To You Who Work For
The Pentagon

By Ted Twietmeyer

"I feel your pain" said Clinton. But we know he didn't, and instead gave pain and helped lay the foundation along with others for what we see taking place today. But like an iceberg, there is much, much more here than what meets the eye.
So, you work for the US government. I also did indirectly for 20+ years, too, as a DoD contractor. Dealing with the government is far different than most people can even imagine. So what's my point here?
Simple - I understand the government employee. I understand the frustration many of you have working for the US govt. Even as a DoD contractor, I've had the very same feelings.
And many of you have told me over the years, "what can I do?"
Lets examine the facts. What do we see? A government that sooner than most people can comprehend, will crash economically. Flat, to the bottom. Its not just my opinion either. Many experts in economics, politics and global experts like Joseph Stieglitz, former chief economist of the World Bank who quit when he learned all these terrible truths, all have predicted this will happen.
What does that mean to you? You'll end up just as unemployed as all the engineers, professionals and factory workers you may have ignorantly looked down on.
I ask you this: If you are driving on a road and see the road washed out up ahead or a bridge out, what would you do? Would you keep driving until you too, are washed away? Or would you pull over and WARN OTHERS about the impending disaster ahead, saving lives. Believe it or not, you too, are ON THAT ROAD right now. I'm the guy over there on the shoulder, waving a flashlight trying to get your attention to slow down and see what's ahead.
And deep in your heart, you know its true. But you're still asking "what can I do?"
The conceptual plan of the globalists (who are behind the quiet subtle destruction of America from the inside) is to pull this off without anyone noticing it. These people are far outnumbered and they know it. If the masses awaken to their subterfuge, they will fail and they know it, too.
We have reached a crossroads. Every person alive can make the difference. No need to continue down that highway and be swept away. This is the time to make the difference before its too late. There are thousands of people working where you are who love America as you do, and know what's happening right now. Many are angry, upset and don't want this to happen. You may or may not be one of them. If you are not, you should be. NOW.
Every citizen's duty is to defend America from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Right now, the Taliban that Bush gave 132 million dollars to in Spring 2001, are not the enemy. The CIA-created Al Queada is not the enemy. The enemy is inside the gates now. And it is a most insidious one. This enemy is unlike anything we have ever faced, because we put that enemy into power. That was the first step toward leveling America and taking it down the path to destruction. As the once famous quotation goes- We have seen the enemy, and it is us.
Perhaps you have a nice home in Frederick, MD. or Fairfax, VA. or Dale City, VA. or any of the other many bedroom communities in Virginia or Maryland. You are comfortable at home. Perhaps you even own it outright. You're quite secure working at the pentagon and feel you're set for life. You're on the "winning team." But just remember that ideology aside, its always the DOLLAR that makes politics work.
Perhaps one day you'll thoroughly enjoy going to work for NO PAY. For that day will come very soon when you'll be told that the economy has crashed, and there will be NO PAYCHECK at all. Ask yourself- what will YOU do? Still make the 495 Beltway commute and report to work? Still fill out timesheets? NO- You'll be sweating bullets like everyone else in America. And guess who will be the one to tell the American people? Bush. It will be his duty. Many who work in the pentagon today, your coworkers, can tell you now that NO PLANE ever hit the building. Perhaps you know it, too. That very act was planned to lay the foundation to bring America down.
You should be very afraid of this. It IS your duty to worry. Since you work on the INSIDE you know many more things than you think you do. You can make the difference. Remember what Mark Twain said: In the beginning, a patriot is a scarce man, who is brave and hated and scorned. But as his cause succeeds the timid join him, and then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
