The Anti-War Movement
Part Three

by Sherman H. Skolnick

Preface to the series as of 3/23/2004:
This is another part of our series on the Anti-War Movement at the time of the Viet Nam War. Studying this may help to scrutinize any possible fakers foisted on us as supposed "leaders" and "activists" of the Anti-Iraq War Movement.
The report was issued by us in 1972. It is here VERBATIM as it was then circulated. Items in parentheses and brackets are identical to what was in the report.
It is about the fakers selected, installed, and funded by the American CIA, and promoted by the liars and whores of the Press as the supposed main activists and "leaders" of the Anti-Viet Nam War activities, known then as the "Peace Movement". Called "The Chicago 7 ", that was Rennie, Davis, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Tom Hayden, and others.
The purpose was to sidestep the specifics of the Aristocracy and the war-mongers who are the stooges and scapegoats for them. And, to wind down the disastrous Viet Nam War before it would expose how the Establishment profits from instigating wars and depressions to further enrich the Ultra-Rich. Sound familiar?
A further purpose was to discredit the 1968 Democrat Party candidate for President Hubert Humphrey, to install Richard M. Nixon for the GOP, as the Fascist-inclined occupant and resident of the Oval Office.
The "Committee" referred to is the independent-minded investigative group, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, the Founder/Chairman of which has been Sherman H. Skolnick, since 1963.
Earlier parts told how the trial judge was manipulated. Now we learn about the jurors hearing the Anti-Riot Act federal criminal prosecution of the "7", starting in 1969.
7. Efforts to overturn the contempt ruling and the guilty verdict against 5 of the "7".
(a) Planting of a juror. November 12, 1970, the U.S. Court of Appeals, Chicago, ruled that the "7" case be sent back to Judge Hoffman for the specific determination whether there were unlawful notes passed between the deliberating jurors and Judge Hoffman; whether there was a forbidden compromise verdict as contended by juror Kay Richards in her copyright stories, after the trial, in the Chicago Sun-Times. In an unprecedented special hearing before Judge Hoffman, starting December 19, 1970, the jurors themselves, one by one took the witness stand.
Key testimony was by juror Kay Richards Stevens (married after the trial to Thomas P. Stevens). Age 23, she allegedly is a computer operator. At the beginning of the trial, September, 1969, Kay Richards was the only one of 4 alternate jurors, NOT a regular juror. By a trick, trial juror Miss Kristi A. King, 23, was forced to excuse herself as a juror. Judge Hoffman read Miss King an allegedly threatening letter received by her parents from "The Black Panthers". Revealingly, it was not signed correctly as "Black Panther Party". Kay Richards replaced Miss King, and thus Miss Richards was "planted" by what appears to be a group of forces assisted by executives of the Marshall Field Enterprise newspapers, the Chicago Sun-Times and the Daily News.
Mrs. Stevens testimony, 11/20/70, included (a) her contentions that the verdict, by her doings, was a forbidden "compromise verdict", which if not otherwise disputed, constitutes "reversible error", which will turn the conviction of 5 of the "7" upside down. (b) She was the only juror who had no room-mate while the jurors stayed at the Palmer House, and the only juror to meet with a family member outside the presence of a court deputy marshal (she met with her fiance Thomas P. Stevens). Not coincidentally, she brought with her a typewriter and was busy clacking away on her "notes" almost every night between trial sessions. She alleged her fiance in the middle of the trial, arranged supposedly unknown to her, a contract with the Sun-Times for her exclusive story. (He, not being her husband yet, would have no legal right to arrange such a contract for her). She forgot, she said, what the Sun-Times paid her. She refused to state what position her husband has with the County of Cook.
Data unearthed by the Committee shows that her husband, Thomas P. Stevens, in December, 1969, became director of the Classification Dept. of the County government. He is one of the few people in Cook County who would know by position every undercover agent in Cook County. Although this data was made available to the news media, they refused to use it.
(b) Release of records, government and otherwise, to be used to destroy the public image of trial Judge Julius Hoffman.
Shortly after the contempt ruling and the February, 1970, guilty ruling for 5 of the "7", certain records, by two methods were turned over to the Committee. The first group of records arrived from an emissary of the "7", known to the Committee. The second group of records arrived by other means.
