From The Smoke And Flames -
The Truth Is Rising


Finally the smoke is clearing from the skies over the events of 9-11. Several things are becoming clear. First the Bushites did indeed make plans that altered the Clinton administrations approach to terrorism. One of them was to strip commanders in the field, within the USA, of any authority to act. All that authority was placed directly upon the Secretary of Defense. The head of that department is Donald S. Rumsfeld.
It should be remembered here that Rummy spent the duration of the attacks on 9-11 in his office at the Pentagon: without even trying to communicate with his department--never mind the fact, that all of this blood that spilled after the first tower, was by law, his responsibility. Is this one of the reasons that Rice is reluctant to testify under oath? Because when this gets out that the Bushites violated their own twisted revisions of national defense procedures, and then dropped the ball completely: then there may well be a demand for heads to roll! Below in the following four paragraphs, is what the records show:
This document requires that the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, be personally responsible for issuing intercept orders. Commanders in the field are stripped of all authority to act. This amazing order came from S.A. Fry (Vice Admiral, US Navy and Director, Joint Staff) so it appears that responsibility for the US armed forces "Failure to Respond" rests directly with Fry for issuing this instruction, as well as with Rumsfeld for failing to execute his responsibility to issue orders in a timely fashion.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction CJCSI 3610.01A (dated 1 June 2001) was issued to provide "guidance to the Deputy Director for Operations (DDO), National Military Command Center (NMCC), and operational commanders in the event of an aircraft piracy (hijacking) or request for destruction of derelict airborne objects." This new instruction superseded CJCSI 3610.01 of 31 July 1997.
This CJCSI states, "In the event of a hijacking, the NMCC will be notified by the most expeditious means by the FAA. The NMCC will, with the exception of immediate responses as authorized by referenced, forward requests for DOD assistance to the Secretary of Defense for approval."
Reference D refers to Department of Defense Directive 3025.15 (Feb. 18, 1997) which allows for commanders in the field to provide assistance to save lives in an emergency situation -- BUT any requests involving "potentially lethal support" (including "combat and tactical vehicles, vessels or aircraft; or ammunition") must still be approved by the Secretary of Defense. So again, the ability to respond to a hijacking in any meaningful fashion is stripped from the commanders in the field and given directly to Rummy!
Another discovery that these documents clarifies, is that this administration did not give a damn about what happened, as it was happening, which could explain part of their hostility to having anyone apologize for those attacks on that day.
This was an extended and vicious attack upon this nation. It was also the cold-blooded slaughter of thousands of people. The 9-11 commission was callously constituted not to look into these events themselves, but instead to look at policy questions, which is about as worthwhile as watching grass grow. But as each new revelation breaks out of the fog of war surrounding 9-11, it becomes evermore clear to the world that this was an inside job.
Yesterday Condoleezza Rice was outted as the one who called people before the 11th and warned them not to fly on that day. On May 17, 2002, Pacifica Radio reported that Rice was the source of the call to San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. See side bar:
This leads to only one question and surely President Bush or Condoleezza Rice will not find any precedence, in the US Rule Book on Behavior, to refuse this answer to the American people: WHO WARNED YOU! Who gave you this information that you were so eager to warn all those Bush-special-friends and associates about? What source of info did Bush and Rice have? Important enough for them to warn their friends about, and gave Rice the job of calling everyone PERSONALLY?
The other side of this question, plain and simple: Who determined the names that should be warned and those who should not be warned about coming to New York? Entire corporations who had offices in the WTC did not show up at work September 11th. But what about those who did report to the office as usual? Like Schindler's List, the public needs to see the Contessa's List!
Better yet all of these "questions need to be fully aired, under oath, before the public at the Commission hearings on 9-11. Maybe then we can begin to cut out the heart of this cancer that has been eating at the world since that September day in 2001.



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