President Elect To Answer
AIDS Bioengineering Lawsuit
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(Cleveland, OH) It's Halloween 2000. In less than seven days Americans choose which presidential candidate will answer lead plaintiff for world wide AIDS apology lawsuit charging the United States government for its participation in the "creation", "production", and "proliferation" of an ethnic "super germ" known as AIDS. The case, originally filed by Boyd Ed Graves J.D. September 1998, concludes the AIDS pandemic is the result of a secret federal virus development program called the "Special" Virus. Naval Academy graduate Graves' eight years of research into the origin of the AIDS resulted in the rediscovery of the research logic flow chart of the program. The top secret program began officially as early as 1961 to aggressively hunt for a contagious cancer that selectively kills. The flowchart and fifteen progress reports of the program prove conclusively a laboratory wellspring for the genesis of AIDS.
The secret virus program was initiated in conjunction with U.S. and international policy decisions as best evidenced by Public Law 91-213 signed by President Richard M. Nixon on March 16, 1970. The progress reports continue to provide medical breakthroughs consistent with our efforts to deactivate AIDS.
The discovery of the research logic flowchart coordinates over 20,000 of the program's scientific papers, and led Graves to file his historic lawsuit against Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen September 1998 for the laboratory birth of AIDS in Cleveland, OH. After one full year of silence from the federal court, Judge Leslie Brook Wells threw the case out of court, citing the origin of AIDS as "frivolous." While major African newspapers devoted four page feature stories to the issue, the major American media remains completely silent.
Since March 3, 2000 the class has been waiting for a decision from the sixth circuit court of appeals in Cincinnati. The court has failed to explain the eight-month delay in determining if the issue of AIDS bioengineering is "frivolous."
"Every day a decision is delayed furthers the global AIDS holocaust." said Graves. " The class and the people of the United States require better from the sixth circuit."
With Graves' appeal the people's case took on greater historical significance as the office of The President of the United States was named as the lead defendant on March 3, 2000. Graves flew to Washington D.C hand delivering over 3000 signature petitions to members of Congress and each of the 2000 presidential candidates demanding bipartisan review of the evidence. Less than sixty days later on April 30, 2000, President Clinton formally declared AIDS a Threat to National Security and in an unprecedented move, placed the National Security Council in charge of AIDS health policy. Neither candidate has mentioned this issue.
Now only seven days before the 2000 presidential election, some voters indicate they will write Graves' name in on election day; sending a direct message to the president elect - "Graves vs. The President of the United States and the evidence of the laboratory birth of AIDS will not go away."
This week Graves released his highly anticipated book "State Origin: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS", including the research logic flow chart of the government's secret "Special Virus" program and other shocking documents as evidenced in this landmark case.
Today, as the nation celebrates the annual festival of the dead, America is given the unique opportunity to vote for life by never again allowing the greatest democracy in the world to masquerade behind public policies founded in the economics of eugenics.
Deatiled information on Graves' first book "State Origin: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS" is available from the publisher on-line at < The bound book is scheduled to reach shelves worldwide by inauguration day 2001.
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