FEAR Is The Real Enemy

"Free people cannot live in fear and remain free"
Donald Rumsfeld, US Secretary of Offense, before the committee March 23, 04.

There he sits before the third version of the first public committee to investigate 911. Rummy came again to the pulpit of a committee inquiry, smug and arrogant with pat assertions that squirt from both sides of his bought and paid-for oratory. But this time he has uttered a phrase that condemned the policies of his own dictatorial administration. Look at what they've done, as opposed to what they continue to say.

Fear is based on the unknowns that linger on the fringes of life. To the extent that any society is able to shed light on their problems, that fear is dissipated. In government that 'light' is called transparency in governance. Domestically this administration began its political life by sealing up the deeds of Bush-the-first, when he was still vice-president. This was done by a presidential edict, issued under a presidential seal of absolute secrecy. This policy of completely hidden agendas was immediately followed by Cheney's demand for total secrecy when he met with those who wrote national energy policy, in the beginning of 2001. Now Cheney's 'privilege' is being challenged before an obviously biased Supreme Court Justice who, by a decision of the full court, will be solely responsible to decide whether the public has the right to know who made those decisions-by which we all must now live.

These two actions set the tone for all that this administration has tried to do, since they stole the offices they now hold.

Internationally, these thieves began by unilaterally re-writing the history of US foreign policy, since the end of the Second World War. Masking all decisions in "national security interests of the United States," the Bush Doctrine of international brutality and dominance came into being. Whenever anything is challenged the pirates wrap everything in the flag, curse all dissenters as traitors or worse, and then proceed to the next obscenity.

In foreign policy circles the bandits have virtually emasculated diplomacy, strangled any and all options that do not have military force as their first choice, and have now moved on to make quasi-imperialism the order of the new American Century. In all of this, fear has played a key role both at home and abroad for billions of people around the world ­ not just for those of us who have to tolerate their lies as national political policy.

The administration has tried to justify the War-on-Iraq, in several different ways. Before the war, it was all about Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the UN resolutions designed to discover the truth of that question. After having lied to the world body and the public about the threat, the bandits finally fell back on calling for adherence to the UN resolutions: Resolutions that were passed to obtain compliance with UN inspections-in the case of Iraq. But this appeared to be a course that would take too much time, so we allowed Bush, then in a temper tantrum, to send our men and women into a war that had no basis in fact or in principal. Later, our thief-in-chief tried to justify his actions after the fact, as being necessary because Saddam was a cruel and evil ruler. But the fact remains that Iraq had nothing whatever to do with Al Qaeda, or the attacks of 911. And in having diverted funds and personnel to Iraq, the president apparently weakened his own case against the international effort to route out terrorism.

Recently Bush has said that no nation could be allowed to defy the UN, by ignoring resolutions that called for specific actions, supposedly to protect the world from a nuclear nightmare. No mention was made of the fact that Israel has ignored over 60 UN resolutions, and possesses, all the forbidden weapons of mass destruction in abundance, including nuclear weapons that can easily reach any country in the world.


In continuing this two-tiered policy, the USA has shown the world that we are not interested in real solutions, only in continuing to dominate the lesser-armed countries, with the help of our nasty and brutish ally-the rogue state of Israel.

United Press International: Israel to kill in U.S., allied nations

We should look directly at the pro-active role of fear in all of the above. Our policy decisions now seem to rest on fear and fear alone, as the key to evermore-extreme actions in our attempts to protect privatized seizures of the property of other states. It is noteworthy that once the pipeline deal was signed, our attention shifted directly to Iraq.

Fear of terror is and has been our primary concern. Fear of personal injury or death is a by-product. Fear is what drives the false promises behind HOMELAND security. Fear opens the door to international piracy and to the direct looting of the US treasury supposedly to make us all secure from any and all forms of terrorism. Fear is what lies beneath the destruction of the US constitution and the savage dissolution of all our basic civil rights. If there were any transparency, in any of the actions of this federal government - most of these transgressions against the rights of the governed, would never, could never have happened. It is only because of 911 that this has occurred.

