1st Grade Gay Book Reflects
Demonic Public School Curriculum

From Jerry L. Gardner

Hi Jeff,
In the article I will list at the conclusion of my statements, the article which is posted on your site, I wish to highlight a particular comment in the article which goes to the core of the subject of the demonically orchestrated curriculum purposefully taught in our public school systems today. If this doesn't bring home the fact that there is a planned and deliberate methodology of subverting the minds of our children today and bringing them into the mindset of an anti God, antichrist nation and world, then I don't know what will. We are losing our children to the have lost our children to the state!
We know from recent very vicious hate attacks by the Jewish community and athestic Hollywood (gee, I repeated myself there) against the movie The Passion Of The Christ, that after two thousand years the name of Jesus is still as hated today as the day they nailed this innocent God/man to the cross [come to think of it, for a man such as Jesus to attract this amount of hatred over two millennium, I would be compelled to belive he must be someone very special indeed, even if I didn't know him]. As the days go on, heading toward an undeniable conflict of good verses evil and the ultimate end of civilization as we know it, this contempt and hatred will swell to unparalleled proportions ending in conflict exactly in the region in which we have recently been led to fight and kill.
Any human being that can read a daily newspaper, watch the evening news, or at least attempt to access the Internet for the truth and reach any other conclusion that this nation, this world, are a seething pot of bitter hatred and violence which will inevitably soon bring about our own demise and destruction just isn't paying attention at all. Others better skilled, more informed, more erudite, and better equipped than I have enumerated and clearly identified the multiplicity of demonic and morally degenerate attacks on our society over the past seventy-five years or so, and growing exponentially daily. So, to list many of those self destructive forces or attacks here would be redundant, my one purpose here is to illustrate the totally abject, two faced, double standard set of rules and lies these devils who would destroy our children use while, turning them into statist and God haters, one world robotic slaves who will serve the "Maters" of this present world at the peril of the eternal loss of their souls;
Note: For those who would scoff and laugh at the above statement, just saying "it isn't so" doesn't lessen the reality of it, or negate a truth, hell is still very real, judgment is still very near, and those who deny this truism will one day be brought to that reality. ALL will become believers suddenly, and I'm not refering to some false doctrine of a utopian movie selling, book selling "rapture" here. Satan is still real, he is still a liar and the father of it. Of course this whole issue of God verses Satan issue is for the "believer," not the eternally lost or absolute unregenerate. I couldn't in a million years hope to convince a blind person how to see, consequently I wouldn't attempt to change the mind of an atheist or an agnostic, they will believe as they will, this is a life of choices. The state of the present world would clearly suggest that we haven't made the right choices. Our beautiful "God given" planet is rotting both from within and above, both nature and humanity are dying of a serious self inflicted cancer, a cancer generated by unchecked hatred, greed, fraud, filth, perversion, a total abdication of moral absolutes from the highest levels of government and corporations filtering right down to the most modest homes, including and especially "Christian" homes (these will be among the most critically judged). God has surely sent "strong delusion."
Before I list the article, let me clarify one very important issue which is the brunt of my message. It is a known absolute that in the public schools in America today, to utter the name of Jesus, or to pray a "Christian" prayer, even at a graduation ceremony or sporting event, or to witness to anyone about Jesus is the equivalent of sedition, being a national traitor, or relinquishing one's citizenship as an American, even though the frauds in Washington put forth a pretense of religious beliefs. Yes, that name, the name of Jesus IS hated THAT much. It is absolutely forbidden to discuss the name of Jesus in a classroom environment (unless of course it is to embarrass, malign or debase students who are believers in Jesus, or to malign Jesus himself) else we may "offend" some other student(s) of other beliefs who may not agree. But of course we can accept the teachings of "non Christian" beliefs and even encourage them. Keep this clearly in mind while you read the article concerning "teaching first graders" homosexuality. America now makes Sodom and Gommorah look like a Sunday school class on virtuous living. Here is the article with the highlight:
Now instead of Jack and Jill, it's; "Jack and Jim ran up the hill to get a pail of water, Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jim kissed it and made it all better, while Jill was off staring in her own lesbian television sitcom selling the virtues of homosexuality to all homes (and children) across America while we laugh ourselves into hell, but, we don't bother to stress the the massive numbers of dreaded STDs and other socially destructive pitfalls of the sin."
While we can agree to a point that a child doesn't really develop his or her sexuality until they reach a certain mamturity (and why should they need to, we have no reason to believe a child needs to be concerned with child birth and sex, they are to spend this valued time being a "child"), we neither have a right to willfully direct a child's sexual identification to a prescribed leaning at any age. Placing the idea in the mind of a child that homosexuality is normal is no different than teaching the child math, or the arts, or history, once established in the child's thought patterns those who carried out the instructions established the "norm" issue, it has nothing to do with the child's natural development, we are all products of our near environment and teachings, rare exceptions noted.
