Treading Water II
By Edgar J. Steele

On the other hand, now that we have our personal plans in place, what can we do?
Vote? A total waste of time, obviously. All leading candidates are vetted by the ruling elite in advance, at all levels of government. And voting for the lesser of two evils is what gave America George II (that is, if you donít count the Supreme Court's role, of course). Remember: the lesser of two evils is still evil.
Sign petitions? Don't bother - nobody who counts will consider them.
Write our congressmen and demand action? Useless. Like teaching pigs to dance, it is a waste of your time and merely annoys them. They don't need us in order to continue in office and they know it.
Outside of personal and family preparations and positioning, we who are awake have just one job until events come together to allow the creation of a New America: we must awaken the others.
Imagine a neighbor, friend or family member awakened by events, too late to prepare, confronted with your obvious advance preparations: "Why didn't you tell me? What on earth were you thinking, not to demand that I wake up? You knew! Why didn't you think enough of me to make me aware?" Is that a memory you want to carry with you for the rest of your life, especially if they end up not making it?
Yes, you might lose some friends who decide you have gone over the edge. This is the single consideration that prevents all of middle America from rising up en masse today to end racial preferences, remove the politicians at every level of government and taking back America. "Maybe it won't get worse." "Maybe it will get better." "Maybe I'll have plenty of warning." "The government would never actively hurt me."
In the immortal words of Wayne, from the movie "Wayne's World": "Yah, sure. When monkeys fly out of my ass."
There already is a loose coalition of groups doing just that - trying to awaken America, that is. We are called members of the "Patriot Movement" or, as the feds derisively like to refer to us: "Patriots." Who would have thought that the word patriot would ever become a dirty word in America?
The Patriot Movement is the only serious domestic obstacle confronting the cabal now astride America.
For the balance of this chapter, let me address what commonly is thought of as being the more radical, right-wing element in the Patriot Movement.
I am aware that a significant majority of those reading these words have not yet fully awakened. It is your hearts and minds I most wish to reach and bring on board with the problems confronting all Americans. It is you for whom I have written this book.
Nevertheless, the choir could stand with a little tuning, and I am hopeful that a good number of them also are reading this. Bear with me, as what I have to say to my more radical friends ultimately concerns you, your friends and your family.
Splintered, disorganized, fraught with infighting and jealous squabbles, denizens of the Patriot community truly make up the Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight. Even so, we represent America's best, possibly last, hope for redemption from the bottomless pit into which our warmongering, capitalist/exploitive, fascist rulers seem bent upon flinging all of America.
If only we could get on the same page. If only we could agree upon what it is that we want. Freedom, to be sure, but you don't just go out and get freedom; first you must do or get something from which freedom results. And there may well be a number of intervening steps. Or many different paths to the same objective.
One thing that unites us is our dissatisfaction with America's current regime and a belief that our liberty and freedom already have been eroded beyond the point of no return. In other words, the system now is out of the people's hands and cannot be used to effect change. Witness the "choice" presented at each Presidential election. Witness the meat grinder that America's justice system has become.
Besides, recent immigration alone has guaranteed that, never again, will America be as we remember, let alone as our forefathers dreamt it could be. It was all that, and more, for a time. That was then. This is now.
Many have been calling for revolution. I cannot join in that call for two reasons:
First, I would get myself disbarred, then thrown in jail. I would be of no use to anybody, least of all my family, were that to happen.
Second, the time is not yet right because the majority of common folk, including large essential elements of organizations like the military, the FBI and local law enforcement, have yet to accumulate enough dissatisfaction to join in, once the lines are drawn. We must be drawn further into the abyss, with the pain of unemployment, poverty and imprisonment inflicted upon a great many more of us, before America will be ready to rise up and throw off the tyrants in control.
Instead, we must determine just what it is that we should be doing. Awakening others seems the only logical answer, because there simply is nothing else that can be done at this time, other than preparing for hard economic times.
I firmly believe that we needn't worry about leadership. Events will cause our true leaders to step forward when the time comes, just as events propelled the character played by Mel Gibson in "The Patriot" to assume his mantle of leadership, finally. He paid dearly for that conversion, however, just as did America's founding fathers in real life. So shall we.



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