The Anti-War Movement - Part 1
By Sherman H. Skolnick

Short preface 3/17/2004. After this preface, there is re-typed, VERBATIM, my original investigation report of 1972.
Since there is currently supposed Anti-Iraq War Movements, it is instructive to study prior such movements. Why? To determine, by example, if the leadership and direction they are taking secretly serves the purposes of the Aristocracy. To do what? To aid the ultra-rich wind-down, if not extricate themselves, from a disastrous, bloody war policy by which they may finally be exposed as ruling WITHOUT OUR CONSENT, contrary to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.
As the Founder/Chairman of our investigation group, devoted to the public interest, I tried my best to alert the public to the fakers selected and installed by funding and orders of the American CIA, as the supposed "leaders" of the Anti-Viet Nam War activists, called by some, "The Peace Movement". They were clearly fake then. Are there such NOW?
View our website story, "The Overthrow of the American Republic", Part 50, 3/16/2004, as to the efforts in the past to block us, threaten us falsely with arrest, and actually arrest me as the head of our group, for our efforts to confront CIA "peace movement" fakers, "The Chicago 7", Rennie Davis, Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, Tom Hayden, and others.
After I beat state criminal charges of trespass, in confronting Rennie Davis during a live, not taped, television program, in 1972, to explain the specific CIA funding of him and his gang; I issued our report, 1972, on the supposed "Peace Movement". I had beat the criminal charges by subpoenaing, as part of my defense, the CIA Station Chief in CHICAGO. By their charter, the CIA IS NOT SUPPOSED TO ENGAGE IN DOMESTIC OPERATIONS.
Afterwards, about 1973, in the presence of a tv reporter, I interviewed the CIA Station Chief in Chicago, outside his unmarked door in the Federal Building in Chicago.
Sherman H. Skolnick: "You are the CIA's Station Chief in Chicago, right?"
CIA Station Chief in Chicago: "Curious that you know that."
Skolnick: "Simple. The Wall Street Journal has your name on it, laying on this table in front of your receptionist's bullet-proof window, outside your unmarked door, here on the fifth floor of this Federal Building. I also noticed the red security bulb, mounted above your door, supposed to blink at the same time of triggering a silent alarm of the security patrol, if someone messes with your door. The bulb and such was installed by the CIA."
CIA Station Chief: "Well, we are limited to interviewing businessmen returning from the Soviet."
Skolnick: "I am handing you, in the presence of this tv reporter, a copy of our report about the 'Chicago 7', Rennie Davis, and the CIA, entitled 'Chicago 7' Are They For Real' ". original
CIA Station Chief: "We have already examined a copy."
Skolnick: "Now is your chance to call me a liar or fault me. Is our report accurate?"
CIA Station Chief: "Yes, I do not challenge it."
What follows is a re-typing of our original 1972 report VERBATIM as then issued and circulated. Because of the length, it will be posted this way in parts.
"CHICAGO 7" Are They For Real?
By Sherman H. Skolnick
Chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts
Throughout history, governments seeking to perpetuate injustice, yet being foresighted enought to channel and contain dissent against their corrupt, repressive policies, use groups of people called "The King's Men". Such people get money, power, and benefits from "The King" but he denies knowing them since they pretend to oppose him. At the present when the terms "radical" and "revolutionary" are bandied around, it is important to know who some of the alleged "radical revolutionaries" are, and to consider that some of the "Chicago 7" are "The King's Men".
Historically, it should be noted that the overthrow of the Russian Czar and the Russian Church establishment were delayed some 15 years by the premature activities of anti-czarist groups too weak to accomplish their goal, and duped and led on by Czarist agents posing as "revolutionaries". The anti-czarists were thus fooled into eating green bananas. Analysis only of well-polished rhetoric alone cannot help unmask a faker. Hard facts, compiled and analyzed point more quickly to put-ups playing the role of revolutionaries. Applied here will be the reasonable criteria of money, power, and benefits.
The "Chicago 7" consists of Rennie Davis, Tom Hayden, David Dellinger, Jerry Rubin, Lee Weiner, John Froines, and Abbie Hoffman. [Previously called the "Chicago 8", to include Bobby Seale, not believed part of the put-up.] Also called the "Conspiracy" or the "Conspiracy 7".
With little if any publicity, Rennie Davis and four others who later became part of the "7", nailed down the Anti-Riot Law as constitutional by a law suit brought by them in October, 1968, and ending up May, 1969, in the Chicago-based U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit.
[Nat'l Mobilization, Rennie Davis, et al., vs. Foran, No. 17274, U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit. Clerk's office of which is 27th floor, Federal Building, 219 So. Dearborn, Chicago].
During the course of this almost secret suit, Rennie's side laid down and played dead in court. For example, according to court records, Rennie's side gave up a challenge to the part of the law dealing with police. Yet, in the street and on lecture platforms, Rennie is quick to mouth off "Off the Pigs!" Not so in court. The suit was brought and accepted as a class action, on behalf of all persons similarly situated who cross state lines and dissent against the government, thus binding upon potentially millions of people, none of whom were in court in the suit or even knew of the existence of the suit.