Homosexual Book For First-Graders Parents Outraged Over
Story Where Prince Finds Love With Another Prince
A North Carolina couple is outraged by a book their first-grade daughter brought home from the school library in which a prince finds his true love ñ in the form of another prince.
The leading character in "King & King," Prince Bertie, waves off a bevy of eligible princesses before falling for Prince Lee, Associated Press reported. The book ends with the two "marrying" and sharing a kiss.
"I was flabbergasted," Michael Hartsell of Wilmington, N.C., told the news service. "My child is not old enough to understand something like that, especially when it is not in our beliefs."
AP reports the 32-page book by Linda De Haan and Stern Nijland was published in March 2002 by Tricycle Press, the children's division of Ten Speed Press of Berkeley, Calif. A follow-up, "King & King & Family," was recently published. The publisher says the book is intended for readers age 6 and up.
The principal of Freeman Elementary School defended the book.
"What might be inappropriate for one family, in another family is a totally acceptable thing," Principal Elizabeth Miars is quoted as saying.
Hartsell and his wife, Tonya, said they intend to file a written complaint with the committee that reviews library books for the district and are considering transferring their daughter.
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Did everyone get that? Isn't it strange they can make the argument where filth and perversion are concerned but speak with forked tongues when it comes to righteous beliefs?
This IS your school system America! Those ARE your tax dollars at work!
Here it is again;
The principal of Freeman Elementary School defended the book.
"What might be inappropriate for one family, in another family is a totally acceptable thing," Principal Elizabeth Miars is quoted as saying.
Is there no such things as a board of education anymore? And, if there is, where on earth are these moral degenerates who are supposed to be looking after the interest of our children coming from?
My, my, my, how we are quick to defend the degenerate and the morally abysmal today, insuring the highest levels of trash are included in our structured teaching, and all must listen to it and be subjected to the filth like it or not. Yet, to discuss the message of universal love and compassion as espoused by Jesus and the gospels is considered bad and injurious to the young minds of our children. Why don't these "learned" educators apply the same logic to Christianity and God as they do their filth and trash? Where on earth did these totally degenerate clowns come from? Most importantly, how did we as a nation of basically good Americans submit to these hellish teachings and netherworld leaders?
Just as a side note of information: Not long ago I attended a special presentation given by my grandson's class. He is in pre school but it is a regular school environment. I was shocked to see during this little presentation geared to show the progress of his class, that all individualism is being systematically eliminated from our children in the public school system. They are being prepared for a "One World" citizenship and servitude. No one in this presentation was permitted or encouraged to act outside of the group as a whole. Whenever there was an issue, individual thought processes were discouraged and the child had to partition the entire class for a decision or an answer to a problem. There were no "slow" students, all were treated as the sum total even though some of the students clearly were behind and couldn't answer the most basic questions in an issue. It was obvious that gifted or brighter students were purposefully held back and made part and parcel of the average intelligence level of the group, low as it might be, to prevent sending a message that some may be inferior to others even though the more intelligent students had worked hard to achieve at a higher level. In short, your child is being deliberately trained as a moron to satisfy the whims of a few scholastic idiots and a One World dictatorship to come. This is what our schools are producing! No development of leadership based on individual excellence and achievement, but a nation of robotic masses of human flesh to follow totalitarian rule.
And we still ask; "What has happened to our children?" "Where did we go wrong?" "Why all the teen pregnancies and suicides?" "What has happened to the family unit in America and around the world?" History clearly dictates that once an empire or a nation becomes so morally bankrupt with certain sinful lifestyles, the weight of those lifestyles and sins will bring down the most powerful people like the breaking of a straw. I submit that America, much like a heavily overdrawn bank account is living on borrowed time We are a very sick nation ruled by very sick leaders. Our days are numbered unless instead of crying "Dear Abby," we begin to cry "Dear Jesus."
To stand by and see the orchestrated death of my once very great nation is akin to watching a close loved one slowly succumb to terminal cancer, it totally breaks one's heart. Sure, we've always had our faults and we haven't always played fair, but we did try to abide by God's precepts and be a good neighbor and friend to the world, helping the needy and the underdog, and by so doing had their admiration and respect, now we're looked upon like so much dung due to the selfish acts of a few while the masses abdicate their rightful place of rulership and control and their duty to self govern. The fox isn't guarding the hen house, the fox is in the hen house.
Jerry L. Gardner



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