What The Hell Was That Thing?
By James Neff

For many years, people have been photographing and witnessing some very strange aerial phenomena which fall far outside the classic construct of the "flying saucer," even farther outside the realm of a mere Unidentified Flying Object.

These things appear to be alive. Organic. Creatures of some sort. And many are seemingly quite enormous.
Sky Monsters, you say?
Bah! I know. It's the reflex of every rational mind. Naturally. But it remains, they are being seen. They have been photographed. We don't know what they are, but they are... or everyone is lying and the photos are all fakes and history itself is replete with the same lies from every civilization on the planet. This isn't very likely.
They do not resemble machines of any kind known to man and do not resemble UFOs as classically categorized by shape, such as spheres, cylinders, cigar-shaped craft, heel-shaped craft, delta, etc. They range from gargoyle-like creatures to amoeba-like plasmas. No, these are truly bizarre, frightening spectacles so other-worldly one has to wonder if there's any relation at all to the UFO phenomena. Or are we dealing with an aspect of UFOs/aliens heretofore undeveloped, unstudied simply because it is so astonishing, so strange -- the morphing UFO, the transitional, shape-changing, shape-shifting craft? It almost brings the metaphysical right into the UFOlogical mainframe with a loud, nasty thud. And it probably makes most typical UFOlogists a bit uneasy... and feeling quantum unqualified.

So what the hell are these things? Whether they are humanoid creatures of fierce countenance that swoop down and attack human beings -- as in the case of police officer Leonardo Samaniego from Guadalupe, N.L. Mexico who experienced a most fiendish flying monster on Friday January 16, 2004. Officer Samaniego described the creature as a woman which levitated and "... jumped very fast over to - and onto - [Samaniego's] patrol car" trying to get at him while the shocked police officer tried to runaway in reverse while shouting desperately for back-up assistance on his radio -- or -- the flying creature as reported here at that traversed a road in midair, as witnessed by a miner in Chile in September of 2001 - "It was flying alongside the power lines and right below the lighting system. It never made a sound. Its speed must have been of about 50 kilometers an hour. Although I could not see its face, I was able to see that its head was oval like an upside-down pear. The creature looked humanoid" -- these certainly defy all rationale and leave one truly wondering. Perhaps we can and should relegate such experiences to cryptozoology or even the supernatural, and in so doing, clear the deck for a more organized scrutiny of aerial phenomena. It's difficult to chalk any such experience up to one or another category when we know so little about these strange manifestations.
The binding element here is that each of these demonstrate antigravity or the capacity for flight. Foo Fighters, as they were called by airmen in WWI, or even Gremlins -- creatures which were believed to be able to fly and land on the wing of a plane and cause havoc -- seem to fall into this same category.


The weird events connected to the Mothman began on November 12, 1966 near Clendenin, West Virginia. Five men were in the local cemetery that day, preparing a grave for a burial, when something that looked like a "brown human being" lifted off from some nearby trees and flew over their heads. The men were baffled. It did not appear to be a bird, but more like a man with wings. A few days later, more sightings would take place, electrifying the entire region.
To read more about the Mothman, see

From Barry Chamish in Israel, we have this unusual report of a humanoid entity capable of flight...
On October 19,1997 the Israeli newsmagazine Yerushalayim reported that the Palestinian Police were investigating their first alien kidnapping.
The event occurred three days before when a young girl, Suha A'anam from the village of Dir Al Awasan near Tulkarem, was rescued by fellow villagers from the clutches of an alien. The Police report states that Suha, a grade ten pupil, was standing on her 2nd floor balcony when suddenly an alien began pulling her left hand. She screamed hysterically, alerting neighbors to the scene just in time to save her. She was taken to Tulkarem Hospital with scratches to her arm.
A neighbor told the Police that she heard a noise like a helicopter, looked out her window and saw "a whirlpool in the air, spreading ash everywhere" opposite Suha's balcony.
Two other witnesses saw aliens the same week. Six days before, sixteen year old Muhand Faras was walking home from school when he came upon a strange being of a man's size but with a small "root" in the middle of its face.
It's skin was colored "like a frog's," it had two tiny hands with three fingers on each and long fingernails. The alien made a threatening, clawing gesture at Muhand's face, screamed something and "flew to the sky." He does not know where the creature flew because he "was too frightened to look at it anymore and thought it might shoot something dangerous" at him.
Three days later, an engineer, Raid A'anam saw a black creature in the sky just before sundown. He told police investigators that the outline of the flying object was "human with two arms and two legs."
Palestinian Police have since set up ambushes to trap the "intruders" and put an end to the villagers' terror. Needless to say, many villagers believe the Israeli intelligence agency, the Shabak is behind the sightings. When asked why the Israelis would stage such an incident, the villagers answered, "To scare us."
The Constable Quantum - Creatures Of The Unseen Realm
Like various insects beset with very specific visual spectra, we too remain absolutely blind to much of what is really there, our senses simply not atuned or designed to perceive beyond a given spectrum. Trevor James Constable is a name synonymous with the study of 'ethereal' beings and creatures inhabiting our skies, our atmosphere, our world -- even the UFO itself, according to Constable, can be a living bioform.
Not unlike Dr. Pretorius in H.P. Lovecraft's eerie science fiction, From Beyond, we stand oblivious to the swarm of bioforms which inhabit the dimension of time-space around us. In order to become aware of these bioforms, we need to broaden our spectral perception. Dr. Pretorius, as the story goes, invented a powerful tuning fork, of sorts, which resonated a unique vibratory frequency corresponding to the human pineal gland, ie, "the third eye," which opened the doctor's perception to the unseen world around him. But even more, Pretorius inadvertently made a bridge between the two dimensions itself, bringing matter and super-matter of the fourth dimension into interplay on a single stage of time-space. The results were, of course, horrific as only H.P. Lovecraft could envision. Lovecraft takes us beyond the mere unseen occupants to a realization of an entirely alternative world with beings who view us as we might view tomorrow's hunted lunch.

