports to us, a kind of strategic warning, that planes might be used as weapons." [responding to Kean]
FACT: Condoleezza Rice was the top National Security official with President Bush at the July 2001 G-8 summit in Genoa. There, "U.S. officials were warned that Islamic terrorists might attempt to crash an airliner" into the summit, prompting officials to "close the airspace over Genoa and station antiaircraft guns at the city's airport." [Sources: Los Angeles Times, 9/27/01; White House release, 7/22/01]
CLAIM: "I was certainly not aware of [intelligence reports about planes as missiles] at the time that I spoke" in 2002. [responding to Kean]
FACT: While Rice may not have been aware of the 12 separate and explicit warnings about terrorists using planes as weapons when she made her denial in 2002, she did know about them when she wrote her March 22, 2004 Washington Post op-ed. In that piece, she once again repeated the claim there was no indication "that terrorists were preparing to attack the homeland using airplanes as missiles." [Source: Washington Post, 3/22/04]
August 6 PDB
CLAIM: There was "nothing about the threat of attack in the U.S." in the Presidential Daily Briefing the President received on August 6th. [responding to Ben Veniste]
FACT: Rice herself confirmed that "the title [of the PDB] was, 'Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States.'" [Source: Condoleezza Rice, 4/8/04]
CLAIM: "There was a discussion of Iraq. I think it was raised by Don Rumsfeld. It was pressed a bit by Paul Wolfowitz."
FACT: Rice's statement confirms previous proof that the Administration was focusing on Iraq immediately after 9/11, despite having no proof that Iraq was involved in the attack. Rice's statement also contradicts her previous denials in which she claimed "Iraq was to the side" immediately after 9/11. She made this denial despite the President signing "a 2-and-a-half-page document marked 'TOP SECRET'" six days after 9/11 that "directed the Pentagon to begin planning military options for an invasion of Iraq." [Source: Condoleezza Rice, 3/22/04, 3/22/04; Washington Post, 1/12/03]
CLAIM: "Given that this was a global war on terror, should we look not just at Afghanistan but should we look at doing something against Iraq?"
FACT: The Administration has not produced one shred of evidence that Iraq had an operational relationship with Al Qaeda, or that Iraq had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks on America. In fact, a U.S. Army War College report said that the war in Iraq has been a diversion that has drained key resources from the more imminent War on Terror. Just this week, USA Today reported that "in 2002, troops from the 5th Special Forces Group who specialize in the Middle East were pulled out of the hunt for Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan to prepare for their next assignment: Iraq." Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL) confirmed this, noting in February of 2002, a senior military commander told him "We are moving military and intelligence personnel and resources out of Afghanistan to get ready for a future war in Iraq." [Sources: CNN, 1/13/04; USA Today, 3/28/04; Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL), 3/26/04]"
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The president of this country lies and no one seems to care. They don,t even care that he pokes fun at himself about the lies. He and his comrades lied before, during, and after the war, which so far has killed thousands of Americans. Clinton lied and no one died, but still inexcusable, and impeachable under the Constitution. Where's the Outrage?
Meanwhile the domestic "police state" is being set up here -- The war is the smokescreen for domestic tyranny.
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We don't need a 9/11 Commission, we need to proceed directly to "Plan B": Impeachment.
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