Booth's Daughter's Statement
By Rachal Booth

"Now, the story I'm going to you is just that, a story. And a story is simply this, an account of an incident or of a series of incidents, either true or invented. You'll listen to mine and then you'll have to decide what to believe, what is truth, what is not." - David Booth
"Truth is mighty and will prevail. There is nothing the matter with this, except that it ain't so." - Mark Twain
There was another quote I had wanted to use to preface my words here today but I couldn't find it. It went something like this though, "One judges a man by the quality of his enemies". On that count and by the types of emails I've received over the past few days it appears indeed that my father has some very powerful ones.
Strangely enough, too, are that some of my fathers most vocal and (seemingly) powerful enemies, who also have the ability to speak to much larger audiences than most of us could ever dream about, are angered by my fathers refusal to appear on their programs. This puzzled me at first but then I was sent some statistics about the various programs my father had appeared on and could readily understand the motives behind wanting my father as a quest.
Now it has taken me a number of days to fully comprehend my father's present situation and what keeps appearing before me is a man who out of kindness and generosity towards others has been terribly manipulated by those very people in whom he placed his trust. This manipulation has behind it I believe some peoples desire to profit from my father's knowledge and experiences.
More insidious though is how this same manipulation of my father, his words, experiences and messages have been designed.
A decision I at first thought would be hard to make has instead been one of the easiest ones to make, and some words written to me recently echo my thoughts:
"I heard "truth" from your father....plain, simple, truth...I also heard more from the silence then I did from the words. Most people cannot hear because they don't truly 'listen'. Please do not be disheartened and I hope your father will not be either."
As it has been said:
"For those who proof is necessary...For those who do not believe... no proof is enough". What your father said fit like a puzzle piece into what I have been given spiritually. Your father has pearls that were given to him regarding his lay those pearls before those who would turn and render him again with them might not be the answer..." --Gabrielle Zale, Author
There will be nothing more posted on this site after today and my words here today will stand as my father's reply to any and all future and present requests for interviews. To the gentlemen that met with my father in Paris, your advice was well founded and your requests have been granted. There was indeed no other viable option presented.
My father began his book by stating:
"Now, the story I'm going to you is just that, a story. And a story is simply this, an account of an incident or of a series of incidents, either true or invented. You'll listen to mine and then you'll have to decide what to believe, what is truth, what is not. I want you to keep in mind too that while you're listening to my story you're not reading a scientific research paper or a novel like War and Peace. It's not my goal, or mission to convince you of anything, even what I believe to be the truth. Neither is it my goal to become and instat professor of ancient history, there are more than enough of them out there with books of their own for you to read and decide upon. My only goal here is tell you a good story and that by the time we're finished and you continue along your path we'll leave as friends..."
My father now ends this particular chapter of his life by reminding each and everyone of you to listen in silence, that is where you'll find the truth.
With Kind Regards,
Rachal Booth March 27, 2004
David Booth's Daughter Responds To An Email
Posted By: Theresa
Saturday, 27 March 2004, 10:07 p.m.
This morning when all of these David Booth articles started coming in and being posted here, I wrote an email to David Booth. He has been a posting member here and I simply stated that if he wanted a place to respond that his response was welcome here and it would be treated respectfully. (I am paraphrasing - but that is the gist of what I said)- I made him aware of the posts that were addressing him here and offered equal time for a response
I received the following post from David Booth's Daughter, Rachal Booth, via email. I am sharing it here with you as I had offered to do so for them. I understand that they have published a copy of this on as well.
Theresa de Veto Editor Surfing The Apocalypse
Date: 27 Mar 2004, 02:34:51 PM
Subject: Re: From Theresa de Veto
Surfing The Apocalypse
Dear Theresa (Surfing The Apocalypse),
Thank you for this information and the opportunity to respond to accusations being made against my father.
There are people currently posting on various Internet sites that a part of my fathers book has been plagiarized, this is not true. The information that is being posted, and used as 'evidence', is itself based upon copyrighted material of both my father ( 1989) and the author Zechiria Sitchin(various date from his Earth Chronicles series of books).
Sadly though there is really nothing that we can do about either this baseless attack on my fathers work or previous apparent violations of his copyrighted material. The reason for this is based upon the Fair Use statutes and how they are currently being enforced.
Most disturbing though are peoples willingness to believe anything they read depending upon where they read it at. For example, the exact same information can be posted on your site and, let's say, Time Magazine, and at the same time, but the latter will be more 'believed' then the former.
In my fathers case whom do we get a remedy from? The answer is no one because under the law no one is to blame. The apparent original poster of this attack against my father is buried in various layers of alias's spread all over the world. Couple this persons baseless allegations with the speed of the Internet and virtually overnight it is on thousands of sites and then becomes 'true fact'. After all, if so many sites are saying the same thing it must be true, right? And on these same sites the owners aren't saying these allegations are true they are just reporting on what they 'hear'.
In the 'real world' these types of charges are made on a daily basis against all kinds of people for any number of different reasons. Court systems all over the country deal with these issues on a daily and ever increasing basis too. Unlike newspapers, magazines or television though, the Internet provides no editors to check the facts prior to publishing.
The 'rules' of this 'game' are very simple too, keep your adversary embroiled in controversy as a weapon to detract from their message and destroy their credibility. Politicians use these tactics daily against their opponents.
Perhaps most ironic about this are sites which are posting these allegations against my father yet at the very same time post articles decrying how governments use these tactics against their opponents.
People are going to believe anything that they are predisposed to believe and there is nothing any of us can do about it because it is human nature. How to respond and defend against baseless attacks? There are no answers, there are instead to many examples to count of peoples reputations impunged by the nameless and the faceless. The majority of people too do not want facts and are actually indignant when you suggest to them that they think for themselves. But in this moral cesspool we call the world can we really expect anything less? My father thinks so, I don't.
Thank you again for your note and allowing me to respond.
Rachal Booth



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