Sherman Skolnick Predicted
Election Crisis A Week In Advance
From jmcleary

Skolnick seems to be correct so far in his prediction that was published on the internet
(Oct 31 00) here at
I quote Skolnick's key statements..............
"I have strong reasons from profound sources to believe that a so-called "Emergency" may follow the year 2000 Presidential Election. And that there is a further scheme to install Jay Rockefeller as the unelected "President" or "King" of the U.S., all without having him on the Presidential Election ballot. Prior to the year 2000 Presidential Election, so-called "pollsters" and "pundits" made quite an effort to unhinge the brain of the average American, with a barrage of "polls".
Will there be an orchestrated "constitutional crisis" favoring installing a Rockefeller as "President" or "King"?
Stay tuned."
Skolnick sounds right so far! Since then he published on his website .There are even stronger statements and predictions here. I'd like to see and hear more of Skolnick's ideas, since he predicted this days before this happened. Jim Cleary
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