Club Five-Hundred
& Thirty-Five


Member of the Congress of the United States of America:
That has a strong and patriotic ring to it doesn't it? Sounds very influential, very compellingly powerful, and definitely like someone not to be trifled with. But that's just the shell, the image the world is meant to see. What is the reality, beneath the pompous pretense and the formal swagger? What drives these 535 creatures and how do they affect our lives?
When the system for representation was first drawn up, representatives and senators were to have come from the population on a rotating basis, like a larger form of jury duty. Their numbers were to be drawn from the citizenry, their term of duty limited ­ these were prominent people mostly, with a vested interest in the new country, and with real lives outside of government as well. When our representatives became professionals; paid political representatives that did mostly only that, all of the original idea died.
When they were part of the people they were representing, they governed minimally. When governing became a job they listened to the highest bidders, and lined their pockets with the proceeds. "The people" thus became only the excuse for what they did, and were no longer the point behind their positions.
The Constitution and the way it was to have represented the people, was designed to work for a maximum of two million, in a much smaller nation. Now, at 325 million, in 50 states, at roughly 175 times as many people, it's easy to see why this cannot work. Yet the system and both political parties have refused all efforts to alter this arrangement, which has effectively crushed any 'representation' that ordinary people might have had.
In the meanwhile taxes have been added, along with fines and fees that have crippled the least-well-off among us. Taxes are collected and sent to the massive bureaucracy, but people have no voice in how that money is spent. Other nations have universal health care, as they recognize that healthy people do better work, and the benefits of that policy create better working conditions for all. The US privatized medical insurance, thereby complicating the workplace costs, for both employees and businesses. The government for its part took the money we've paid in and bought the overpriced weapons of war with it ­ using all our money, and then going into debt to expand that ever-growing budget item of national defense.
So what do we get? Comparatively speaking - nothing is what we get. We've all paid for infrastructure, for health and environmental upkeep, and for defense. What we do not have is health care, a protected environment, a defense that works, a public education system that functions, or much of anything else. Most of these failures can be laid directly at the doors of the hallowed halls of congress. Those doors are open only to the armies of lobbyists and to the insiders of greed and opportunism, just as surely as they are forever closed to ordinary citizens. So we have the most expensive federal government the world has ever seen and we are dying in the streets, for lack of food, for lack of shelter, and now for the lack of our decent jobs that have been outsourced to foreign countries: this includes many federal government jobs as well - jobs like social services are now answered by non-citizens in India.
What is left for us to look forward to? See Empyre, Chapter 3
We've had about four decades of this now, and the nation is bankrupt. There are no real jobs, our future will be lived out in tyranny, and under the microscope of government spooks in the workplaces that remain; in our bedrooms; and in everything we think or see or chose to do. Does this sound like the America of all the flags and banners ­ all that freedom and democracy that we want to shove down the throats of those we've bombed and raped and murdered around the planet? There seems to be a basic disconnect in this equation.
Congress passes mandates, without the funds to implement those programs. It is also the responsibility of congress to fund the things that they have already mandated. Down through the years congress has required public education, public health and welfare, the national defense, the maintenance of the public infrastructure, and civil law and order, not to mention first-responder services. We've paid the money, many times over for all these things, but what do we have to show for it? Public schools are closing, so are public hospitals and health care centers, firemen and cops are being laid off - because of the privatization of public services. The libraries, the public utilities, the prison systems, public transportation, all these and more are all falling victim to privatization, enabled by congressional design and insider deals that leave the public with no where to go. Privateers only put up 7 to 10 % of the total worth of the public service, enterprise, or institutions (that were created with public money) and then they take it over for 100 % of the profit ­ hell of a deal, for the privatization moguls ­ a complete rip-off for the public.
To be in Congress today, is to possess a license to steal, and virtual immunity from ever being charged with a crime, primarily because all their fellow congressional colleges are in on the same schemes as well. Since congressional people are not there to represent any ordinary people, and since they are the ones who would be the first to investigate any of their own scams - they can do whatever makes the most money for them, and to hell with the long-term affects on the nation or the world.
The congress was created to represent the voice of the public in all matters that are before this nation. However, none of us are encouraged to contact these over-paid and callous creatures. Instead they do virtually everything they can to insulate themselves from having to listen to the problems of the vast majority ­ they're far too busy with the weighty concerns of the fortunate fifth of the country that has stolen our way of life.
Congress is also the body that was supposed to keep both the Supreme Court and or the White House from taking over the country. That is all part of the much vaunted constitutional checks and balances provisions. They of course failed miserably in both cases. With the Court, congress just kept quiet while the Supremes gave the 2000 election to Bush and Cheney. And with Bush they signed away their own responsibilities, (a completely illegal act) and failed to act as a check on the power of the executive or to control his war-making powers. Effectively congress eliminated the presidency (the executive branch of government) and in its place gave Bush the leadership of a military dictatorship, with Bush as the Commander-in-Chief. This supposedly was necessary because of 9-11. But if congress had demanded instead, to know what happened, before they gave away our rights ­ they might have found collusion and involvement by this government in those attacks. Still, nothing can justify voting legislation into law without even reading it. The Bill in question was the USA PATRIOT act, passed in the middle of the night to please an unbalanced and insecure imposter in the White House. Congress traded away our constitutional guarantees for a false promise of "security" to be paid for with deficit spending by our great great grandchildren ­ if ever!
If members of the 535 club worked in the private sector they would have been instantly terminated. But they're congressional club members ­ so let's let them, give themselves a raise, which of course they did! Aren't you glad that such a brave and responsible group of parasites are acting in your name, and in your defense? The wars of this Bushwhacker are the creations of rich men. The poor, for the benefit of the privileged, have fought these wars: And throughout history wars have been the major cancer that has killed civilizations, far more often than they have ever saved one.
Political ambition becomes a crime, when those who represent us sell us out for personal gain. The government has forgotten that we are the reason for their existence in the first place. And they have overlooked the fact that they are supposed to work for us and not themselves. Because of their cowardice in the face of potential treason, it is we who will suffer for what they did, and we who will ultimately pay for all their failures, as well as for all that we will never receive.
Way back when Nixon was about to be charged under Articles of Impeachment, Nixon was given a pass, and allowed to resign. Part of the reason this happened was that congress knew he'd take many of them with him ­ if he had been charged. After the obscenity of the pardon by Gerald R. Ford, that brought Cheney and Rummy into the government, we got Ronnie and Bush One. More crooks, drug-dealing by the government, gun running in their spare time, another cozy little extra-curricular pass time, brought to us by insiders who were never charged with the crimes that were committed, except for Poindexter and a few other minor officials.
The point is that all this complicity and double-dealing in illegal profits and black-ops has become the norm in government today. This has become business-as-usual for far too many who play fast and loose with our money, and our way of life. There would have been consequences if the Bushwhacker hadn't acted immediately upon taking the presidency to seal up the doings of his daddy, as vice-president under Reagan. Now there is a need for consequences concerning what happened on 9-11, or the party will be over, because there won't be a country left to steal from anymore.
If the members of the 535 Club want to stay out of jail, then they need to actually force the commission to do the complete investigation of 9-11. All of us who have been victimized by these congressional failures - and all the rest of it - must make our voices heard, before it is too late.



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