It was evident from an examination of the records and explanatory notes accompanying them, that:
(1) some of the records evidently were from inside government sources;
(2) others were non-public bank records and references to bank records.
The upshot of these two groups of records was that a possibly good case could be made out, showing that Judge Julius Hoffman took a gift, gratuity, or "bribe", of $300,000, from a litigant in an earlier, unrelated case, unrelated to the "7". From all surrounding circumstances, it was evident the "7" wished to have Skolnick's Committee to be the method of exposing Judge Hoffman for purported "bribery", and thus destroy Judge Hoffman's public image and thereby undermine the validity of the jail rulings against the "7". The Committee has never accused Judge Hoffman of being honest.
The dilemma: on the one hand, the purported records appear genuine. On the other hand, there is a lingering suspicion tha they were planted with the Committee, not for an effort to merely expose corruption, but to destroy Judge Hoffman for the express benefit of the "7". The Committee has so far not made a public issue of those records, since it became evident that a faction IN THE GOVERNMENT wanted Judge Hoffman destroyed to benefit the Chicago 7.
8. Manipulation of judges to gain worldwide travel permission for the "7". In respect to key rulings on worldwide travel permission for some of the "7", the important rulings were made by two judges of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago: (a) Federal Circuit Judge Otto Kerner, Jr., and (b) Chief Judge Luther M. Swygert.
Judge Otto Kerner, Jr. Members of Skolnick's Committee have been instrumental in focussing a certain federal probe onto Judge Otto Kerner, Jr., resulting in Kerner's indictment in December, 1971. In the course of that work, the Committee became aware of the fact that Judge Kerner was being pressured and manipulated to grant almost an unlimited. worldwide trafvel permission to some of the "Chicago 7".
A key ruling of Judge Kerner came on July 15, 1969, prior to the Conspiracy trial. Kerner, at the drop of a hat, almost instantly upon application, ordered that Rennie Davis be authorized to travel to Paris, France, and to Hanoi, North Viet Nam, commencing that same day. (U.S. vs. Rennard C. Davis, No. 17761, U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit, Chicago). It is apparent from the application for travel permission that Rennie, an alleged "radical revolutionary", was going on U.S. State Department business. See: previous mention of P.O.W., Navy Lt. Robert F. Frishman.
In May, 1971, Abbie Hoffman and Rennie Davis were indicted as a result of certain purported disorders as part of the "May Day Tribe" in Washington, D.C. By May, 1971, it was also evident, or becoming evident, that Judge Kerner himself faced indictment. To appease a certain faction in the Justice Department, Judge Kerner entered a court order revoking Abbie and Rennie's travel permission and severely restricted them to their home districts. Oddly, there was a contrary court order entered by Judge Swygert. (Judges in the same court have equal power; they cannot over-rule one another.)
Judge Luther M. Swygert. By May, 1971, it was becoming evident that Judge Swygert, like Kerner, was the target of a federal probe. The particulars of an apparent series of frauds participated in by Swygert were put into the Congressional Record by Congressman H.R. Gross, of Iowa. Cong.Rec., May 17, 1971, p. E4482. Congressman Gross and others demanded an investigation of the plundering of a multi-million dollar real estate company by Judge Swygert and associates of his, including his former law partner.
On June 11, 1971, members of the Committee discovered in the file of case No.s 18294, 18295 (the "7" appeals), the above described court order by Judge Kerner revoking court travel permission. Committee members went to the Chief Clerk of the U.S. Court of Appeals, requesting a certified copy of the same. Whereupon, in the presence of two Committee members, the Chief Clerk tore up and discarded the court order, and said "This is none of your business".
The federal probe of Judge Kerner began to take shape in April, 1969. From that time until May, 1971, the important travel permission for the "7" were entered by Judge Swygert. From May, 1971, and thereafter, most of the court ordered travel permission has been entered by Judge Swygert. May, 1971, is also the time when demands for a federal probe of Judge Swygert began to take shape.
Because the Committee is instrumentally involved in the probe of both judges, the Committee is quite aware of numerous bits and pieces of details that support the statement that Kerner and Swygert have been manipulated and pressured to grant court ordered worldwide travel permission to the benefit of some of the "Chicago 7".
