Chemtrails Over Ithaca, NY
From Joseph Prusch

Dear Jeff,
I'm an avid reader of your site. I've been reading and reading for a while now. I don't always agree with the things I read there, but it's good to know that people out there are reporting them and letting the individual citizen decide. I realise that I jepoardise my email's security by emailing you, but I figure "what the heck: the CIA's probably got a neat little file on me anyhoo."
I am writing now (after a week of personal debate) to report a chemtrails sighting over Ithaca, NY at around 6:35pm on Monday, 29 March, 2004. I had just finished at a rehearsal at Ithaca College (I'm a musician) and was in my car going to Cornell University. As I approached the western entrance to the campus of IC, I noticed a dazzling sunset about to take place. But the sky above the western ridge was speckled with what appeared to be 14 separate airplane trails going in multiple directions and even intersecting each other.
I don't have any particular atmospheric science knowledge aside from my middle and high school science classes; but I could tell that something was up. First of all, let me explain the Ithaca climate. We have a very high level of precipitation in the area due both to our proximity to the Great Lakes and to Ithaca's situation on Cayuga Lake, one of the Finger Lakes. Additionally, the city is on the southern end of a post-glacial ridge in New York's western plain, less than a hundred miles west of the Catskill range of the Appalachians. This means that we frequently have stationary low-pressure fronts, which usually result in the sucking up of water from the lake and it being dumped upon us for days on end. A lot of college kids complain about the weather in Ithaca, but we mostly make jokes about it.
There are almost always clouds of some kind over Ithaca. The most common is a low-lying nimbus clouds. (A check with the NWS will confirm everything that I am saying.) On this particular day we had some distant cirrus far to the East and stratus fratus scattered throughout the rest of the sky. The west, minus the chemtrails, was uncannily devoid of any cloud cover.
Now, these could have been simple condensation trails left by regular aeroplanes; but the evidence runs contrary to that assumption. First, Ithaca's small local airport is to the northeast of the city (up along rt13) and not to the southwest. Furthermore, the flights to and from the airport are most commonly to NYC, Albany, Buffalo, and Syracuse. None of these paths goes over the SW part of the county. My familiarity with the land in that region suggests that it is about 40% farmland (30% dairy pasture and 10% agricultural) and 60% residential. These numbers are off-the-cuff, taken from my plentiful hikes and rides through the area. A simple zoning check should confirm my estimates.
So, let us estimate that the 14 trails that I witnessed were the simple result of crop-duster passes. But wait, Ithaca has a relatively cold climate (it snowed last night, the 4 of April). We have about two blizzards every year in April and May. (I should know, I've been here 5 years. Other locals confirm this and joke about it.) Not only that, but these "crop-duster passes" traverse a region approximately 3.5 miles in length (from south to north as I saw it). The width was difficult to assume from my vantage point. Therefore, the farmer must have had an agricultural field that was an unbroken 3.5 miles in length and used solely for the purpose of growing plant crops at a time when plants cannot yet sprout because of the weather. Sound fishy? It gets weirder.
Ithaca is a liberal haven surrounded by old-school Republicans. These Republican farmers, nevertheless, have embraced the "organic farming" doctrines of the liberal establishment. If you want to sell your food in Ithaca, you get a better price if you can certify that it is organic. Most local farms are family-run, and therefore they are organic, which means that they don't use crop-dusters. There goes that theory, completely.
Now, it is a distinct possiblity that this was a small Cessna or some other small aircraft flying about up there over Western Tompkins County. But, as I said before, the airfields are to the NE not the SW. Even if there had been aeroplane flights over the SW, the trails should have started to dissipate by the time that the 14th one was laid. According to my readings, condensation trails begin to dissipate noticeably after 15-30 minutes. If each trail took a minute to make and another minute to come about for the next pass, then the first trail should have noticeably dissipated by the time I first laid eyes upon it. Furthermore, there should have been a small plane up there in the sky for me to see and hear. All I heard was the hum of passing cars and the noises of the city below. I've heard small planes overhead in Ithaca. I know what they sound like. I definitely did not hear one then.
For the description of the trails, there were four trails running approximately N-S with perhaps a 10-15 slant towards the E-W axis (clockwise). These four trails intersected several of ten trails running E-W. Where trails intersected it appeared that both trails disappeared. It looked like a surreal football. The sky around them was completely free of clouds.
I wish I had a digital camera (heck, any camera) with which to take a picture of the phenomenon. I could make a drawing if it would help. In lieu of that, you have my personal word as to what I saw. I could list a hundred references, all of whom would agree that I have no motivation for this report. I'm just a simple musician and teacher. I'm an American patriot and an immigrant son.
I am a conspiracy theorist, but I still don't quite "get" chemtrails. I just know that they have been inconclusively reported. Having now seen the phenomenon with my own eyes and logically puzzled out the details, I am now fully convinced that something is up. That's why I am writing to you now. I would strongly urge you to be as cautious of my claims as you would of anyone else's. I know that people want photographic testimony to these things. (But don't they realise that photos can be faked?) Again I say that I have no reason to lie. The vision of the sunset that day is very clear in my mind.
I hope that you can add this to your catalogue of these phenomena for future analysis, and I hope that we can get to the bottom of this weirdness before people get hurt. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email me. And if there are any questions as to the veracity of this report, I would encourage the critics to email me here at
Joseph Prusch



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