Why Sharon Has To
Pull Out Of Gaza

By Barry Chamish

In October 1999, Leah Rabin went public. She appeared on the IBA Channel One 5 PM news program, A New Evening, and recommended my book, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin. "The public should leaf through this book," she declared. And then she dropped her bombshell; she supported the reopening of the investigation into her husband's murder.
A year later she was dead of cancer.
Of course, I suspected foul play but kept silent on the matter to negate the response that I see conspiracies everywhere. In the winter of 2001, I gave a lecture at a home in Petakh Tikveh to a national religious group. At the conclusion, a gentleman took me aside and informed me, "I'm an oncologist and I work part of the week at Ichilov Hospital. I saw that Leah Rabin was given the wrong treatment and she was going to die unless that changed. I spoke to the department head and he told me not to butt in."
I did not publicize this conversation because it wasn't corroborated. On Sat. March 20, it was. I attended a small gathering of self-admitted Mapai left-wingers on Perakh Street in East Rishon LeTzion. The hostess asked if I thought Leah Rabin perished before her time. I recounted the testimony I had heard in Petakh Tikveh. She blanched and became very agitated. "My brother is an oncologist at Ichilov and he would not have attended your Petakh Tikveh lecture. He told me the same thing, that Leah Rabin was given nothing more than placebos for her condition. She was murdered by neglect. He also complained and was told to keep his mouth shut if he knew what was good for him."
Recently, the Dutch-Israeli journalist and author of A Trek For Trinnie (Gefen Publishers), Lea Wiesje de Lange made a discovery about the last days of Yitzhak Rabin, which confirmed my published conclusion that Rabin had undergone a transformation and would no longer agree to lead his nation into suicide. That was the primary reason why Shimon Peres was given the go-ahead by his foreign handlers to violently replace Rabin. Rabin made the fatal error of returning to Judaism. Lea's letters to me are self-explanatory:
"Yesterday I heard from a friend who lives in Jerusalem some facts I never heard anywhere, not even from you. It is about Yitzchak Rabin who in his last year became suddenly hungry for Judaism. The man wanted to know, to learn and went, always after sunset, to a yeshiva to listen to shi'urim. Rather soon his political friends and comrades found him out and told him sternly that this was not done, he went too far. Either he left his monstrous new ways or they would publicize the unspeakable that their hero, their leader was a Jew after all, instead of a nice Mapainik. Not long after those happenings Rabin was killed.
"The rav in question is not one of those Rabbanim who works in the field of returning Jews to roots but gave Rabin an address for the desired shi'urim. The address is "Arachim" a well known institution in Jerusalem. Mossad "Arachim" publish a journal known all over the Jewish world. Remarkable is that Rabin was found out, resulting in the wrath of the left turning against him 2 weeks before his violent death...
"You remember what I told you about Rabin and his sudden craving for Torah? Well I got some more info now. Rabin turned to the Hama'ayan Yeshivat Hanegev in Netivot, to their Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Yissachar Meier. It was this Rabbi Yisaschar Meier who advised him to go and study at the Arachim Institution.
"Arachim was established in Israel in 1979 to provide an intellectual response to the thirst of a growing secular Israeli public who were seeking to understand the basic philosophical concepts of Judaism. Arachim addresses basic issues in Jewish philosophy including Science and Religion - Is there an internal contradiction? "The authenticity of the Bible," Practical Mitzvoth- are they relevant in modern society? and many more."
And what was Rabin's reaction to his newly discovered Judaism? He tried first to overturn the worst clauses of the Oslo Accord, and finally to put a stop to the atrocity altogether. Amnon Lord reports in Makor Rishon:
In his last address to the Knesset, one month before his assassination, the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin outlined his concept of defensible borders for Israel. There were elements that had nothing to do with security but with Israel's national history, e.g., his insistence that Jerusalem remain united under Israeli sovereignty. He also spoke of the need to retain settlement blocs and the Jordan Rift Valley "in the widest sense of the term." This was Rabin's legacy to the people of Israel.
On March 19, 04, Makor Rishon reported: "Shimon Peres understood after the 1977 elections that he was not electable as prime minister. Since then his strategy has been to work through proxies. He manipulated his current leadership of the Labor Party knowing that he could force Sharon to do his bidding."
And if Sharon doesn't, he will suffer the same fate as Rabin.
Sharon has been ordered to pull out of Gaza and he knows what will happen to him if he doesn't. Like Rabin, he might be willing to sacrifice himself for his country, but not his family. Leah Rabin and her daughter Dahlia demanded that the truth of Yitzhak Rabin's murder be exposed. Leah Rabin was dead within a year and Dahlia is now afflicted with the same disease that killed her mother.
