Another Plum Island Fiction
Another Figment Of Sandy Hays Imagination - NO MAD COW At Plum Island
From Patricia Doyle, PhD

Note - Michael Carroll will discuss his new book about the Plum Island germ laboratory tonight with Dr. Doyle, beginning at 7pm Pacific on the Jeff Rense Program.
Hello, Jeff - We know that the Plum incinerates the "animals that check in but don't check out." According to Mike Carrol,l as he so excellently describes, clouds of black smoke rising from the incinertor, contain the burnt carasses of experimental animals once infected with diseases. I would like to know his opinion on the safety of mad cow animal incineration.
We KNOW we cannot incinerate the infective prion and therefore we have uncooked prions going up in smoke and exiting the island in clouds that float over populated areas around the Plum. There are numerous farms in Long Island's east end as well as farms and dairy cows grazing throughout New England. What about the Scrapie and nvTSE infected animals?
The statement Ms Hays made to me regarding mad cow at the Plum is "Plum Island never worked with mad cow disease." Untrue. 21 of the Vermont nvTSE (mad cow disease infected sheep) went aboard the P.I. Ferryboat to Plum Island. Samples went as well. Another disease that is studied is Scrapie. Scrapie is a prion disease. So, what about the safety of fumes from the incinerator?
Also, during the 91 power outage when untreated infected sewage entered the environment and other times when the power was out and the Plum held together with duc tape, what about safety? It could take decades for mad cow to show up in the animal population in and around the Plum. I am interested in learning what statements Ms. Hays has made to Mike regarding prion disease.
I am really looking foward to hearing Mike on the program tonight. He has been researching his book since 1992. It does appear that he is trying to present an intelligent and balanced work. Thus far, I am very, very pleased with his work.
I think people will be appalled to hear the description of the incineration clouds floating over Long Island, and the north East. What about the birds that may fly into that cloud? What happens when the rain and other elements drive the cloud and its contents back down to earth, into the land and water?
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