The Overthrow Of The
American Republic - Part 50
Viet Nam, Madrid, & The Reversal Of War Policy

By Sherman H. Skolnick

Suppose you put your ear to the ground and heard something a-coming, from afar off. Would that foresight make you rich and famous? Depending on the historic era, you might get widely heckled, if not condemned, by your countrymen. Why? Because opposing the common wisdom of the times can be greatly misunderstood.
It was 1967 and the Viet Nam conflict was approaching full boil. In the Spring of that year was a sensational series of articles, principally in the New York Times. Other publications and media outlets pretty much ignored it. Documents were uncovered showing the American CIA was widely controlling various supposedly dissident and other domestic groups.
The CIA funds were funneled through three layers,
technically described as conduits, pass-throughs, and fronts.
[Well equipped public Libraries have a set of volumes, called New York Time Index, summarizing articles, year by year. If the Library still have the one for 1967, you can review a summary of the CIA items listing many of the Foundations implicated.]
Much later, Kennedy Administration left-over U.S. Attorney General, Robert Kennedy, was privately accused of causing these disclosures. Some later claimed it let to his political assassination in 1968, blamed, as usual, on a "lone assassin".
Sensing a break-through, we grabbed up copies of public records, before they would become "unavailable", to trace what groups claiming to be dissidents were fronting for the American secret political police. It enabled us to later show that the so-called American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU, had become defunct in 1967, and had been quietly bought out by a spy agency operation, the Roger Baldwin Foundation. Yet, the press even now refers to them as the American Civil Liberties Union, a non-existent organization.
[About 1990, the Nation Magazine, funded in part by CIA Foundation funds, ran a story about CIA's competitor, the FBI. Namely that for many years after World War Two, the ACLU was a spy-front for the FBI. Ha! Ha! That was one way of the CIA sticking it to the FBI.]
As to the New York Times 1967 series, the records in question were IRS Form 990-A, for foundations, which unlike the income tax returns of corporations and individuals have to be a public record. The records are kept by the District boss of the IRS in the district the foundation shows as a headquarters. For 50 cents a page or so, the IRS office supposedly has to furnish you copies. [A private research group, Donors Forum, with offices in major U.S. cities, over the years were among those which kept copies of some of these Forms.]
[Scroll way down our website for story "A Short History of CIA Fronts".]
In the same year 1967, was a huge supposedly peacenik-type convention in Chicago. Called "The New Politics", it was convened at a fancy old hotel, the Palmer House, that strangely charged a knock-down rate of eight dollars a day for rooms for those registering for the convention and staying at the hotel.
The brains behind the affair was a local political analyst guru, Don Rose, a likeable fellow with a full-mouth of rhetoric sympathetic to naive anti-war types. Not known to us at the time, his then father-in-law was a top official of the wire-service, United Press International. (Several years later UPI's internal documents, showing the CIA link, fell into our possession.)
There was too much strange money behind the week-long gabfest. Present with his seemingly peace-loving mouthing-off was Rennard C. Davis, called "Rennie", a cute way to make him acceptable. Not known at the time, he was the son of a Frenchmen with links to the French CIA, and the elder Davis became the top advisor in the White House, after 1968, to then President Richard M. Nixon. And note our earlier stories in this series how the French CIA infiltrated the Dallas plot to assassinate President Kennedy, took secret films of the happening, and have used it ever since to blackmail favors out of the U.S.
Years later we uncovered that Don Rose was reportedly financed by a CIA-linked foundation. (In 1969, when I got a few minutes on the local TV, fingering him and Rennie, Don Rose ended up persuading me to allow him to visit me in my home, where he threatened harm against me, such as if I did not shut up, he would see to it that the media would never cover my viewpoints of court reform or anything else.)
In 1967, anyone with something to say to his fellow citizens was at the mercy of the monopoly press. In Chicago, to be acceptable to local media, dissidents had to go through Don Rose. No Internet, no radio talk shows were widely functioning, no public access Cable TV. Just the liars and whores of the press.
