Why The 'Palestinians'
Have No Right To A State
By Barry Chamish <>
(Barry Chamish is one is Israel's most controversial journalists. His work appears
on this site regularly. Replies and Comments are always welcome.)

There was so much to tell this week. The death of Leah Rabin a year after she publicly demanded a reinvestigation of her husband's murder. The suspicious silence of her two children this year about their father's equally suspicious demise. The dragging out of a beaten, drugged, threatened Yigal Amir to once again confess before the cameras of Channel Two. The use of Channel Two hostess Ilana Dayan as a conduit of disinformation for the Shabak.
And then there was the truth that the media exposed. Hatsofe tore apart the lies in Carmi Gillon's book and wrote that he was covering up his own crimes. The same Hatsofe finally publishing suspicions of Shimon Peres' involvement in Rabin's murder. Tel Aviv Magazine's interview with Eyal Shomroni Cohen, the recently fired attorney for the Shabak provocateur Avishai Raviv, revealing that he had seen the cut 30 seconds of the assassination film and what it revealed, "would shock the nation." Yoav Yitzhaki in Maariv exposing the collaboration between the police, prosecution and Channel One in the destruction of the incriminating Avishai Raviv initiation ceremony film. Marriv's Ratings Magazine exposing Israeli television's coverup of the Rabin murder conspiracy...and more.
But all that has been swept under the carpet by the PLO's murders of innocents.
Two weeks ago, the respected political site Rumors Of War asked me to begin an on-line debate with Arab analysts. I never debate Arabs because I feel their point of view on all matters relevant to me is baseless and prejudiced. I agreed to begin such a debate if I could choose the topic; one, which for once, an Israeli doesn't have to begin with on the defensive. My subject for debate was, Do The Palestinians Deserve A State? After two weeks, no one has bothered to join in the debate. So here are the major points which were never discussed on Rumors Of War:
There was never an independent Arab state called Palestine. At best, Palestine was a backwoods Turkish province. Hence, there were no pilgrimages to the "holy" Al Aqsa mosque. Jerusalem is not the third holiest site of Islam. Mecca and Medina are holy, Jerusalem was never mentioned in the same breath until the liberation of the Temple Mount by the Israelis in 1967.
The Palestinians and their political leadership bring war and instability to wherever theyreside, be it Jordan, Lebanon or in the very territories Israel recently handed over to them. No one wants them as neighbors because they are too egotistical, hotheaded, selfish and immature o qualify as a responsible nation.
And no one would sign a meaningful agreement with any Palestinian leader because agreements are always broken. Israel learned the hard way, that the PLO's diplomats have no ethics and lie with impunity. They will always be diplomats of a terror organization, never of a nation, because nations must abide by their commitments.
There is no hope of the Palestinians ever honestly electing their leaders.
At best, this ragtag collection of Middle Eastern peoples will accept whatever tyrant proves the most inscrutable and leads their tribe after Arafat.
The Palestinians send their children to their deaths to make media propaganda points. Real nations care about their young. The PLO and its allied Islamic organizations practise child sacrifice under the guise of martyrdom.
The PLO has no morals, national or otherwise. Their sole motivation is to instill hate from one generation to the next.
The PLO has brought nothing but misery to its followers. The Palestinians know nothing of the creation of beauty, engage in no serious scholarship, pass nothing of greatness down the ages. Their legacy is purely of destruction.
The Palestinian leaders and their factotums are totally corrupt, stealing every penny of public money they can lay their hands on. No one seriously accepts that financial aid will actually reach the people. And no one will make a business investment in the Palestinians because of the payoffs and bribes involved in setting up shop. And for what? A business that will be shut down or destroyed by terrorism and civil war? The PLO's strongarm tactics have brought in just enough protection money to buy arms and pay the militias, but not enough honest funds to initiate a prosperous nation.
The PLO and its police torture people they don't like. They execute people without due process of law. Whatever Palestinian courts do exist, none do so to protect the rights of the accused.
The PLO will not tolerate free expression and arrest and torture journalists who criticize the regime.
The PLO offer no rights to women. Only among its followers in the Christian community, can women receive higher education and responsible jobs.
There is no Palestinian language.
There is no Palestinian religion.
Jerusalem is never mentioned in the Koran.
Mohammed never claimed he was in Jerusalem.
The Al Aqsa Mosque and Shrine Of Omar are built atop the ancient Jewish temples.
The Jews held sovereignty over Jerusalem for 1300 years; the Arabs, a mere fraction of the time.
There was never an Arab Palestinian nationalist movement until 1964.
The majority of "Palestinians" according to British demographic surveys, arrived in Israel after 1917, seeking economic opportunities.
No one is offering to compensate the 800,000 Sephardic Jews whose assets were stolen when they were forced out of Arab countries in the 40s and 50s.
Israel took in their refugees, the Arabs kept their 500,000 in camps.
