Orthodox Jews To Demonstrate
Against 'State' Of Israel
From Neturei Karta International

Upon the meeting of President George W. Bush and "Israeli" Prime Minister Sharon on April 14, at the White House, Washington DC, Orthodox Jews will be demonstrating in front of the White House, to proclaim and clearly state that: Sharon and the State of "Israel" are illegitimate and they do not represent the Jewish people.
Date: Wednesday April 14, 2004
Place: White House, Lafayette Park
Time: 12:00 PM
Let it be known that:
The State of "Israel" does not represent the voice of Judaism and/or the Jewish people. The Torah clearly forbids the formation of a State, for the Jewish people, in their time of exile.
The Torah forbids stealing land, subjugating and oppressing a people etc.
The root cause of the endless bloodshed and suffering in the Holy Land is Zionism and the State of "Israel".
The root cause for the continual rise of worldwide anti-Semitism is Zionism and the State of "Israel".
The Jewish people have been living in Muslim countries, including Palestine, in peace and harmony with their Arab neighbors, until the advent of Zionism.
True to the above and for many other reasons, the rabbinic authorities universally, have vehemently opposed the State of "Israel" since the time of its inception.
Consequently, Sharon has no legitimacy to be the representative of the Jewish people.
The only working solution to a true and lasting peace is the total dismantling of this illegitimate State of "Israel" - a transformation to a Palestinian rule. Any other of the countless proposals for peace, whereby the State of "Israel" would continue to exist, is futile. As the Torah states "why are you violating the words of G-d, it will not be successful" (Numbers, 14: 41).
Our fervent prayer to G-d is, for this transition from the State of "Israel" to a Palestinian State, to transpire, speedily and peacefully, without any further suffering and bloodshed. Under this new Palestinian rule, we will once again, G-d willing, be able live side by side, Jew and Arab, in brotherhood.
Neturei Karta International
From James Benjamin Roth
Greetings Mr. Rense,
This is in referrence to the article on your website Orthodox Jews To Demonstrate Against 'State' Of Israel From Neturei Karta International
Though I appreciate that you report about them, I must tell you that The Neturei Karta are full of SH-T !!!
Please read the brief article below.
Sincerely, J. B. Roth, Delray Beach, FL
Crash Course in Middle East History
Nationhood and Jerusalem
Israel became a nation in 1312 B.C.E., two thousand years before the rise of Islam.
Arab refugees in Israel began identifying themselves as part of a Palestinian people in 1967, two decades after the establishment of the modern State of Israel.
Since the Jewish conquest in 1272 B.C.E. the Jews have had dominion over the land for one thousand years with a continuous presence in the land for the past 3,300 years.
The only Arab dominion since the conquest in 635 C.E. lasted no more than 22 years.
For over 3,300 years, Jerusalem has been the Jewish capital Jerusalem has never been the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. Even when the Jordanians occupied Jerusalem, they never sought to make it their capital, and Arab leaders did not come to visit.
Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in Tanach, the Jewish Holy Scriptures.
Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the Koran.
King David founded the city of Jerusalem.
Mohammed never came to Jerusalem.
Jews pray facing Jerusalem.
Muslims pray with their backs toward Jerusalem.
Arab and Jewish Refugees
In 1948, the Arab refugees were encouraged to leave Israel by Arab leaders promising to purge the land of Jews. Sixty-eight percent left without ever seeing an Israeli soldier.
The Jewish refugees were forced to flee from Arab lands due to Arab brutality, persecution and pogroms.
The number of Arab refugees who left Israel in 1948 is estimated to be around 630,000.
The number of Jewish refugees from Arab lands is estimated to be the same. Arab refugees were intentionally not absorbed or integrated into the Arab lands to which they fled, despite the vast Arab territory. Out of the 100,000,000 refugees since World War II, theirs is the only refugee group in the world that has never been absorbed or integrated into their own peoples' lands.
Jewish refugees were completely absorbed into Israel, a country no larger than the state of New Jersey.
The Arab - Israeli Conflict
The Arabs are represented by eight separate nations, not including the Palestinians.
There is only one Jewish nation.
The Arab nations initiated all five wars and lost.
Israel defended itself each time and won.
The P.L.O.'s Charter still calls for the destruction of the State of Israel.
Israel has given the Palestinians most of the West Bank land, autonomy under the Palestinian Authority, and has supplied them with weapons.
Under Jordanian rule, Jewish holy sites were desecrated and the Jews were denied access to places of worship.
Under Israeli rule, all Muslim and Christian sites have been preserved and made accessible to people of all faiths.
The U.N. Record on Israel and the Arabs
Of the 175 Security Council resolutions passed before 1990, 97 were directed against Israel.
Of the 690 General Assembly resolutions voted on before 1990, 429 were directed against Israel.
The U.N was silent while 58 Jerusalem Synagogues were destroyed by the Jordanians.
The U.N. was silent while the Jordanians systematically desecrated the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives.
The U.N. was silent while the Jordanians enforced an apartheid-like policy of preventing Jews from visiting the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.
The Arab men use their own women and children as bullet shields in their "holy" wars. They mutilate 8-year old girls by performing radical clitorodectomies and worse, labia-ectomies. Yes! This horrible "custom" of mutilation is still practiced today by many Arabs.
One of the few decent Arabs was Prince Abdullah who in 1925 said, "We Arabs, especially the educated among us bid the Jews a hearty welcome home. This is their home. They have no other." His was assassinated - probably by members of the Mufti who also promised their fellow Arabs to purge Israel of the Jews in 1948.
The world doesn't bother to ask itself why we should trust the Arabs to make peace with Israel if Israel gives up the so-called "occupied territories" if the Arabs made war with Israel twice before '67 and Israel was that little piece of land the Arabs want it to be again.



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