Domoic Acid Responsible For
Dolphin Die Off In Florida

From Patricia Doyle, PhD
The Ledger

Preliminary test results indicate the deaths of more than 65 dolphins in the Panhandle may have been caused by biotoxin released by naturally occurring algae.
Jane Whaley, of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Marine Fisheries Service, said domoic acid had been found in water samples.
Domoic acid has been blamed for several marine mammal deaths on the West Coast, she said.
[An excellent review of domoic acid in mammals can be found in "Mammal,
bird die-off, domoic acid - USA (CA) (02) 20020708.4702."
Domoic acid is a neurotoxic tricarboxylic amino acid structurally related to kainic and glutamic acids. It was chemically identified after its isolation in 1958 from the seaweed _Chondria armata_, found off the coast of Japan. In 1987, more than 100 people became ill and several people died following the consumption of blue mussels caught off Prince Edward Island, Canada. Canadian scientists found that domoic acid had entered the food chain when the mussels fed on a toxic algal bloom of the pennate diatom _Pseudonitzschia pungens_ forma multiseries. - Mod.TG]
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