My Pet Goat Ate
Bush's 911 Story

By Michael Arvey
Contributing Writer
Online Journal

"Make imaginary puissance... 'tis your thoughts that now must deck our kings... turning th'accomplishment of many years into an hourglass..." -Shakespeare, Prologue, Henry V
This writer has spoken to people on numerous occasions who, like himself, had intuitive "hits" that the Bush administration was somehow involved in, or was behind, the horrific events of September 11, 2001. Was it an inside job, as many people suspect? Intuition, of course, will not stand up in a court of law, nor will guesswork.
Nonetheless, perplexing tar-like anomalies abound regarding 9-11 that won't wash off. While George W. Bush runs campaign ads with 9-11 images in the background and has flip-flopped on his assertion he wouldn't answer the 9-11 commission's questions for more than an hour, even though he devoted two to three hours to filming an ad, and while talk radio demagogue Rush Limbaugh falsely accuses some 9-11 family members as receiving political funding from Teresa Heinz-Kerry, it would be profitable to note some of the oddities of 9-11 that scream out and wave for attention like shipwreck survivors on an island. I'll present a few that I've culled from many pages of research.
Anomaly: According to a Take Back The Media flash movie, Bush had to have known about the New York attacks on the morning of 9-11 prior to his departure for the Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida. Just after 8:48 a.m., a reporter asked him if he knew of what was going on in New York. Bush answered that he did. The video points out that although Bush has been portrayed as a decisive commander in chief on the morning of 9-11, he remained utterly indecisive, glued to a pet goat story. [1] Researchers have claimed that Bush lied about watching the first plane crash into the north tower because he couldn't have known itóthe video clip didn't surface on television screens until later in the day. So, how did he know? He knew because he had been informed earlier in the morning. The implications of this informed speculation stagger the mind.
Anomaly: The October 2001 anthrax attack in Washington, DC, has not yet been solved. Such knowledge would point directly to those involved. The last reports I came across indicated the anthrax's genealogy derived from U.S. military grade. Now, who would have access to that?
Anomaly: Independent researchers have developed timelines detailing the FAA's and NORAD's actions that day. The results are disquieting. By any measure, there is no reasonable explanation as to why the U.S. Air Force shouldn't have been scrambled within minutes of the first hijacking. It is dumbfounding that fighters jets weren't scrambled until after Flight 77 apparently hit the Pentagon. (Some commentators even assert that the Pentagon was hit by a missle and not a commercial airliner.) Check here for the complete timeline as compiled by Mark Elsis: . For another:
Anomaly: In the months preceding 9-11, U.S. intelligence investigations into suspected al-Qaeda terrorists were suspended despite a storm of warnings regarding an imminent attack. On August 22, 2001 the FBI's top counter- terrorist expert, Deputy Director John O'Neill, quit the FBI. According to Walter E. Davis, PhD, O'Neill was frustrated over the State Department's foiling his attempts to prove bin Laden's complicity in the bombing of the USS Cole. O'Neill took the position of security head at the WTC towers and died there on September 11. Davis writes, "One law enforcement official was quoted as saying, 'The investigative staff has to be made to understand that we're not trying to solve a crime now.' The FBI agents were commanded to cut short their investigations into the attacks and those involved. FBI agents were threatened with prosecution under the National Security Act if they publicized information from their investigations. David P . Schippers, noted Chicago lawyer and the House Judiciary Committee's chief investigator in the Clinton impeachment trial, is now representing some of the FBI agents in a suit against the U.S. government in an attempt to enable them to legally tell what they know." [2]
Anomaly: In July 2001 the regulation allowing commercial airline pilots to carry firearms in the cockpit was rescindedójust when terrorist warnings were abuzz?
