Government Persecution Of
Private Research Labs

By Marjorie Tietjen

Chronic Illness is becoming extremely prevalent in our society. A large percentage of our so called "autoimmune diseases" are actually caused by spreading pathogens. Microbiology labs, which are discovering these pathogens, in a large percentage of the population, are being harassed and or shut down. This has happened undeservedly to several private labs in the past and I personally know of one currently being targeted.
The doctors who treat these separately labeled diseases with curative treatments, such as antibiotics and natural treatments are also being persecuted. I believe there are several motives behind this shameful and unethical behavior.
The most apparent motive, concerning labs which are finding the cyst form of the lyme spirochete in much of the population seems to be greed, involving competing labs which also test for lyme and other tick borne diseases. Those competing labs appear to be able to influence government agencies to target their competitors.
I feel that certain charity organizations also factor into this equation. Most large charity organizations are businesses....and they want to stay in business. Some charities may be non profit but their main goal is still to raise money and they are definitely a source of livelihood for many. In order to stay in business they cannot lose their main reason for existing....which is their specific disease. If a microbiology lab is finding a treatable pathogen, in say the multiple sclerosis population, then their reason for existing would cease to be.
Of course we don't want to leave out the pharmaceutical companies. It is pretty obvious that they would profit greatly if the real cause of disease was suppressed. Most diseases produce several, if not many symptoms. More money can be made on several symptomatic treatments for each patient rather than one curative treatment. Also, if a patient becomes well he will hopefully not consume any drugs. This would not be in the best interests of the drug companies.
Last but not least there is the matter of maintaining or gaining more control over the masses. If government can keep people dependant on them through partially disabling them and making them reliant on certain medicines which only maintain...then this could also be a motive for covering up the true cause of disease. Some people also feel that the problem of overpopulation is perhaps being addressed.
The following is a quote by Dr. Halstead, a World Health Organization scientist. From "The Choice", xvii: 3,4 1991. " The American people are being held hostage by a venal medical establishment that denies them access to information on many things that could help save their lives as we increasingly face a plague of radiation, cancer AIDS and other disasters....And then they are denied access to useful treatments. The man in the street is asleep to what's going on, but once he finds out that he has been condemned to death because of a handful of vultures that are making billions of dollars by suppressing the scientific fact that there are better healthways to go, all hell will break loose."
In order to effectively treat or cure disease we need to know the cause. Many university and government labs do not appear to be discovering any basic causes. The Feb 23, 2004 issue of Time Magazine featured an article entitled "The Fires Within". This story focused on inflammation as a cause for such diseases as Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's and other so called autoimmune conditions. Their reasoning went as follows.....Today we have many fewer germs because of technological developements such as sewers and water treatment plants. Because our bodies are historically designed to fight infections, when there are no germs to fight, the body will then turn on itself and this causes inflammation which causes disease.
Certain activists, scientists and doctors are beginning to notice that explanations such as the one in Time magazine, may be being utilized as a diversion to keep us from discovering the true underlying causes which fan inflammation. Scientists in several private labs across the country are finding what are termed "stealth pathogens" in much of the chronic illness population. These microbes have no cell walls. Mycoplasmas and the cyst form of the lyme disease pathogen are examples of these very crafty germs. They are capable of changing form and hiding out in areas of the body where they evade detection and treatment. There are government scientists who are very aware of the evasion techniques used by these stealth organisms. The United States Army actually has a patent on at least one strain of mycoplasma. They've named it mycoplasma fermentens.
The private researchers who are finding these stealth pathogens in many patients with autoimmune disease evidently are not very popular with the mainstream medical establishment or the government. We must stand up and support these private labs which do not recieve government funding. Many are struggling to survive. We desperately need them to balance out research and propaganda put forth by government agencies and certain university labs which are also funded by the government.
As many of you know, not only are private labs being silenced but quite a few key microbiologists have also recently disappeared from the scene.
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