9. Another example of governmental money, power, and benefits to the "Chicago 7". Shortly after the "7" indictment, March, 1969, Rennie Davis arranged a lease for the "Conspiracy" office, as it was called. Rooms 404-407, in the Steger Building, 28 East Jackson Blvd., Chicago. That building at the time of the lease was a federally owned and supervised building. The lease started June 1, 1969,. [Note: the previous mention of the pre-convention secret meeting at another federally owned and supervised property, the Moraine Hotel.]
Several tenants near and above Rooms 404-407 were arbitrarily forced to move by the building manager suddenly doubling and tripling their rent. The FBI occupied vacated space near and above the "Conspiracy" offices. An alleged employment agency in the Steger Building appears to have been a surveillance and protection "cover" operation. Ostensibly, the FBI was keeping the "Conspiracy" under surveillance. Their actual functions appeared to have include protecting Rennie and others from harm by right wing extremists who would not know Rennie's true role as a counter-insurgent and believed that he was a "radical revolutionary".
Little known records in a Circuit Court of Cook County case show that the lease required federal permission. See; Hulman vs. Lawn Savings, Circuit Court of Cook County, Chancery Division, No. 68 CH 1888. Asset: Steger Building. The lease also required court permission.
10. During the "7" trial, unknown to the public, Abbie Hoffman stayed from time to time at the home of James Hoge, Jr., director of the Stevenson Institute and executive director of the Chicago Sun-Times. (Field Enterprises executives, many of them in the war business, are not exactlly "left wing".) The Sun-Times, as noted, ran the copyright "compromise verdict" series by juror Kay Richards, and had editorialized for the release of the "7" on appeal bond.
The president , until recently, of the Newspaper Division of Field Enterprises, has been Bailey K. Howard, listed in the banned book "Who's Who in the C.I.A.". He has been a director of General Analine & Film Corp., interlocked at one time with Hitler's I.G. Farben Works. Howard is a major stockholder and until recently a director of Chicago's scandal-ridden Civic Center Bank (now called the Chicago Bank of Commerce). Howard's close pal, Judge and Major General Otto Kerner, Jr., is a fellow stock-holder.
The major news media have seen to it that no one disturbs the media image of the "7" as being "radical revolutionaries".
More coming. Stay tuned.
Updates as of 3/23/2004:
The "7", instigating the riots at the 1968 Democrat Convention in Chicago, discredited Presidential Candidate Hubert Humphrey and helped install Richard M.Nixon. In later years, a source of ours turned over a huge pile of secret internal records of the Encyclopedia Britannica, showing that Hubert Humphrey in the 1970s traveled around the U.S. and elsewhere, supposedly helping market the Encyclopedias. The huge funds paying him off were from the American CIA, through the Encyclopedia offices in Chicago, and laundered through the Chicago facilties of the Northern Trust Bank of Chicago, by way of two C.I.A. officials as purported officers of that bank.
That is, the bloody spy agency was covering all bases, both Humphrey and Nixon.
Some time after circulating in 1972 our story about the "Chicago 7", we found out that the apparently "planted" juror, Kay Richards, was a computer operator at a Chicago-area firm whose primary work, under contract, was for the American C.I.A. Her writing for the Chicago Sun-Times helped wreck the government's prosecution of the "7". In very recent years now, the Sun-Times has reportedly had as secret owners, along with Lord Conrad Black, the Red Chinese Secret Police. Visit the extensive stories on the Red Chinese Secret Police, as they operate on U.S. soil, and with Wal-Mart. See:
Note that even in very minor, routine Federal criminal cases, the Judges are very strict and DO NOT usually grant travel permission outside the jurisdiction of the U.S. District Court in the district of the pending trial or the home district of the defendant. Certainly, not granting permission to travel outside the U.S. jurisdiction such as to a purported enemy nation. The travel permission granted, for example to Rennie Davis, to meet in Paris, with Madame Ngu, has to be considered in view that she was the purported head of the CIA plot to assassinate President Kennedy, mentioned earlier in this series. What did Rennie know about THAT? What did Rennie's father, a top advisor with an office in the Nixon White House, and the Elder Davis being French and tight with the French CIA, know as well about Madame Ngu and the murder of JFK and the role of Nixon in the Dallas public execution of JFK? And did the FBI/CIA protect Rennie Davis for these reasons?
Remember, the French took secret films of the JFK murder, threatening to release the same, but in the meantime, using them, as is usual between Aristocracies, for extortion, such as now against the Bush White House.
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