Known only to a handful, and unknown to the public, by the time the "Conspiracy" trial started, September, 1969, the Anti-Riot Law, thanks to Rennie, Tom Hayden, et al., had been made constitutional. During the summer of 1969, Rennie, et al., abandoned an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Thus, actually there were two "trials". (1) The unpublicized test case of the Anti-Riot Law, Oct., 1968 through May, 1969, and (2) the much publicized "Conspiracy" trial, Sept., 1969, through February, 1970. The public thinks the Anti-Riot Law is being challenged in the "Conspiracy" case. Not so. Under American Jurisprudence, a test of the law cannot be made twice in the same judicial circuit under the same or similar circumstances. The earlier almost secret case is legally binding, unless there is a showing the ruling was procured by fraud or collusion. Knowledgeable researchers of law suits where collusion is suspected, call such rulings "tombstone" cases, or R.I.P. cases (Rest in Peace).
When Skolnick confronted Rennie and the others of the "7" in the hallway during recesses in the "Conspiracy" trial, one by one the "7" sought to wash their hands of the almost secret prior suit. Jerry Rubin, one of history's most skilled actors [his uncle Sid was in vaudeville: Look Magazine, 10/7/69,' p.20], pretended he did not know what Skolnick was talking about. Dellinger said he never heard of the earlier case; yet, he was a party-plaintiff, according to the court records. Abbie Hoffman made obscene jokes about it. A spokesman for Rennie iinformed Skolnick that Rennie had nothing to do with the case. Hardly a word of this ever saw print or got on air, yet 5 of the "7" were plaintiffs in the almost secret earlier case.
For some 14 months, starting September, 1969, to November, 1970, there was, with a few isolated exceptions, an almost total news black-out by the Establishment Press, and even, wonder of wonders, by most of the so-called "underground" papers, who spend the bulk of their column space on drugs and pornography, with little anti-establishment news. [It should be noted that the Czars had their "underground", czarist-owned newspapers also, with many with names when translated are the same as names of some familiar "underground" papers. Presently, some 60% of the "underground" papers have been quietly bought out by the Kinney Corp., on whose board sit several C.I.A. people].
With considerable labor, time, and energy, from January, 1968 (before Convention Week) to date, staff membes of the Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts (called the Committee), as part of an on-going inquiry into court collusion, have unearthed mountains of factual data, tending to show the "7" case was a real conspiracy. The Committee believes, based on this data, that during the much-publicized "7" trial, Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, Jerry Rubin, and Abbie Hoffman, should have been more properly sitting at the Government prosecutor's table in the courtroom. Since the Committee does not have much, if any, inside information, we can never know for sure whether we are right. Only a confession or admission by any of the "7" could be more certain---such as the recent confessions of two West Coast agent-provocateur, Louis Tackwood and Eustacio Martinez, that they were posing as "radical revolutionaries".
1. Background and finances of the "Chicago 7". Unknown to the public, Rennie Davis, Tom Hayden, and the others who became the "7", and persons connected with them in the National Mobilization to End the War in Viet Nam, were funded by federal money, channeled to them through pass-through organizations connected with the government. $192,000 in federal money and $85,000 from the Carnegie Foundation, acting as a conduit for the Central Intelligence Agency, were funneled to Hayden, Davis, et al., through a front calling itself the Chicago Student Health Organization. To maintain the deep "cover" of this latter group, stories were planted in the press describing the group as being "communist" inspired or directed.
Another $193,313 was funneled to the "7" from the federal Office of Economic Opportunity by way of or through subsidiaries of the Institute for Policy Studies, Washington, D.C., an alleged "liberal" think tank posing as a left wing group, but acting as a conduit for the C.I.A. Other substantial funds came from the Roger Baldwin Foundation which has, nationwide, taken over the structure of the American Civil Liberties Union. The A.C.L.U., such as it was prior to 1967, no longer exists. The Roger Baldwin Foundation is funded by several pass-throughs, or conduits, for the C.I.A., among others being:
J.M. Kaplan Fund, Inc. [of New York]; New World Foundation; Aaron E. Norman Fund, Inc.
This is shown by a detailed analysis of I.R.S. form 990-A, filed by these foundations [one of the few public record tax returns]. Several persons acting for the C.I.A. sit on the Board of Overseers of the Roger Baldwin Foundation: Jacob M. Kaplan and John L.Saltonstall, among others.