Omri and Gilad Sharon are both fighting corruption charges that could land them in prison. Omri was video-taped accepting bribes, adding, "Maybe this will be enough money to get me out of here." Adir Zik, the courageous journalist who devoted himself to getting to the Rabin murder truth, also sadly, dying of cancer, has traced the framing of the Sharon family to the Shabak and the Oslo Mafia.
At a speech given in Maaleh Shomron on March 24, 04, Zik revealed his investigation of the Cyril Kern bribe, one of the three scandals hanging over the Sharon family. To cover up illegal campaign financing, Omri Sharon with his father's blessing, accepted a loan from a South African businessman named Cyril Kern. Adir Zik told the gathering:
"When Yossi Ginosar died two months ago, he left a billion dollars to his children. You heard me, that's how much he stole from us. A lot of that money came from the Jericho casino he set up with Arafat and the Austrian Martin Schlaff. Omri Sharon and Dov Weisglas had their fingers in the Schlaff's till as well. And guess who else was a partner of Schlaff's; Cyril Kern. Sharon got his fingers in the Oslo crime syndicate safe and they got burned."
For now, Sharon is being kept obedient through legal threats, but if he does not go ahead with the Gaza pullout, the threats against him and his family will turn fatal. He does not want to suffer the fate of Rabin who chose to do the right thing in the end. He will not defy his masters.
It will be for others to do that for him. Binyamin Netanyahu's brother-in-law, and I add, my longtime reader, Hagai Ben Artsi went public in Yerushalayim Magazine, March 26, 04, advocating a mutiny in the IDF, resulting in soldiers refusing to obey orders to aid the pullout from Gaza.
Adir Zik told his audience in Maaleh Shomron that non-violent resistance is the best solution. The public will not tolerate their army shooting or beating the nation's leading rabbis.
Ben Artsi and Zik are both wrong. Foolproof plans are being formulated to overcome both contingencies.
The following is the government's plan for the pullout based on public sources, like deputy defence minister Tzvi Hendel, and my own sources.
The army will swoop in completely by surprise and well before the Gaza residents are ready to defend themselves. Disinformation is being spread that the pullout is not imminent. One lie being "leaked" is that Pres. Bush has demanded that Sharon wait until after the American elections in November to act. In actuality, the pullout could take place, literally, tomorrow.
No soldier likely to disobey orders will be involved in the operation. Ideologically consistent soldiers of the left-wing Nahal Brigade will lead the charge, while foreign troops, reportedly including some 800 Turks, will fill out the ranks. Ben Artsi's call for mass IDF disobedience is an illusion. The army high command isn't as dumb as he thinks.
Adir Zik's plan for masses of resisters lead by the most distinguished rabbis is also not to be. The IDF will block all roads and entrances to the Gaza villages. No one will get anywhere near the pullout. The Jewish villagers will be isolated from the rest of the country.
A convoy of trucks will converge on all the Gaza villages at once and burly soldiers will clear the houses of their contents one by one and quickly. The residents will be forcibly herded into one gathering point, the hotel at Neve Dekalim would serve the purpose, and held physically until the houses and buildings had been cleared. Then they will be blown up until nothing remains of the 30 year old Jewish villages. The residents will then be transported to hotels throughout the country and given $180,000 dollars per family to either buy apartments or rebuild their villages in the Negev.
And no soldier will rebel and no civilian will be allowed anywhere near the villages to protest.
If the Gaza Jews are serious about saving their homes, they had better start acting immediately. Their allies have been compromised. Their communications network, Arutz Sheva, has been reduced to organizing a wimpy, barely-attended conference in Jerusalem, while Zo Artzeinu and its once firebrand leader Moshe Feiglin, has been diminished to the status of Likud Party internal squabblers. The Gazan Jews are all alone. No bugle-calling cavalry is going to come to their rescue. If they have any chance of saving their homes, they'll have to take practical steps.
The pullout will take place without any prior warning, so the residents will have to establish their own early warning system based on walkie-talkies since all phone lines will be cut off. When the rumble of the trucks is heard, all vehicles, buses, trucks, vans and cars will have to be rushed to every gate and opening, and parked strategically to complicate the entrance of the military moving vans.
Similar delays would have to be in place outside Gaza, especially on the roads leading to the villages until protesters can arrive en masse. Judging by the crowd of over 200,000 that gathered in Tel Aviv a few months ago to protest the pullout, that many people could be recruited to surround the soldiers and block any entrance into the villages. However, since telecommunications to known organizers will be shut down, those who wish to join the protest will have to be informed in their homes. It will require organization at the highest level to build a communications and transportation network ready for action at a moment's notice, in the middle of the night. And it will help to have insiders within the IDF to provide the correct advance information when they see the convoys assembling, keeping in mind that the operation will likely utilize false starts to wear down resistance.
It will require great attention to detail and motivation from the Gazan Jews to make the resistance work. However, it's the only chance they have to protect their homes and Israel's existence.
From my point of view, I don't think anyone's up to it anymore.
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