The people of this nation wanted to believe their president was not the congenital serial liar that he is. We wanted to believe that the government could not seriously pursue the theft of treasure, or the coercion of national polices, just to make billions for their supporters and cohorts. But that is exactly what they've been able to do, thanks to the obscenity of 911, and the continued failures to examine how this event could have become a reality.

Terrorism is a fact of life, but it has been operating and escalating since the beginning of the Reagan administration. If we were serious about addressing the real problems that such extreme measures represent, then where were the diplomatic efforts necessary to confront the many issues beneath each of these dramatic and bloody events, over the last 25 years? The short answer is that we did not seek co-operation but domination. Our attempts at global domination are precisely what produce the kinds of terror tactics that exist today.

Two days of hearings have finally been held about events that took place over 30 months ago Richard Clarke apologized for the failures, where none have chosen to do so before. While policy failures are certainly part of the problem, a complete understanding of the US military's actions after the attacks began, are the way to the whole truth.

Contrary to the statements of the witnesses at the hearings, there were military defenses in place going all the way back to the 1950's, specifically for the kinds of attacks that occurred on 911. These polices were ignored, which meant that someone from the White House had to have intervened. The chain of military command, at NORAD, clearly was not followed in this instance. It is rumored that the vice-president ordered the US Air Force to stand down and not to interfere with the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and whatever else was to have been the target of the remaining aircraft.

If the public is to discover the truth of that day ­ then both Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice, in the absence of the president himself, must be compelled to testify at the next session of the committee's hearings.

These hearings are about who was ultimately responsible for all that death and destruction on that particular day. It is about who has not been fired, or even seriously questioned, concerning this unforgivable loss of human life, both on that day and continuing to the present moment. Between all those we have been bombed, shot and or maimed, the casualties worldwide have to be in the tens of thousands. Bush is found of saying. "We must never forget the lessons of 911." What "lessons" that would be has to concern what happened, and who among those responsible did what on that fateful day. If the White House were serious about the truth of 911, they would be clamoring for the hearings, instead of trying to stonewall their efforts.

It seems doubtful that this third commission will show the testosterone necessary to even remotely approach the truth, never mind the will to lay blame. Given the fact that without the truth here, we are all doomed to a future without resolution. More needs to be expected from this commission than this simple exercise of business as usual. All those who are in the employ of the people of the United States, who were and are charged with responsibilities, must be compelled to account for their actions. There must be consequences for the failures of this administration on 911.

Many cite the desire to just "move-on." That is precisely the problem. Without knowing who was culpable in this instance, we cannot move-on, because events seem to indicate that there are traitors in our midst, at the highest levels of this government. That question needs to be fully explored, and clearly put to rest for the world to see.


'All people share a responsibility to the rest of humanity because there are fine lines between right and wrong, between freedom and oppression ­ and between the best of intentions and the insanity of genocide.'

'Sometimes oppressive governments and murderous factions can confuse their true purposes so that the lives of ordinary people can be used to prop up tyrannies because of misplaced ideals and the false flags of patriotism.'

"We live in a world where violence has become the currency of the day, where the insanity of hatred overwhelms the spirituality of our existence. We search for meaning, yet all we find is chaos."

Maybe if we look deeper into the realities behind 911, we may find that our real enemy has always been fear. The Bushites say, "People hate us because we are free." But we are becoming the ultimate victims of our own fear, and we are beginning to earn the loathing of the world. If we are truly interested in eliminating the terror, then perhaps we should begin to look at what we've done, politically and socially, to attract so much venom from so many people around the world. We are a very small percentage of the world's population. And we have not behaved as a member nation of the world community since Bush took office.

The process of renewal begins with the discovery of what really happened on 911.




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