Our Big Fat Illegal
Alien Sanctuary

By George Putnam
Published With Permission of

It is this reporter's opinion that whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent - whatever - all parties, all candidates appear to be running from the key issue in the coming presidential campaign.
As we watch the debates among candidates, we must admit that when the words "illegal alien" or just plain "immigration" are mentioned, they all run with their tails between their legs.
And yet on a daily basis we witness the impact of the unwanted, uninvited invaders coming across our borders - not thousands, but MILLIONS! - robbing us of the day-to-day guarantees that have been part and parcel of the American institution.
Over the past couple of weeks agents have discovered six holding houses - 200 illegal aliens to a house - waiting to be transferred to jobs in America. Smuggled bodies at a price. Not just from Mexico and Central America, but also from the Middle East.
No idea of who they are, their points of origin or their purpose - some with prearranged jobs, others with a promise to work it off in a form of slavery - the amount in booty varying anywhere from a few hundred dollars to as much as $5,000, if you're coming from the Middle East. Yet the Republican incumbent and the newly designated Democratic candidate still run from this ever-growing, chaotic problem. At this moment, the president is visiting carefully selected spots in California. And don't hold your breath if you plan to hear President Bush speak of his new immigration plan - the plan in which the government would confer legal status on millions of illegals living in this country who can show they are employed or have received offers of employment.
The president, having received a preponderance of negative reaction since announcing his plan, has all but backed off talking about fairness in the same breath with illegal aliens. At a recent Republican gathering in Burlingame, California Republicans talked about immigration more than anything else and, according to John Gizzi of Human Events, sentiment ran strong that the Bush administration was headed in the wrong direction on the issue.
Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., drew wild applause when he declared that the president's policy is plain and simply an amnesty - that the president's proposal to allow the estimated 12 million illegals to remain in the U.S. on a guest worker program could cost the Republicans 55 electoral votes this fall.
The president was actually booed when State Central Committeeman Mike Davis asked the assemblage, "How can someone become a citizen when his or her first act in this country is illegal?" To top it off, some delegates were perturbed by reports that Gov. Schwarzenegger is looking at alternatives to driver's licenses for undocumented aliens, which the state Legislature banned last year. Some are charging the governor with a sellout. Republicans and Democrats alike simply refuse to face the issue!
There are those who believe President Bush's plan is at least partially based on winning the votes of Latino citizens. Nothing could be farther from the truth. One Teamster leader of Local 952 stated: "More than half of our members are Hispanic - over 80 percent of my colleagues are Hispanics. They are against the tide of illegal immigration, which has tremendous impact on our neighborhoods and our culture." In the words of David Limbaugh, "Bush's immigration plan is a bad idea - that he has stretched the patience of conservatives too far, that he should reconsider."
Mr. President, this is not just a California problem! It's happening in Maine and in Georgia! It's happening everywhere! "The incursion into America - immigration's unarmed invasion - deadly consequences," says Frosty Wooldridge in his forthcoming book, "Incursion into America: Immigration's Unarmed Invasion - Deadly Consequences." Frosty cautions, "Illegal alien sanctuary - your state is next!"
I wonder, have any of the candidates for president read federal immigration law USC8, 1325, Sections 274, 276, 277 and other statutes? These clearly state that it is a federal crime to aid, abet, assist, encourage or induce an illegal alien to remain in the United States. It is punishable by a fine and imprisonment. It's time they get the message. It's time to act! After all, our laxity to deport illegal aliens is the very thing that brought us 9/11. Lest we forget? All of the distractions - leapfrogging from the moon to Mars, the so-called workers' six-year plan, approval of shipping our manufacturing base and technology overseas, and gay marriage - none of these, in the long run, will distract America from the long-lasting effects of the growing illegal alien invasion. As grandmother used to say, "Just common sense, son. Just common sense!" Related article:
The legendary George Putnam is 89 years young and a veteran of 69 years as a reporter, broadcaster and commentator ... and is still going strong.



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