At the New Politics convention, I sensed a reversal coming, of the national and international policy of the U.S. as to the Viet Nam War. The "powers that be", the Establishment, the Ruling Class---THEM---wanted somewhere in the future to extricate themselves from the blunder. Instead, they wanted to explore offshore Viet Nam for oil.
Every time I tried to speak up at the huge public gathering in the Ball Room of the fancy old Hotel, I was snubbed, shouted down, and threatened to be shoved out. Known supposed peace-nik leaders did not allow any real questions to be asked.
In 1968, occurred a widely misunderstood event. It was the confrontation of anti-war types with the Chicago Police, at the August gathering in the Windy City of the Democratic Convention. The Democrat Party candidate for President, Hubert Humphrey, and his supporters were discredited by the commotions, in front of the Conrad Hilton Hotel where many Democrats were staying, and commotions with the police, across the street in Grant Park.
Who noticed the real activities of straw boss Don Rose? Some claim they saw him go from the anti-war paraders into the Police lines. If true, what side was HE on? To enrage the police, the peaceniks, egged on by government agents provocateurs, in the Park threw bags of excrement at tthe police.
Later, a group supposedly orchestrating the violent disturbances were indicted on the new Federal Criminal charges, crossing state lines to incite riots. They were later called "The Chicago 7", Rennie Davis, Thomas Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, and others. [Their federal jury conviction was over-turned when one of the jurors, reportedly with a CIA-funded research group, wrote or revealed a behind the scenes report of what went on with the jury deliberations.]
I did speak at College lectures and other gatherings, about the situation by which the CIA-funded peaceniks helped install Nixon. The result? Chicago U.S. District Judge Julius Hoffman, criminal trial judge in the "Chicago 7" trial, demanded I come to his court chambers to talk to him. There he insisted that I stop publicly discussing the CIA-link to the "Chicago 7". He tried to persuade me that it made him look foolish and that I should not want to harm him as the Judge, as he told me some of his personal anecdotes to try to make me soft-hearted as to him as Judge and once top official of the Brunswick Company, maker of bowling machine equipment (which I always believed was part of the mafia).
I tried to be heard but obviously failed. The spy-riddled, oil-soaked monopoly press was not interested in anythiing I was prepared to say and show. I claimed that the whole event was staged by the American CIA to discredit the Democrat candidate for President and help install Nixon as President, to rule the U.S. with an iron-fist, Fascist-style.
After 1968, as I repeatedly tried to publicly confront Rennie to ask questions about the massive spy agency funding supporting what he and the others did. The outcome? I was either repeatedly pushed away by security patrols or actually arrested. In 1972, I finally walked onto the set of a live, not taped, TV show in Chicago. Dragging myself forward on my braces and crutches, I demanded that Rennie, the
tv guest, be asked specific questions about his CIA funding, such as a quarter million dollars from the Roger Baldwin Foundation, CIA successor to the ACLU. The TV station went off the air with the program as eighteen police arrived to arrest me for trespass.
At the later criminal trial, I beat the charges by locating, and subpoenaing the CIA Station Chief FOR CHICAGO. Under their Charter, THEY are not supposed to have DOMESTIC operations. At other times, however, into the 1970s, I was repeatedly threatened with arrest when I confronted Rennie, Hayden, and others of the "Chicago 7".
By 1970, I became a political assassination researcher. I used to talk publicly how the press seldom paid attention to how Rennie Davis "The French Connection", frequently flew to Paris, to meet the widow of the Saigon premier, Madame Ngu. I found out that she was a principal financier of Rennie and the supposed "Peace Movement" leadership which, as I stated, helped install Nixon in the Oval Office.
