Chemtrails Over Toronto
From JG

Hi Jeff,
Attached is a collage of planes leaving chemtrails over Toronto this evening (March 19th, 2004 between 5:45 and 6:15pm) ... I snapped the pictures on my way home from work.

From Anne Marie
Dear Mr. Rense,
My husband and I were very surprised to see this piece, Chemtrails over Toronto, today, March 21, because only a couple of weeks ago we too saw the most bizarre phenomenon in the sky above Toronto.
I cannot remember the exact date (I'll note it if it ever occurs again, btw) but it was on a Saturday or Sunday and also around the same time (near 6:00 p.m) as that which was reported in this particular news item. We live in the Broadview/Danforth neighbourhood of Toronto, not far from downtown; on a clear day, walking home from shopping, I happened to look at the clear blue sky, towards the northeast direction and saw a jet flying in the same direction, but what followed the jet stopped me in my tracks. In my 47+ years, I've never seen thick black smoke trailing a jet. At first, I thought that the aircraft might be in trouble. I kind of shrieked at my husband, while pointing towards the sky. But as we stared, we didn't see any other indication that this flight might be in danger. We both remarked at the strange colour of the smoke trails, both saying we'd never seen anything like it before. Typically, what you see is greyish-white smoke, so this was really curious and somewhat alarming.
We stood there watching this jet and its black smoke trails for a few minutes, with me pointing at the sky in the futile hope that other passersby might stop, look and discuss it. I really wanted to know what this was; I also mentioned to my husband that I'd read about something called chemtrails on your web site, as well as on others' sites.
One final observation about that peculiar incident was that the black smoke, and it definitely was black, not grey or even brown, was that while it seemed to be emanating from the jet, it did not project outwards in the usual parallel lines; rather the two black lines were projecting outwards at a peculiar angle.
After about 5 minutes or so, we realized that the jet didn't seem to be in trouble, and yet this was nothing we understood, or could explain; nor could we provide any evidence of this as we don't typically carry a camera around with us; though my husband who's a professional graphic designer and an amateur photographer now carries his camera with him most times, just in case.
Well, I honestly don't know what, if anything, this means. Except that I won't forget it and was hastily reminded of it when I read Chemtrails over Toronto.
Incidentally, we did discuss whether or not we should call someone and alert them to what we'd witnessed; but quickly came to the conclusion that we didn't know who to call and that those smoke trails probably would have dissipated/disappeared by the time anyone else got out to see them. It didn't seem right to call 911, as it didn't look like an emergency. But if I/we ever see anything like this again, we will call the Weather Network and perhaps the airport or the local news media.
Anyhow, I thought that perhaps this might be of some interest to you. Thank you for your very interesting web site. I've gleaned some useful insights and information from it on several occasions.
Anne Marie Joseph
Toronto Canada



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