The Scheme To Make
Jay Rockefeller 'President'
By Sherman H. Skolnick
There has been a long-time scheme to put in a Rockefeller as "President", or King, in the U.S. WITHOUT AN ELECTION:
1. Laying the ground-work for the orchestrated Watergate Affair, in the late 1960s, the Rockefellers pushed through the 25th Amendment, to cure the gap in the U.S. Constitution as to how if a President is dead in office [or assassinated], or unfit to continue to serve, how the Vice President takes over and becomes President and automatically removes the unfit President.
2. I was the first to go public with part of the scheme. Elected Vice President Spiro Agnew was removed by a bribery scandal known before he was elected on the Nixon/Agnew ticket, 1972. At the time one of the only ways I could be heard was at college lectures where I spelled out the scheme six months before it happened. "I did not read that today in the New York Times, Mr. Skolnick. Where the hell did you get those details?" Naive college students would shout at me during the question and answer period. By October, 1973, Agnew was forced to resign and President Nixon appointed under the newly-minted 25th Amendment, as the new Vice President, WITHOUT AN ELECTION, Gerald Ford. Ford previously sat on the Warren Commission fraudulently stating a "lone assassin" murdered President Kennedy. [Nixon had been part of the Dallas plot.]
3. When Nixon was forced to resign in 1974, former Warren Commission member, Gerald Ford, without an election became President. Ford, in turn, WITHOUT AN ELECTION, under the Rockefeller-instigated 25th Amendment, appointed Nelson Rockefeller as Vice President. Who remembers Nelson Rockefeller's testimony, upon being ratified by the U.S.Senate? Rockefeller stated that the key members of his family, including himself, had PAID NO INCOME TAXES IN THE PREVIOUS ELEVEN YEARS. The oil-soaked, richest family in the world, does not and did not support the realm, the infrastructure of America, with the payment of taxes. You see why this land is so heavily in debt. [When candidates for election appear on my Television show I ask them, if elected, would they tax the ultra-rich who now, by corruption and malign influence, PAY NO TAXES. I never get a straight answer.]
4. In 1975, there were three genuine plots to assassinate President Gerald Ford. A BATF undercover agent, supplied with a large caliber gun by them, came within a hair of blowing away Ford. That was would-be assassin Sarah Jane Moore missing her target because a disabled vet hit her elbow as she was seeking to public execute Ford. My sole publicity device, other than college speeches, at the time, was a recorded phone message. As best I could, with a series of phone lines, I tried to give out the details of the three plots. Without a legal formality, the U.S. Secret Service put false busy signals onto those lines, to block my supposed First Amendment Free Speech rights. When I threatened, in my wheelchair, to picket the phone company headquarters, a kind phone company bureaucrat explained to me, "Mr. Skolnick, we only follow orders of the Secret Service. They, not us, are blocking your phone recorded message."
So, Nelson Rockefeller came within a would-be assassin's bullet of being President WITHOUT AN ELECTION. I attempted as best I could to spell out the other two genuine 1975 plots against President Ford.
5. For at least five years now on the web, on the radio, wherever I was allowed to be heard, I have spelled out various plots to assassinate Vice President Albert Gore, Jr., install John D. Rockefeller 4th as Vice President, and then shove out Clinton, so Rockefeller, under the 25th Amendment instigated by his family, could be President, or King, WITHOUT AN ELECTION. Are the sheep of America so dumbed down that they would VOTE a Rockefeller in as President, considering that family's infamous history? Just before the year 2000 presidential election, the Rockefeller-sponsored- PBS, ran a two-part series, more or less praising the Rockefeller Family, or explaining away their long-time crimes against the American people. Such as the plot to run two commercial aircraft into Air Force Two with Gore onboard in July, 1999.
To be cute, John D. Rockefeller 4th, great grandson of oldman John D. Rockefeller, founder of the infamous Standard Oil Trust, calls himself "Jay". I dare point out that all documents have been destroyed showing William ROCKEFELLER Clinton as the illegitimate great grandson of the criminal patriarch of the Rockefeller fortune. It is a simple reason why Clinton, despite his treason and crimes, has not been prosecuted and jailed. Jay's wife, Sharon Percy Rockefeller, has been a kingpin in so-called "public" radio, which I call National Petroleum Radio. She reportedly is part of numerous secret joint accounts in the Harris Bank, Chicago, in the Mid-East construction business, in the hundreds of millions of dollars, with Osama bin Laden. The White House said if they could "find" bin Laden's accounts, they would freeze them since they describe him as the "world's leading 'terrorist' ". In October, 1998, I and a TV Show associate of mine confronted top dogs of Harris Bank with details. Don't heckle me with naive statements why you did not hear of this in the oil-soaked monopoly press.
6. I have strong reasons from profund sources to believe that a so-called "Emergency" may follow the year 2000 Presidential Election. And that there is a further scheme to install Jay Rockefeller as the unelected "President" or "King" of the U.S., all without having him on the Presidential Election ballot. Prior to the year 2000 Presidential Election, so-called "pollsters" and "pundits" made quite an effort to unhinge the brain of the average American, with a barrage of "polls". The only "poll" or pole I respect is the one fire-men slide down from upstairs in the Fire Station when the bell rings.
Since my stories are often so far ahead of the "parade", they are often misunderstood by those without our benefit of some one million documents, records, tapes, and details. I do not reveal sources. I do not want to hear one of my sources later was in a plane that somehow blew up or that his or her body was found floating in the canal. To protect my sources, I have in 40 years as an activist been eight times jailed for contempt of court for refusing to divulge sources or how exactly we investigate deep plots and corruption.
Will there be an orchestrated "constitutional crisis" favoring installing a Rockefeller as "President" or "King"? At least in Moscow, in the past, when there was a so-called "emergency", they would play somber, symphonic music on the radio for 24 hours.Just another story suppressed by the liars and whores of the press. You know, the ones with the 50 dollar hairdoes and the nickel heads.
Stay tuned.

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