In a far more realistic and comforting vein, Constable brings us just such a tuning fork by introducing a method of photographing bioforms using infrared film. Though not nearly as hungry or ghastly as Lovecraft's 4th dimensional critters, Constable has managed to capture quite a number of bioform entities which do seem to have equivalent photographic qualities one finds related to the classic UFO photograph. Orgone energy, as he explains, is often the culprit in distorted or blemished UFO photographs, and explains why quite often what the eyewitness recalls seeing is considerably different from what results on film emulsion. Are we indeed dealing with a 'macro-biology' in the study of the UFO phenomena? Should we be so quick to shake off any possibility surrounding the enigma, much less limit our thinking to the prosaic "space ship from another planet/extraterrestrial" motif? Constable, it seems, would have us embrace a universe fitting the universe we already know and understand, micro to macro, orders of kingdoms of nature and life forms extending on forever. And what could be more rational? Would it be such a shocking blow to UFOlogy to discover that the "alien" is not so alien at all?

This particular photo taken by Constable's daughter near a "cloud buster"
orgone energy transmitter is an excellent example of the photographed
"bioform" -- or "sky fish" as Trevor calls them.
It may dip a little deep for some, to suggest that what we see, hear, feel, smell, taste and touch is not all that there is. But tell it to the fly, who sees a pane of glass as a solid black mass, or the bumble bee, which wouldn't know the splendor of the colors of a flower at all, it sees only the stark chemically stained signatures in black and white indicating a source of pollen. We both have eyes with which to see, the bee and me, but we do not see the same things in the same universe at all. Is it possible that we could be as oblivious to the presence of pollen as it would be to be blind to ships or beings or creatures beyond our spectral sensitivity? Is it far fetched to suggest that just outside of our limited spectrum of perception, with these weak instruments of detection we call our five senses, exists an entire menagerie, nay, a kingdom, of living beings, organisms and even worlds From Beyond ? If we are open to the UFO enigma, we must also be willing to embrace a paradigm which does not place man and his meager senses at the heart and soul of the universe.

The Crawfordsville Sky Monster
In September, 1891, a very unusual story came out of the small town of Crawfordsville, Indiana. At about 2 a.m. on the morning of September 5, two men hitching a wagon saw a "horrible apparition" appear in the sky. About 100 feet in the air hovered a bizarre creature--somewhat like a serpent, with no visible head. It was about 20 feet in length and had several pairs of wings. Reverend G.W. Switzer, a Methodist preacher, and his wife also saw the bizarre creature. It appeared again the following day in the evening. Hundreds of residents of Crawfordsville watched the creature as it flew about and "squirmed as if in agony". It hovered at an altitude of about 300 feet and was heard to make a "wheezing, plaintive sound". After this second appearance, the Crawfordsville Monster vanished, and it has not been seen since. The case has been investigated only by Charles Fort, who wrote of it in Lo!, and Vincent H. Gaddis, who recounted the story in Mysterious Fires and Lights. The biggest problem in identifying the monster, in addition to its utterly bizarre appearance, is the fact that no one is really sure whether or not it is actually a cryptid, or, as some claim, some sort of strange UFO display.
But what about when they are huge? Enormous!
Gargantuan objects seen in the skies, like massive organic mother-ships from some sci-fi film about alien invasion? The image here at left was purported to have been taken by an Italian Dentist in Italy in July of 1999 in broad daylight. Little more is known about it than that the object was said to be extremely large, flying very high in the sky, emitting no sound and at a pace far too fast to be conventional aircraft or a balloon of somekind, and others who also witnessed the weird spectacle said its underside had 'lights like a UFO.' What is this grotesque, tentacled flying thing? A living creature or a ship of some kind? Could it be a UFO in a transitional phase morphing from one shape into another?
The object bares a slight resemblance to the enormous, organic mother-ship of 'alien vampires' featured in the 1985 Tobe Hooper sci-fi film "Lifeforce."
Or consider the strange case of Bruno Ghibaudi, a scientific journalist who on April 27, 1961 was shocked to see this utterly bizarre 'flying machine' approach him rapidly from over the ocean, pass overhead and then jet off northward out of sight. Bruno managed to snap one picture of it before it zipped away. Is it a craft, or a creature? or both?
Only recently, New Zealand photographer Michael White, while shooting a strange looking dark cloud managed to capture on film yet another enigmatic, organic looking craft or creature. According to his information, he was shooting the strange looking black cloud which he observed for more than thirty minutes, when it suddenly disappeared. It happened so suddenly he did not even realize what he captured on film, which defies explanation. The image is certainly no cloud. It's no bird or jet. The dark object has very distinct properties of shadow and light, is solid and appears to be considerably large. But this was not what the photographer saw with the naked eye at all. He says he felt the strange cloud sensed it was being photographed, as it simply vanished, leaving only this mysterious shape on film. The cloud, as he described it, was 'fiberous' and peculiar looking.
Photo courtesy of Michael White

