Deceit & The Mask
Of Leadership


George W. Bush has grabbed the events of 9-11 like a stolen shipment of his favorite drugs, and he's making it clear to the entire world that he "owns" this topic. The pundits say that he's convinced that this will show the leadership, that he feels he's brought, to this country and the world. But listen to the man.
"We must never forget the lessons of 9-11."
Apparently, this contradicts his nearly 36 months of stonewalling any and all investigations, about what those lessons might actually be. So do we have an impatient and arrogant leader; or do we have a deceitful and dishonest opportunist at the very least? Taking the measure of the candidates is what elections are supposed to be about. But this is no easy task this time, because everything now lies buried in a seemingly stagnant pool of deeply disturbing lies.
If the public looks to Bush's promises in the election that he lost, there is little doubt that this is a man with a very short memory. What happened to the 'compassionate conservative' that he promised that he was? That went the same way as his concerns for the health and welfare of the citizens, and those jobs we lost, right along with the contents of the Treasury, which he promptly drained and then continued to refill with multiple- trillions in red ink. So who is this man, this would-be dictator, who has yet to win the office that he was given by the US Supreme Court?
For one thing he has proven to be an extremely divisive man, instead of the "uniter" that he promised us he was. There is a five-page list of all his faults that don't need to be repeated here. What we do have to think about is not the complete failure of his entire life, not even the unbalanced nature of his seriously flawed character. What we must concentrate on is how the events of 9-11-01 came to be.
Most people have moved-on, seeking to understand our invasions of other countries or how it is that we've lost our civil rights, and our constitution. Under George W. Bush the constitution is now just a meaningless piece of parchment ­ thanks to the total collapse of the Congress. But at the heart of all of this chaos is our own acquiescence to the plans and promises of this Cretan, and we must not forget the 'deaf ear' we have always turned to politics. We, by our inaction and inattentions, have done this to ourselves.
At the core of our submission was and is our acceptance of the lies the White House told us, about what happened on 9-11. The committee on 9-11 that held hearings this last week, was well on its way to following in the hallowed footsteps of decades of cover-up investigations. Remember all the whitewashed lies that no one ever really believes? That's the kind of investigation that this committee was hell-bent on being responsible for: Because those kinds of investigations have always followed every national tragedy in this nation. Then came Richard Clarke ­ and suddenly there seemed to be more than one view of what has been going on in the USofA, since the bandits came to town, and maybe even before?
Why is this so important, among all the other major aspects of our lives that the Bushman holds in his tiny little fists? Because jobs, and health-care, and the environment ­ all of it rests on one simple fact: the total and complete domination of this country by deceit filled creatures whose only motives lie in profits stolen from the lives of others. That is what 9-11-01 is about. Without the events of that day ­ none of what we're living with now could have happened.
Without 9-11 there would be no need for the HOMELAND security farce that the bandits copied directly from the Nazi's in the 1930's. Even the word 'homeland' is foreign, it has no resonance for Americans, it's old-world European. Without 9-11 there would be no need for all the violations of every American citizen, violations that have always been introduced in the name of national security.
Without 9-11 this government could never have justified all their secrecy in public policies and decisions that have radically destroyed the environment, and made a mockery of both Social Security and Medicare. Without 9-11, we would never have tolerated the kinds of sweetheart contracts and the unimaginable military expenditures that the White House regularly gives only to its friends and co-conspirators. And without 9-11 we couldn't have dumped so many billions into Israel without any public discussion or explanation. This list too, is way too long to mention further.
All of the above makes it crucial that the people come to learn exactly what happened, minute-by-minute, during the attacks on 9-11-01. Because it is in the details of that morning and throughout the rest of that day, that this country's future was completely sabotaged, transformed really, into the nightmare we have been living since that day.
What remains for us, as citizens, is to thoroughly question this government, on the record: to receive open and complete answers that can be proven about everything that happened, or did not happen, on that day. We need not tolerate any more garbage about national security-there has already been enough of that.
No matter how long this takes, we must do it, because everything we hold dear is at stake, in the answers that the cabal is keeping from the public. This has to be open and complete and wherever the chips fall ­ then the culprits must be found and prosecuted.
The United States of America was once an idea that sought to become an ideal. Unfortunately, that died very early in our history as a nation. But what is happening now is either the opening act of The End of Our Empire, or this will mark a new beginning. Resurgence could be brought about by re-involvement of a majority of the people in this troubled nation. It was our country once, and it will only be ours again if we are willing to take it back.
It is within our hands to change the way we respond to events, just as it is within our potential grasp to force the committee to get real. Answers to real questions are what investigations are for. There is no time for ivory-tower discussions of policy differences, and budget considerations, because this event was never about those kinds of things.
This event began with the theft of our country, and we all need to know what we really saw on that day! That can only happen if a great many people demand that the committee include the substance and evidence involved in all the events of 9-11 in their hearings!



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