Think about last Christmas- sitting around opening presents with family and friends. Enjoying wonderful times together. The scent of a Christmas tree, the lights in the store windows, the carols and music. Do you know that it is the avowed pledge of the globalists to ELIMINATE CHRISTIANITY? They want a one-world religion. What is it? A religion based on NATURE WORSHIP. This is what everyone will be forced to believe in. Gone will be the stories of Jesus, his life and his ministry. This will in no way fit into their plan and will be counter to it. Why would they want this? Because they KNOW they are completely wrong and fear God. So all they can do is to block him out. And some of this is working today. Ask yourself how many people you know attend any church at all?
What I've said to you here, is not fiction. It is not conspiracy. It is FACT. We have already been told by Bush- his exact words "war is peace." Does that sound rational to you? Are you someone who thinks that Nazism is dead, and cannot come back? Hardly true at all. Bush has modeled everything he's done on what Hitler had done. Homeland Security is actually a derivative of the SS. SS stood for "Fatherland Security." FEMA has Red and Blue lists. So did Hitler. FEMA also has camps (there is one at Ft. AP Hill for incarcerating American citizens.) FEMA also has extermination facilities. So did Hitler. Hitler blew up the govt. building, the Reichstag. Our interceptor planes were kept on the ground on 9-11 for more than an hour after the first plane hit. No answer has ever been given for this. Perhaps you know the answer and are keeping it to yourself.
Perhaps the most bold statement of where we are heading is what Bush said back in December 2000- when asked how hard it would be to be president. His answer precisely this: "This job would be a heck of a lot easier if this were a dictatorship, just so long as I'm the dictator." Do you need any more proof? The actions after 9-11 have shown this is "a work in progress." Still want to stand by doing nothing?
You know the truth. Perhaps far more than what has been said here. In the morning when you look in the mirror to go to work- just ask yourself this: "How much do I love my family, children, grandchildren and America? Will I let it go past the point of no return, or will today be the day I do SOMETHING to make things better? Will today be the day I make the difference?" Or were you saying that to yourself in the mirror that day after 9-11?
Now you know the facts and the truth. It is up to YOU to make a difference. Don't count on the average American to do it. They cannot. The media has put them into a box so tight, they often cannot lift the lid. They believe everything put before them, as long as it comes from TV, radio or a newspaper. That's all part of the mind programming to keep them IN the box.
It's your duty to LIFT THE LID and SHOW THEM THE WAY OUT. Because if you don't, you're no better than those that made sure the missile hit the pentagon. In an interview with parade magazine, Rumsfeld stated it outright.
Are you an American, or are you someone who only cares about themselves and their material possessions? What's most important?
One final word- remember that part of the globalist plan is re-distribution of wealth. Included in their loving plans are herding everyone into compact cities, without cars. And taxes many times worse that what you pay now. In fact, the UN ..65/mile tax will not go to America, but to third world countries. Think about it. This is fact, not fiction. And satellite tracking devices will soon be installed into cars in England to enforce it. If you don't pay, your car won't start because of a satellite kill signal.
This country does NOT belong to the US Government. It does NOT belong to those that cross the RioGrande in the middle of the night because its easier for them to come here, than to fix their own country's problems. It belongs to YOU, ME and every other AMERICAN citizen.
I'll say it again- American belongs to YOU, ME and every other AMERICAN citizen. Socialism and Marxism were proven a failure in world history. But this is exactly what the plan for America is at the most secret levels of government. Extermination of Christians and patriots are also a part of it. If you want to see what the FBI has told police depts. to do when they encounter good people, read their "anti-terrorism" pamphlet. Copies of it were sent to at least one police department in Maricopa county, Arizona. It cites those that read the Constitution, Christians, patriots, and others as terrorists. Do you voluntarily work everyday to support a government who hates the very people that made America great, including you and I?
The enemy is in the gates. What will you do about it? Do nothing, and when America falls and dies, you'll have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF FOR TIME AND ETERNITY.
Do something everyday to make a difference, and it will make the difference. Now that you know the truth, what do have to lose? If you can think of one thing you have to lose in the long run, email me.
Only a fool will make the wrong choice and do nothing about the road washed out up ahead, and keep driving.



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