Cocoyoc, Mexico, November 3, 1973. A Mexican banker and his family saw a strange object approaching rapidly from the East in a clear afternoon sky. His wife said that the object was a round shape, and she drew her husband's attention to the object, and that while the distance between them and the object decreased they realized that it was not what they had initially thought: it was not a plane, neither a helicopter, nor even a competition balloon. The banker stopped the car on the side of the road and the passengers went out to get a better look at the object. The banker thought about his camera, took it, and made a first photograph at this time.
February 2000 - Strangely Shaped UFO Photographed
(From This Month In UFO History)
Stinson Lake, proximate to a U.S. army training area, may be an alien or government UFO base, or a focus of investigation or travel by aliens, one reason being possible mining as the area is rich in precious minerals. A Mirror ship was photographed directing a beam of light at the hillside. Two questions that come to mind are: What was it? And Why was it at an army operations area?
I was given a photo last night of an object above the snow covered evergreens in the soupy late afternoon February sky of 2000 at Stinson Lake. It is not a painted object such as blue underneath and white on top, or black, or part metal and paint...
It is like a mirror reflecting the milky white sky above and the forest below color for color, tone for tone, hue for hue with intensity above surrounding fields at nearest equator and diminishing below surrounding fields (slightly faded at outer or left and right edges) undeniably displaying a round or roundish shape.
There are no wings and no engines noise according to the photographer. There is a shadow outlining its shape in a clearing below it and the same shadow is on the underside reflection. There's more.
After closely examining the object utilizing digital enhancement techniques, globes are seen underneath with hints of green and white lights, a possible dome on top which almost completely blends in with the sky and globular energy field where there are color shifts in the pixel spectrum where there are no added colors but a reorganization of existing colors suggesting a mirage effect also seen with the Mexico videos. The shifted field forms a perfect globe around the object exactly touching is outer edge no matter the attitude of the craft.
Sitting back a little from a 600% enlargement on the monitor screen, a field 'net' effect is obvious. The field appears webbed like a fish net formed into a globe and transparent white. Further, there is evidence of a beam of light pointing at a dark round spot also in a clearing on a nearby hill.
Above the object is a mushroom shape distortion similar to the globular energy field but larger, which raises the question of the portal of origin or a second ship. It was so sudden, the photographer never had any indication of what was about to transpire as he shot landscape photographs in the otherwise peaceful environs around him.
The photographer happened to be at the site near where the U.S. Army has historically conducted paratrooper and other training. The Army's conventional presence may well have been replaced by something extremely advanced. But the sightings have not diminished in that remote and tranquil location unlikely to be stumbled upon by any tourist.
Copyright J. Foss 2001 All Rights Reserved
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The following images are from videos from both US and Europe...


Mona Farrell heard about the new crop circle very near her home in Wallacetown, Ontario and as she put it, "thought we'd go take a boo at it." This was the first crop circle Mona had ever visited.

"It was so impressive, the way it was laid down... it was just so flat... it was weaved together..." She said she believed it to be too perfect to have been man made. The circle appeared in late August of this year. While standing in the circle, Mona's friend Amy took a 35mm photo of her. It wasn't until the film was developed that they noticed the peculiar looking object in the sky above Mona. "It's certainly strange," she said, "I don't know what it is." Mona took the film to a lab and had the negative examined. They determined that whatever it is, it's not a defect on the film, but is actually in the scene and part of the natural photograph.

