911 Was Not An Attack
It Was Murder


Rumsfeld in trying to explain his actions on 911 to PBS on: 3/5/04 said:
"The Department of Defense, of course, is oriented to external threats. This was a domestic airplane that was operated by people who were in the United States, against a US target, which makes it historically a law enforcement issue. The Department of Defense deals with external threats coming into the United States-and that's what the department is organized, trained and equipped to do."
Donald Rumsfeld is wrong - in this case dead wrong. This view is what cost thousands more American their lives on 911, than what would have happened, if the White House had not failed to do its job in preventing everything after the first plane hit!
There is something called NORAD, The North American Defense Command, which came into being somewhere back near the 1950's. Its headquarters today is located beneath a mountain in Colorado. Since its creation the United States has spent untold trillions of taxpayer dollars just to prevent something like 911 from ever happening here.
Everything that flies in or over this country is tracked by both civilian (FAA) radar, and military (NORAD) radar. This system is vast and intricate and while it is not foolproof, it is sufficient to defang what took place on September 11th.
The procedure works like this. Every aircraft files a flight plan, prior to takeoff, and has to check in with Air Traffic Control upon leaving the ground. During the flight the aircraft is tracked from takeoff to landing by elements of the FAA, but it is never out of range or vision of military radar.
During the cold war the NORAD system was used to defend the nation's airspace as certainly and as swiftly as any traffic-cop would, when using a speed trap on a highway. Everything that flew had to be identified and cleared to continue throughout its flight by the military. If the course or the intent of the aircraft was in doubt the US Air Force sent up fighters to investigate. The time lag for identification to be made was 3 minutes. That was over the United States, on US flights being made here, by anyone who happened to be piloting the aircraft - so long as that aircraft appeared on radar.
NORAD is under the direction of the Department of the Air Force, which is still under the direction of the Department of Defense-who is directly responsible to the President of the United States. The President is ultimately responsible for the air defense of the continental United States and Alaska and Hawaii - in peace or war.
It should be noted that after the 1st attack upon the WTC, when the towers survived, there was from that day until 911, intensified air patrols that monitored the airspace surrounding the World Trade Center. For some reason those aircraft were not present on that September morning.
On that morning, after air traffic control knew that the aircraft had been hijacked, and especially after the first plane hit the towers - US Air Force fighter aircraft should have immediately been scrambled (sent to intercept the remaining hijacked planes). What was taking place had to have appeared on dozens of radarscopes in both the New York and Washington areas. Once the planes had been identified as the planes that had been taken over by unknown hijackers, the chain of command would have automatically been engaged with requests for decisions as to how to respond. Simultaneously, messages should have come from NORAD headquarters to the White House, or Air Force One - wherever the president was at the time - requesting orders for what the fighters should do regarding the potentially hostile aircraft. Yet instead of plopping his ass in front of a video monitor for a teleconference with his air defense chiefs, as well as the Joint Chiefs of Staff (which would have been done under any hostile attack situation) - Bush kept reading to a bunch of second-graders in Florida for an additional twenty minutes, after the first plane hit.
On 911, no fighters appeared in the skies over New York or Washington. The White House said there were none available - the reality was much different. There were at least a hundred interceptors available, but none took off, until after the attacks were completed. In the 1950's the only way that could have happened was if the President of the United States had order the US Air Force to "stand-down." And to this day neither the White House, nor the Secretary of Defense has ever offered an explanation of why this happened as it did.
When Bush finally did re-board Air Force One, he basically ran to Omaha to hide in the fortified bunkers that used to belong to Strategic Air Command. This president needs to explain his actions to the entire nation - because it appears that he is guilty of cowardice in the face of the enemy. If Bush is innocent of such an action then why has he yet to tell the people about his actions on that day: especially given the number of people that died while his administration fiddled around in completely inept confusion?
Those Air Force Generals in charge of Operations on that day need to be subpoenaed to testify before Congress in open session, to explain why all the rest of those in the second tower and the Pentagon, as well as those on the Pennsylvania flight had to die as well as those who were in the first tower.
Rumsfeld wants to claim that the whole affair was a matter for the civilian authorities, as if a civil crime was in progress, and so 911 was not within his jurisdiction, the DOD being the US military, was not to interfere. That - is a flat out LIE!
Moreover, if this was a civilian matter, then why did the United States retaliate with the US military for a civilian crime? Also where did our dictator get off making this a global problem, after having cast himself in the role of the leader of a Crusade to exterminate the evil infidels that had militarily attacked the USA? Let's not forget Guantanimo, and all those people who are charged as being enemy combatants. If this was a civil crime and not a military operation, then how could we have taken military prisoners and held them for years without charges?
The Cabal can't have it both ways. If this was an attack upon this nation, an act of war that required the United States to invade another country: then where was the military here at home? Where was our military that we have spent trillions on when they were needed? Or if 911 was a civil crime, as Donald Rumsfeld says: "a law enforcement issue," then how can Bush defend what we did by way of retaliation?
This nation needs to stop the bullshit and get to the heart of this matter! The Department of Defense is responsible for the air space over the continental United States, and that's a fact. Failure to interrupt the attacks of 911 in the hour and forty-seven minutes that they waited for the attacks to come to an end - amounts to the murder of thousands of additional American civilians.
Maybe the first attack might not have been preventable, but everything after that first plane hit should not have happened in the way that it did. The people responsible for this crime against the people of this nation need to be held accountable, and that would be the President of the United States, who was reading a book to second graders, the Vice-President who from his secure location, supposedly intervened to stop the interceptors from flying, and Donald Rumsfeld for trying to cover it all up.
This action could begin to bring closure to these events-and the time to do this is now!



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