Conclusions Anyone?

In looking over the debris that passes for the last four years, what if anything stands out among all the shrapnel, all the dead birds and broken glass, not to mention the twisted and disfigured forms of all those that have died at the hands of the self-appointed leaders in this war-torn world?

Perhaps a key component of the enabling process has to be the fact that these knuckle-walkers are betting-the-farm, on the stupidity and knee-jerk compliance of the American public. The question here is will we prove them right, or will we balk, at their continued efforts to cover-up their crimes, that are potentially treasonous in nature? That is one decision that is indeed up to each and every one of us!

For many Americans politics is some kind of simple parlor game of red and blue components, played our in civil conversations but only rarely thought about. Perhaps the time has come to re-think this childishly simple proposition.

At the heart of the American system are the big-two artificial and almost indistinguishably different political parties. Steeped in lore, and dripping with ill-gotten gains, and failed policies, both parties come to the public every four years with their hands out and their tongues forked"with promises and pipedreams by the bucket full. Not to talk with anyone, not to clear the air with at lest some bits of truth, but to simply pour old lies upon new facts. And every year the public shrugs and plays the waiting game, as though there were something to gain by withholding their political judgments.

This time around, it,s not a game; this election is for all the marbles. What,s at stake is whether your life can be successful, whether your children will have a future, or whether there will be a world that will be able to sustain human societies that are not arranged as warring gangs, or as lawless hordes, that answer only to the largest weapons.

While we were sleeping the landscape that we,ve come to know and love, that warm blanket of pervasive security has been ripped away. Now the current seekers of anointed power want to give us razor wire and triple locks, against a world which they,ve created"a world of hate and fear and terror of the very shadows in the brightest light of ordinary day. Even the stars and stripes have changed their meaning. It seems now cowards hide, where men and women once moved proudly, and working people are now despised by those who claim to represent them.

What have we licensed here"what have we become? It seems we hardly know ourselves, much less each other. And what now lies in store for a population that has proven to be as timid as we are? Nothing but more fear, new regulations and restrictions, more tyranny and lies are only waiting for the next anointment one, before that new crescendo of complicity will be ordered up without exception.
But there are choices. We can prove them right. By remaining deaf, and dumb and blind to all they continue to try and shove into the nearest darkened corner of the government. Or we can pause, midstream"and think about what,s happened to us, and how we came to be where we are today. We are way past "Are you better off today, than you were four years ago! This is no longer the question. The question is, can we survive another twenty minutes without knowing what the hell is going on with those in-charge today!

Every day brings new outrages. Every day the rules are changed, now there is no longer even a constitutional basis for our laws. The City of New Orleans just decided that they,ll begin conducting unannounced searches without warrants of anyone or any place they chose, no need for warrants anymore security must come first, at least in that ridiculously primitive place. Maybe New Orleans needs to secede from the Union, that way they can do whatever they want, and return to the days when they had the crookedest cops in the USA.

The man in the White House would have us believe that we are here to serve him, when in fact he serves at our pleasure. The Congress is who decides what will be investigated, by whom and for how long"not the president, especially not when he is the party being investigated. The president,s lackeys are not immune to the laws of these United States, any more than are all the rest of us. And now we just discover that our sainted Contessa of Lies "was the mysterious caller who warned the top dogs not to fly or be in New York City on September 11th. Don,t you wonder who told her to do that? How did she know there would be an attack that day?

Now the Dictator through a letter from his mouthpiece (Gonzalez) is telling the 911 commission that all of this (testimony by administration officials) is conditioned on the White House's decision (upon) written assurances from the commission that such a step does not set a precedent and that the commission does not request ''additional public testimony from any White House official, including Dr. Rice.''" Does this sound like something that an innocent party or parties would demand to have in place"before testifying?

As the man in charge, as the person who says he "owns 911, shouldn,t Bush be just jumping at the chance to lay out the whole truth to the public, just to show us how resolute and decisive he was on that day? Because if he fails to contradict the image of himself that was what the world saw of him then: we,ll be left with the image of a personal coward, a distracted, disinterested, and disoriented fool. Hey, whatever works for this congenital and proven liar!

The question is what can be done about all of it? The answer has to begin with each and every one who gives a damn. There are lots of choices, provided we do more than cast a ballot. This game, of politics has been dirty for at least the last three decades now, but no one seems to even notice.

All the signs have been there. Even the official disinformation arm of government, that would be the traditional news media, has occasionally reported on the unbelievable degradation of our daily way of life. Yet all of it follows the speeding bullets of the "news cycle and only when a story is directly in that stream are we allowed to hear even the smallest part of any truth. Never are there any hardball questions, never any thought provoking words allowed. And then it,s gone"replaced by celebrity gossip, lost puppies, whatever can distract. The crime is that we do not demand that anyone stay focused.

But with the 911 Commission we finally have a forum and an opportunity to get the truth"but only if we force the points that need to be investigated. Do we have the will? Is there a way to alter the script that was written by this White House before September 11, 2001: Because if the investigations are allowed to stray off target, then we are done. Finished. Cancel any plans you might have had, because the new administration will be making all decisions for you, every single one!

Think about it please,

From Gary
Dear Jim Kirwan,
Only the American people can stop the madness that is threatening the future, not only for America but threatening the future for all of humanity. You are not alone. There is a vast majority of the world ready to stand with you against this madness but they cannot act without you. The American people must lead. America still is, despite all that's happening today, the freest nation in the world. The world will stand with you and follow your lead to end this madness but lead you must for the sake of the future of America and for all of humanity.



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