The Palestinians already have a nation, Jordan. There, the indigenous majority is ruled by Bedouin royalty from Mecca. The Jordanians had control of the West Bank from 1948 to 1967 and never once offered it as a Palestinian state. Why not? The Egyptians held the Gaza Strip for much longer. Why didn't theycreate a Palestinian state if there were Palestinian people living there?
There is no ancient Palestinian history. There are no world renowned Palestinian artists, scientists, not one Palestinian literary masterpiece, no recognizable culture, no inventions... nothing that distinguishes Palestinians as a people.
They are neither a unique people, nor a separate people with their own history. The Palestinians do not deserve a nation because they are not a nation.
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From Sheryl Jackson
Mr. Chamish, I have read many of the articles that you write... and as one who stands from afar and observes what is "evidence" (that would not be accepted by you or any of the Israeli's in the present state of Israel,) I really have to tell you.
1.) I am appalled at the destruction that I have seen the Israelis' participate in and have been asking myself what the Hell would Moshe Dayan think of all of this now?
2.)If I had the equipment and the opportunity, I would splice scenes from today's news with the war propaganda of the Nazi's of Germany, and anyone with eyes could see there is no difference in the behavior of these two groups of people. The SS troops of Hitler did not believe that Jews should have anything and they worked dilligently at the annihilation of the Jews.
From the news, I see that Jews are working dilligently to exterminate the Palestinians. You seem to want to believe that we as a people must judge them as you do, because they lie, cheat and steal. Well, alot of people do that around the world, we do not shoot and kill them in the streets, we avoid them, with sanctions, or by geography, but we do not come up with REASONS why they should die.
Why are the Jews so intent on keeping the Palestinians from having a place to live?
If, as my bible states, you are the Chosen People of God, do you ever ask yourselves what God wants you to learn from or teach the Palestinians?
Why aren't you trying to get the people with the most land to give the Palestinians their own country?
You have such a tiny country, why aren't you negotiating with even the US to buy them some land of their own? Just a patch of desert would be necessary, perhaps they would be more inclined to evolve into people of a better mood, or more ethics. Send them to Siberia, let them cool down, don't let them buy Kat. Stop buying it in all of the Arab countries. Cocaine made a mess up here in America and its sister Kat seems to have messed up your Middle East. Stop that now. People who do hard drugs and alcohol are in a bad mood all of the time because of the allergies of the herbs involved and because of the neurotoxic qualities that agitate and excite the nervous system into a real lather.
I think you all need to take a breather, because I am against US dollars supporting Israel anymore. We have entered a NewMillenium and I do not need to tell you that times of miracles are at hand and you people do not seem to be communicating with your God, whom, I might add, made everybody.
Nowhere is there a clause in humanity that says the Palestinians are not worthy. Nor was there a clause that made it alright to kill the Jews of WWII. It is time for a new way, not teaching our children to run at bullets. Not allowing our children to be cannon fodder for the capitalistic enterprises that abound and seek to stir war to keep their coffers filled.
You, sir, are in a unique position to make the world a better place and here you are, promoting anger, hate, hostility and genocide. Is that really the message you want for your eulogy? How do you want people to remember you? If you ponder this awhile I think you will find you have a whole different approach to peace...........
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Sheryl Jackson (Loew)
From Barry Chamish <>
To Sheryl Jackson 11-13-00
Boy have you been brainwashed. You got the Nazis right, but left out the PLO.
From Sheryl Jackson
You should read what I said again. It is not time to continue murdering people just because we don't like them and how they behave. I do not want my tax dollars paying for the genocide of people. God made all of us, and if She wants to get rid of someone, She is capable of doing that. There are lessons here that you are unable to see and contend with.
You are not insane or crazy, you are deeply misguided in your talents. This is a new world and we do not need to bring the sins of others to the forefront of the news. We need to set examples of behavior that everyone can see are not warrior in nature. Men have a need to destroy that which they cannot eat, shat upon or screw. Not just Jews, all men are filled with too much testosterone. Since the Palestinians do not have much to fight with, the situation can be dealt with without further murder on either side.
The old God of the Old Testament, is a vengeful and murderous Patriarchal Overlord, who is obsolete. Since there was no intervention from God during the Holocaust, I do not really believe in God. Therefore what we are left with is humanity. Men run at bullets and die for naught, either to be cannon fodder for Shell Oil, or to be a martyr. How many martyrs do you remember offhand??
If you are so adamant about war, why aren't you out there shooting Palestinians? Why don't you practice what you preach? One more warmonger among the Elite Press Corps is not much different than the other 50 thousand journalists who preach fear and sell war.
Brainwashed, my fat ass. Dude, you are the one who is brainwashed. You think murder in the name of Yahweh or Allah is a religious war. That is a load of crap. Attitudes of war and murder are negated by the ten 'Thou Shalt Nots'. There is no exclusionary clause after Thou Shalt Not Kill....... it doesn't say 'except for the Palestinians' when Barry Chamish says it is okay.......
Sheryl Jackson
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