Subsequent to publishing this photo, we received several others matching the object almost exactly! The same mysterious object has been photographed around the world.

See Image 1 Image 2 and Image 3

!!! NEW !!!! 4-1-4 Image 4


Other Strange Accounts....

As far as unknown forms of life in the upper layers of atmosphere are concerned, a weird accident happened to a small private plane in 1964 in Alaska. The pilot of that plane sent a SOS and managed to say something about very bright light and some weird creature in the sky. Then the connection stopped.

A satellite took a picture of a strange throbbing amoeba-like form, which looked like a living object. The satellite registered the creature in the upper layers of the Earth atmosphere. Ufologists believe that there are some unknown forms of life that inhabit the atmosphere of our planet. Time will tell if it is true or not.

Morphing Craft Or Entity?

Anthony Woods is not convinced that the hundreds and hundreds of UFOs he's videotaped in the skies of the UK are alien "craft" at all. After years of observation and careful documentation, Anthony feels that what he's capturing is somehow a living thing, at the very least a morphing energy of some kind that clearly can change shape at will and is definitely capable of transitions between the material and the non-material.

Images © Anthony Woods. Used with permission.

So, what are we dealing with? The skies are full of signs and wonders, some of them so akin to things we do recognize that we are want for a better term than merely "organic" or "creature," as they appear to be alive. Perhaps Bioform or Ultraterrestrials as others have labeled them will have to suffice for the time being. And yet, they are UFOs... they are 'unidentified flying objects' of the first class, deserving no less serious attention than those with which we have become accustom, whose exteriors appear machined in some fashion or which makes some sense to us aerodynamically (though not gravitationally).

They cannot all be run-away promotional balloons, as it appears is the case with this strange green sky creature that closely resembles the Japanese super-monster-hero Gamera, shot by WTVQ-TV Newschannel 36, an ABC affiliate in Lexington, Kentucky in the Summer of 2001. Man has been seeing flying creatures as well as flying craft of various kinds since the dawn of time. From flaming chariots to dragons in the heavens, flying people and animals both with and without means of propulsion or wings, the famed Vimana of Hindu scripture, angels, demons, witches and spectres; The famed flying machines of the pre-flight era seen across Europe and America, sky-boats and strange, wingless arbiters of the skies, some of them even reported as being occupied by visible people.

Whether its wheels within wheels seen by ancient prophets, or sky devils... there's definitely something going on up there that is beyond what traditional UFOlogy has heretofore been preparing itself to handle. Now the question is, are we up to the challenge? How rut-stuck will UFOlogy be as these apparently increasing number of "aerial obscurities" begin to pop up on video for analysis and more eye witnesses see flap jacks with eyes rather than silver discs with lights? When the flying saucer takes a back seat to perhaps a larger, philosophical, even metaphysical question -- what is matter and energy -- then we are ready to tackle this enigma. What is the potential of energy, its force and ability to change shape, to conduct matter into form or substance? How much of the human mind and perception is involved? In whose hands are the reigns of the chariots of the gods? Is there something else behind the face of the grey? Who are the overlords of the UFO? And are we being exposed now to an altogether new dimension in surfing with the alien?

Sean Amundson

Very good and thought provoking. About four years ago I had just gotten out of my car near my apartment. It was sunny and clear, about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and this "thing" that was floating in the air above the alley caught my attention. It was about 500 and feet away maybe a little more and about 100 ft off the ground. It was perfectly motionless with respect to direction but it's edges were fluttering or flapping like a sideways flag. I thought it was a big kite. I started walking closer. No It's not a kite. It's a lawn bag, no. It's a bird. "What the hell is that thing" is what I asked myself. I was really puzzled because I was close to it but couldn't tell what it was. I decided to run inside to get my binoculars. In the short minute and half it took to get the binocs the "magic carpet" as I have described it to friends, had moved west several blocks against the breeze and I couldn't hold the binocs steady enough to get a good look.

You have a photo by Michael White in your article that looks identicle to what I saw. From that photo one can see why I had a hard time describing it to my friends. They still think I saw a big black trash bag floating around in the air.

Do you know where that picture was taken?
My sighting was in San Diego Ca. 2000
Sean Amundson

Yes, White's photo was taken in New Zealand. His object didn't move. It morphed and vanished! I've seen a few black trash bags caught in updrafts swirling around. They usually look like trash bags, too! - Neff


Javier Villela

I believe this has always been, but I believe it is intensifying since the millenium. Truth is that humanity has been utterly deprived knowledge of these things and other beings so that they do NOT start to develop awareness of such things. We could see these things and more if not for the conditioned mind state that has been hammered into us since childhood by this system that seeks to subjugate imagination and creativity in all forms.
The universe and our world included are both stranger not only than we imagine, its stranger than we can imagine.
Keep up the good work with your art, big up!
Javier Villela



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