Anomaly: Insider trader transactions with put options (speculation that stock prices will go down) on American and United Airlines in the days preceding 9-11 earned $2.5 million that went unclaimed and the perpertuators remain unknown. Although the Securities and Exchange Commission has a law on the books that prevents revealing the identities of investors, one would think that this particular law would be the important one to rescind. The evidence could lead directly to those behind the attacks. An interesting tidbit was discovered by the Hal Turner Show: "The firm used to place the 'put options' on United Airlines stock was, until 1998, managed by the man who is now in the number three Executive Director position at the Central Intelligence Agency." His name is A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard. [3]
Another 9-11 researcher Michael Ruppert throws fuel on the fire: "It has been documented that the CIA, the Israeli Mossad and many other intelligence agencies monitor stock trading in real time using highly advanced programs reported to be descended from Promis software. This is to alert national intelligence services of just such kinds of attacks. Promis was reported, as recently as June, 2001 to be in Osama bin Laden's possession and, as a result of recent stories by FOX, both the FBI and the Justice Department have confirmed its use for U.S. intelligence gathering through at least this summer. This would confirm that CIA had additional advance warning of imminent attacks. [4]
Ruppert confirms Hal Turner's report: "Many of the UAL puts are purchased through Deutschebank/AB Brown, a firm managed until 1998 by the current Executive Director of the CIA, A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard. [5]
Anomaly: In the days preceding 9-11, Major General Mahmud Ahmad, chief of the Pakistani intelligence service (ISI), visited Washington. His agency had wired $100,000 in U.S. funds to hijacker Mohamed Atta. According to Michael Ruppert, he had had a meeting "with the Chairmen of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, Porter Goss (R, Fla). and Bob Graham (D, Fla.). [6]
According to Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed in The War on Freedom, "The U.S. government protected itself, by asking him [Mahmud] to resign quietly after the discovery, thus blocking a further inquiry and a potential scandal." [7] Did the government's goat eat Mahmud?
Anomaly: According to the Hal Turner Show, an urban rescue team was deployed to New York City the night before the attacks. Coincidence, or plan? [8]
Anomaly: Half-baked, young, inexperienced, hijacker pilots performed aircraft maneuvers such that would require impeccable flying skills to be able to have plowed those planes into their targets.
Anomaly: WTC7 collapsed even though it was only struck by debris. No modern steel skyscaper has ever collapased resulting from fire. In fact, one commentator, Jerry Russell, PhD, claims the main towers collapsed from controlled demolitions. He explains:
"The proof. According to the law of gravity, it is possible to calculate the time it takes for an object to fall a given distance. The equation is H=(1/2)at2, where H is the height, a is the acceleration of gravity (10 meters per second squared) and t is time in seconds. Plug in the height of the building at 1350 feet (411 meters) and we get 9 seconds. That is just about the length of time it took for the very top of the World Trade Center to fall to the street below. According to all reports, the whole thing was over in just about ten seconds.
"It is as if the entire building were falling straight down through thin air. As if the entire solid structure below, the strong part which had not been burned or sliced or harmed in any significant way, just disappeared into nothingness. Yet this (within a small tolerance) is what we would expect to find if there had been a controlled demolition, because the explosions below really do leave the upper stories completely unsupported. Like the Road Runner after he runs off the edge of the cliff, the entire building pauses a moment, then goes straight down.
"Any kind of viscous process or friction process should have slowed the whole thing down. Like dropping a lead ball into a vat of molasses, or dropping a feather into the air, gravitational acceleration cannot achieve its full effect if it is fighting any opposing force. In the case of the World Trade Center, the intact building below should have at least braked the fall of the upper stories. This did not happen. There was no measurable friction at all.
"This proves controlled demolition." [9]
Regarding all the WTC towers, Mark Elsis writes:
"Fire Engineering magazine, a 125-year old respected journal which publishes technical studies of major fires, criticized the investigation by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as 'a half-baked farce.'
"The journal said it 'has good reason to believe that the "official investigation" blessed by FEMA and run by the American Society of Civil Engineers is a half-baked farce, commandeered by political forces whose primary interests lie far afield of full disclosure." [10]
Interestingly, the New York City government decided that many of the records of the Fire Department's 9-11 actions will not be released to the public. Reportedly, firefighters in the towers radioed that the fires were under control at the time they imploded. Eye witnesses had claimed there were explosions in the main buildings that sounded like bombs.
Anomaly: Officials have claimed the flight recorders on Flights 175 and 11 were in such disrepair the information recorded on them could not be retrieved, yet an intact hijacker's passport bellied up out of the rubble in perfect condition.
There are many such oddities in what might yet turn out to be the greatest, yet saddest, of whodunits in U.S. history. Samuel Taylor Coleridge in his Biographia Literaria (1817) once coined the literary term "willing suspension of disbelief," which refers to the willingness of a reader or viewer to suspend their critical faculties in order to "go along for the ride."11 How long will bedrock Americans continue to suspend disbelief, opting for a fictional ride over believability, logic, and reality?
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- Michael Arvey resides in and writes from Colorado.
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