I also knew and publicly discussed that Madame Ngu had a motive to arrange the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. There were secret reports that Kennedy, himself a Catholic, ordered for geopolitical reasons, the murder of her husband and other family members, themselves devout Catholics. It is a violation of Vatican Doctrine, punishable by death at the hands of Jesuits, for one Catholic leader to attack and murder other Catholic leaders. And remember, JFK and brother Bobby were repeatedly plotting to invade Cuba, a Catholic nation, and assassinate Fidel Castro, a Jesuit.
Madame Ngu had huge funds available to her, as the head of the dope cartel in Southeast Asia, "The Golden Triangle", going back to the time when the area was called French Indo-China. A Burmese General gave a video-taped interview. He stated that his business partners in the dope trafficking were George Herbert Walker Bush, General Colin Powell, and Powell's sidekick, Richard Armitage. That they arranged to build a road through the jungles, for the General to be able to easily ship the dope product. and the Bush Crime Family to supervise the worldwide trafficking of the same.
In 1971, Daniel Ellsberg, a reputed CIA "darling", somehow was given the "Pentagon Papers", telling revealing and incriminating details of the Viet Nam disaster. He planted copies with the New York Times and others. The Justice Department sought an injunction against the newspapers publishing the same. The case came up before a CIA-linked Federal Judge, New York U.S. District Judge Murray I. Gurfein, had previously been with the predecessor group to CIA, being the OSS. The American secret political poilice wanted to save the "powers that be" from further trouble, so the case ended up before the U.S. Supreme Court, trumpet and enforcers of the Aristocracy, that refused to block the documents from being revealed. This was part of the turning point to force the U.S. out of Viet Nam, 1975.
Now a book relating to Madame Ngu and what she was into, has been published. "The Triangle of Death---the Role of South Viet Nam and the French Mafia in the Assassination of JFK" by L.E. Seymour and Bradley S. O'Leary, November, 2003, World Net Daily Books ( They purport to have a document showing the CIA, several days after the Dallas murder, had several of the French mafia Dallas shooters in custody and had them flown to safety out of the U.S.
[Eventually, we intend to post ON-LINE our entire report on the "Chicago 7" and the CIA which we issued in 1972.]
Disguised by a dust-storm of lies, the monopoly press would have us believe "The Arabs Did It!" as to the March 11, 2004 violence in Madrid. The bloodshed in the U.S. on September 11, 2001, orchestrated by high-level U.S. military with the White House, was a turning point to give the occupant and resident of the Oval Office, George W. Bush, Fascist-like powers, cancelling the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. "9-11" was likewise falsely blamed on the Arabs who were just patsies, the violence New York and at the Pentagon being a home-grown product.
The invasion of Iraq seems to be coming to a turning point, sort of like the Viet Nam War. Have we forgotten what happened? There was in Viet Nam growing dissident within the U.S. "grunts", the ground troops. When ordered to go as point man on night patrol, they told their Lt. HE should be point man and go home, as often happened too much, in a body bag. When he refused, they threw a grenade into his tent, "fragging", and said, if he survived, "Lt., your V.C. laundry woman did it!"
Prior to the pre-emptive U.S. atttack, without a Declaration of War by Congress, against Iraq, there were huge anti-war parades in London, Paris, Germany, and Spain, and elsewhere as well. Now the Madrid terrible railroad bombing bloodshed, may be the beginning of the turning point, to extricate the American Establishment from their Iraq "adventure". Is U.S. national and international policy going into the reversal mode? Will THIS mean the throwaway, by the British/American Aristocracy of their scapegoat and stooge, George W. Bush, and maybe, even Daddy Bush, Jeb, Neil, and Marvin as well?
Do we all understand that the Aristocracy does not cry or lose sleep when they order vast bloodshed to carry out their national and international policies? Or when they order the reversal of failed policies?
Despite everything said about the Madrid violence by the pressfakers, it may turn out to be, like Viet Nam, post-Nixon, a turning point where the U.S. Ruling Class wants to extricate themselves, to be either blaming their stooge and scapegoat, George W. Bush, for a financial and military calamity, used to instigate some other trick or surprise event.
More coming. Stay tuned.
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