Peace Of The Murderers
(Note - Opposing views and comments are always welcome. The current situation in the Middle East is highly-charged and the web of intrigue is profound. What we read and hear in the mainstream media is often far from reality. Barry Chamish remains one of the most intensely independent journalists in Israel's history and his articles, always controversial and thought-provoking, help illuminate the behind the scenes dimensions of the Middle East cauldron and its international, globalist entanglements.)
By Barry Chamish
Yesterday evening, Shimon Peres met Yasir "Mad Dog" Arafat in Gaza and, lo and behold, miracle of miracles, they agreed to make peace again. At least, that's how the world media is reporting the meeting. Now here is what really happened.
The New World Order's hardcore agents in the Israeli cabinet, Peres and Yossi Beilin are threatening Prime Minister Barak and he knows they mean business. He is terrified, not of them so much, as of the foreign troublemakers are representing. Barak was placed in power by the Council On Foreign Relations and is owned by the Anglo-Saxons. He has debts to repay and, for a couple of more months anyway, he must obey Clinton. Come January, the next CFR President and his CFR Secretary Of State, will take over where Clinton and Albright left off.
Peres, on the other hand, is beholden to the Europeans and they want their piece of the peace. So, German Chancellor Shroeder showed up in Gaza yesterday morning and ordered Arafat to meet with Peres.
The Peres meeting with Arafat was arranged by:
Yossi Ginosar - Former Deputy Shabak (General Security Services) chief, who became enmired in scandal in the 80s when he lied about the execution of two PLO murderers in what is known as the Bus 300 Scandal and later was forced to resign when it was exposed that his perjured testimony sent an innocent army officer to a long prison term. He and Arafat share a major business interest, both skimming from the profits of the Oasis Casino, near Jericho.
Carmi Gillon - While Shabak chief, he oversaw a long string of deadly scam operations, including the Hebron massacre of February, 1994, and the Rabin assassination, as part of a policy to promote peace by isolating and demonising those opposed to it. It was his duty to remove the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria from their homes, in order to fulfill secret promises to the PLO to acquire 100% of the territory known to many as the West Bank.
Another of the promises Peres made, as fully documented in my previous work, was to remove Israeli sovereignty over the Old City and East Jerusalem. He made a vow to the Europeans that the UN would take over security of Jerusalem, while the Vatican would become guardians of the holy sites. Once Israeli hegemony passed to the UN, it would grant the PLO the right to establish its capital in the parts of the city it controlled. The current war is being fought because neither the CFR, thus, nor Barak, want the Vatican deal to go through and Arafat feels cheated.
Peres must live up to his bargain for the fighting to stop. And Barak knows it. He also knows Clinton's gang is opposed to Peres' handover of Jerusalem to the Europeans. Now let us add two more murderers to the peace ingredients.
Peres - My new editions of Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, just published in English and German, prove Peres organized the Rabin assassination in concert with French intelligence. Those who know my work are aware that I proved this contention well. Those who don't...get the book.
Clinton - Serial murderer. Victims include Vince Foster, Jerry Parks, Sonny Bono, Ron Brown, William Colby and on and on for at least 150 names. It is most unwise to cross this fellow or know too many facts that he regards as embarrassing to him.
Now add the mass murderer Yasir Arafat, who has killed tens of thousands in Israel, Jordan and Lebabon, for starters, and you've got a peace of the murderers. Which is why Jews and Arabs by the dozens are dying every week for it. And which is why the dying will continue because last night Peres assured Arafat that he will squeeze Barak and the Israeli government to live up to his promises. The Europeans and UN will join in on the final "peace" negotiations. The UN will send their "peacekeepers" to Jerusalem and they will hand the PLO its capital there. And if Barak doesn't go along, well, he knows what happened to Rabin when he stopped cooperating with Peres.
There is a tiny glimmer of hope. In two days, we will be forced the commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Rabin assassination with a massive government and media propaganda campaign. However, I received three phone calls from respected journalists which suggest the campaign is in trouble. Yuval Natan and Yaacov Werker called this morning in great excitement. They received advance copies of the weekend Maariv newspaper. Within is a long interview with Dr. Mordechai Gutman, Rabin's last chief surgeon. Central to my thesis of a conspiracy to murder Rabin is the fact that the government insists Rabin was shot twice in the back, while Gutman's notes state that he was shot three times, and once from the front. Maariv makes much of my contention in the interview.
Says Natan, an editor of a Maariv magazine, "No one is going to believe Gutman. He sounds like he's being stage-managed and it comes through too clearly."
Adds Werker, "You won't believe how much he trips up. He actually says Rabin was shot twice in the chest. As much as he's trying not to, he is confirming all your claims."
And the third journalist, Adir Zik informs me that in tomorrow's edition of Hatsofe, for the first time in Hebrew print, suspicions of a Peres' role in Rabin's murder will be published.
Alive, Rabin got Israel into this murderous mess. Dead, he may get us out of it. He will do so by permanently eliminating Peres and Beilin from the Israeli political arena.
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