As to Jacob M. Kaplan, see: New York Times Index, "U.S. Intelligence Agency", 1967. Several members of the Saltonstall family are involved with the C.I.A.: Senator Leverett Saltonstall (R., Mass.), sits with a very small number of people on the Senate C.I.A. sub-committee. Senator Saltonstall received warm praise in a rare public speech by the director of the C.I.A. Another Saltonstall family member posed as a "radical revolutionary" during 1968 Democratic Convention Week, although in fact a counter-insurgent. Saltonstall's brother is a high-ranking C.I.A. official; see, "The Espionage Establishment" by David Wise and Thomas B. Ross, 1967, Random House, pp. 160-161; also pp. 148n; 171, 173, 173n.
To assist those who later became known as the "7", the Roger Baldwin Foundation in Chicago operated a Democratic Convention Week Project. In a suit now pending in the U.S. District Court in Chicago, the defense of one of the defendants is funded by the Roger Baldwin Foundation. That defendant refused to answer questions about the pass-through funds channeled from the C.I.A. to the Roger Baldwin Foundation. See: Skolnick vs. 113th Military Intelligence Group, et al., No. 71 C 91, U.S. Dist.. Court, N.D. Ill., E.D. [Defendant John M. O'Brien, while purportedly a military intelligence spy, is believed to be a double-agent for the C.I.A.]
2. Tom Hayden is one of the more quiet members of the "7". He is a brilliant counter-insurgent posing as a "radical revolutionary", operating under the deep "cover" and installed by the Kennedys in the early 1960s. Hayden has one of the highest security clearances in the U.S. He risked blowing his deep "cover" when he sat with highest government officials on the Senator Robert F. Kennedy funeral train. (See: Logistics of the Funeral" by Anthony Howard, Esquire Magazine, Nov., 1968, p.120.)
Both Tom Hayden and Rennie Davis nailed down their deep "cover" by taking up residence in depressed areas, and proceeding to agitate the community. Started in Newark, New Jersey, in the summer of 1964, Hayden's activities resulted, in part, in the disorders a few years later in Newark. All the while, oddly enough, Hayden had almost absolute police immunity.
Hayden in the spring of 1972 has taken up residence in San Diego, in preparation for the G.O.P. convention there. While others find it hard to get teaching positions, or are run out of their jobs for their politics (such as Angela Davis), Hayden suddenly gets two teaching positions convenient to his San Diego activities: one at Immaculate Heart College, and the other, at University of California, at Los Angeles.
3. Rennard C. Davis, "Rennie" Davis. Rennie's image as a "radical revolutionary" was firmly planted by his publicist and strategist, Don Rose, of 1340 East Madison Park, in Chicago's Hyde Park area. Not too long ago, Rose was an executive of the ultra-right wing, quasi-government organization, Public Administration Service, 1313 East 60th St., Chicago. P A S is connected with, and does work for, the U.S. War Department, Mutual Security Agency, and a C.I.A. subsidiary, the Agency for International Development. Among other things, P A S does work in puting together police training information. The funding for Don Rose's work comes, in part, from the C.I.A. pass-through, the Taconic Foundation of New York. Rose is also the publicist for an umbrella group of so-called Civil Rights organizations, called the National Catholic Conference for Interracial Justice, NCCIJ, 1307 So. Wabash, Chicago. The recent head of that group, and the previous head, were directly connected with, or officers or directors of urban-affairs type foundations and groups funded by the C.I.A. (See: Ramparts Magazine, June, 1969, p.17; Chicago Defender, 9/10/70, front page.)
One of the government functions of NCCIJ is to act as an early warning system regarding the black community and any bad reactions to injustices. NCCIJ compiles information on various civil rights groups and feeds that data to various federal agencies that need to be informed of possible rebellion in the black community. The Roger Baldwin Foundation's Ghetto Project in Chicago fulfills a similar purpose.
This is end of Part One of this report, as originally made and circulated in 1972. The items in parentheses and brackets are in the original. To be continued.
3/17/2004. A few notes as updates.
=== In the Chicago U.S. District Court, in my anti-spying case against the 113th Military Intelligence Group, I had a winning verdict. At the time countering cases like mine in the Justice Department was William Rehnquist. Soon after my winning verdict, Rehnquist was then appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court where he heard and ruled on a case like mine, destroying my winning verdict. REHNQUIST IS AN UNETHICAL SCOUNDREL. HE DID NOT DISQUALIFY HIMSELF DESPITE HIS PRIOR JUSTICE DEPARTMENT ROLE AS TO SUCH ANTI-SPY CASES LIKE MINE.
=== Prior to becoming First Lady in the Clinton Administration, Hillary Rodham Clinton was a Director of the CIA-funded New World Foundation. Hillary and Bill are a marriage of convenience, two incompatible sorts hooked together, as a follow up of their separate roles with the American C.I.A.
=== The Nation Magazine gets part of their funding from the mentioned CIA Foundations, like the J.M. Kaplan Fund of New York. Once in a while the magazine will run a heavily censored, watered down story, harmless in the extreme, about a purported overseas C.I.A. operation. They never seem to want to mention, however, dirty, bloody DOMESTIC U.S. operations of C.I.A. which do occur in violation of the spy agency's charter.
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