Honolulu Outlaws Fluoride
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HONOLULU -- After close to five decades of citizens and legislators in Hawaii diligently defending their right to drink water free of intentional medications and contamination, Mayor Jeremy Harris has finalized the enactment of a unique water quality ordinance that pro-actively preserves the rights of consumers in the City and County of Honolulu and Island of Oahu.
This ordinance effectively bans fluoride as a potential additive to municipal water.
Combining the intent and language of ordinances enacted by citizens initiative in Santa Cruz, Redding and Watsonville, California, the new Honolulu ordinance is the first in the nation to provide protection for the safety of drinking water on two fronts: first, prohibiting the addition of any chemical to the drinking water intended to treat humans rather than the water; and secondly, establishing expanded and localized criteria for limiting contaminants and ensuring FDA approval for any health claims made for any specific products to be used, which further protects consumers should Hawaiian or Federal law supercede and impose mass medication.
The deadline for Mayor Harris' signature was February 12 to conclude enactment of Bill 66 (2003) which was passed by a 7 to 2 vote of the Council of the City and County of Honolulu on January 28, 2004.
The text of Bill 66 (2003) can be accessed at
Citizens for Safe Drinking Water is encouraging others to continue this safe drinking water approach and enact pro-active water quality legislation in their own communities. Other legislation can be accessed at:



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