The Contessa of Lies

The long awaited day has come: Condi has had her twenty minutes on 60 Minutes, and as always there are far more questions now than answers. This was never about her; it has always been about the needless deaths of many thousands of people, both here and abroad. And all that blood requires more than a cursory examination.
The key to understanding the scope of this administrations willingness to do whatever it takes, to get whatever they want, regardless of laws domestic or international and resides in the demeanor and the factual distortions of this Contessa of Lies. America would do well to pay close attention to the particulars, both of what she says, and to what she and the administration chose not say.
Rice: "Nothing would be better from my point of view than to be able to testify, but there is an important principle involved here it is a longstanding principle that sitting national security advisors do not testify before the Congress." And she went on to say: "that principle has to do with the separation of powers."
Dr, Rice apparently has forgotten that the Bush campaign made this point entirely moot, when they approached the Supreme Court in 2000, and asked the court to intervene on behalf of their failing Bush campaign to stop the vote count in Florida. This outrageous act was and is a violation of the separation of powers. The court noted "this would be just this one time" and therefore that shouldn't really upset the balance of our laws. All this court did was appoint a man to an office that is supposedly awarded only to the elected winner of a national election. That was a principal that directly involved a true conflict of interest, between the powers-that ultimately shattered that fundamental principle. Rice cannot claim that protection now, as it has been made null and void, by the direct actions of the administration she now represents.
The point she misses is that both she and the president work for the people of the United States. And the congress, in this instance, is the legally organized body that represents 'the people' and who are the body charged with discovering the truth that underlies the events behind the attacks on 9-11. Her failure to comply, basically says to all of us that we do not have the right to know what took place. Her conversations, she would have the public believe, take precedence over our right to know what happened on that day: and that is simply false.
Moreover, the name of this commission is The National Commission on Terrorist Acts Upon the United States and this alone would seem to say it all. Yet we are told this is an investigation only about policy and intelligence failures surrounding that day-and this investigation is not concerned with actual events.
Specifically the pivotal language says: "to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, including preparedness for and the immediate response to the attacks." What about the attacks themselves and what of our complete failure to intervene militarily, as all our previous national defense strategies have called for? That is nowhere mentioned in the fundamentals of this supposed investigation!
All of which leads to the conclusion that this is double-speak for "We're concerned about the concepts of policies in place at the time and whatever foreknowledge might be found, but events will speak for themselves." What about what-really-happened, in the murder of thousands of people on that day?
When a congressional commission is finally formed after 30 months of stonewalling, the public rightfully has the expectation that this commission will diligently pursue whatever took place on that day: anything less is obviously just another cover-up. That used to be called Obstruction of Justice.
As for precedent: in calling witnesses from the executive branch to testify under oath before the congress and the public, in open session: that is part of the duty of the congress, to publicly insure that the right of the people to know what their government does has not been obstructed, and this is not only within the laws of the United States-but this is part of their oath of office: Namely to discover who and what was behind this outright and outrageously bold attack upon this country.
No member of this government can or should have acted, in the name of the United States, without having first determined on the public record: the Who, What, Where, When and Why of everything that happened on 09-11-01. All we have is the word of a congenital and serial liar for all those things, and despite the fact that he's the president-that's simply not enough!
This commission needs to answer the list of questions, in open session, from the families of the victims of 9-11. And to that end they need to subpoena any and all responsible parties that have information that bears on the events of that day and time. To do anything less would be, to be derelict in their duty to the people of the nation, and to the world that is watching how we will explain our actions-actions that were used to justify the invasion of two other nations.
Congress has a duty to the country and to the world, to provide the answers, not to what the administration says happened, but to the truth of what did happen. There is no more pressing issue before this government, than the clear bright light of truth, told in public, which only a major investigation can bring to these events.
The Bush administration has killed perhaps 10,000 people for their lies about what took place on that day. Bush and his pirates are terrified of the coffins that are coming back with our military dead from his two private wars. So terrified are they, that they have lied repeatedly about the actual number of both the dead and the wounded. They have had over two years to obtain results, and instead of holding these investigations they have done the cowardly thing: after rashly lashing out at others, they have prematurely declared victory then tried to move on. There has been no 'victory' we have not won, in fact the entire quagmire has only gotten deeper, and that region of the world in its entirety has become far more dangerous. Today it is far less secure a place than ever before-ask anyone who lives in the Middle East.
Look at the Israeli-Palestinian situation, which thanks to our support of the daily terrorism that the Israeli's are reigning down upon the captive state of Palestine which is now beginning to open the next chapter in a new global conflict. Where's the diplomacy we were once so famous for? It's been replaced with Shock & Awe, and our cowardly compliance with the long-range goals of extreme right wing elements in the government of Israel. To this end the Bush administration has squandered billions upon billions of the public's money without any pubic, or congressional discussions.
The USA was formerly considered to be the leading nation in the world. We were seen as a positive force for peace and potentially as a blueprint for prosperity and life. Now we are seen by most around the planet as the greatest threat to peace in the world today. And we can thank the Bush administration for this change in just four long years, of war, war, and lots more war.
The Contessa of Lies should be subpoenaed to testify in open court and arrested for obstruction of justice if she refuses: She should also be followed by all her fellow travelers in this administration, until we get to the bottom of this sordid and criminal event.
George W. Bush has said that he "owns" 911. Great, then let him begin to pay for that 'ownership' with the truth of what happened on that day.



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