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'Election Math 101'
Earl Dennis (Richmond, Virginia) 1
HELP! You are barely losing an election. You're in a virtual dead heat. Need votes? No problem! Simply ask for recounts in your parties strongest precincts. How many votes do you need? Just work the math backwards to determine how many precincts you need to recount.
Assume a precinct size of 2500 voters and a ballot recoverable error rate of 3%. That means that 75 votes are up for grabs. Now assume that 90% of the voters in the precinct are of your party. Your party picks up 67 votes and your opponent picks up 8.
You need 300 votes to beat your opponent. You pick up 67 votes per precinct. 300 divided by 67 equals 5 precincts!
Of course you can use any old excuse to demand a recount: The ballot looks funny. A minor party candidate got an unusually large number of votes. Racists harassed voters on the way to the polls. Rumors of missing ballots. Any excuse will do.
Banana Republicans?
From Adam Webb
So now we see how little the choice of ordinary voters matters to Dubya and his friends in the US judiciary. America has allowed its fabled Democracy to be hijacked by those who don,t give a damn who the public want as President. Instead of a world statesman, the US is looking more likely to get an ignorant, right-wing Redneck, who comes across to the rest of the world about which he knows nothing as being only slightly smarter than a chimp! God help us all when the next ill conceived, incompetent US military campaign starts racking up body bags. Bush Jnr is stupid enough to order the use of a tactical nuke. Is that what America wants? Are they prepared for the revenge of whichever country Bush abuses? If not, then it,s time to wake up, and use all legal means at your disposal to reverse this slide into Banana Republican territory, while you still can.

Pre-punching Ballots
(privacy requested) 11-14-00
I have direct knowledge of pre-punched ballots through a friend. In 1996, in Santa Clara, CA, Santa Clara County, my friend went to his local polling place to vote. As he started to punch the ballot, he noticed an oddity, holding the ballot up to the light he noticed it had been pre-punched. He took it to the polling place person, they said it must be a mistake and handed him a second ballot. As he turned to go back he held it to the light and it too was pre-punched. He then took the initiative and held the whole stack to the light, they had all been pre-punched. At that point, because the poll was closing or because of a more sinister reason, guards walked up and collected the cards and exited. Of course, if the person had voted for the prepunched items, the ballot would be valid, otherwise it would be cast out, a very effective way to control the vote.
Since this is hearsay, take it for what it is worth (only an indicator).
P.S. on a more remote and far less reliable note, I have also heard of the "elevator switch" where guards are told to wait as the ballots are taken upstairs in an elevator. The ballot boxes that arrive in the counting area are not the same ones loaded into the elevator.

Gore Was Supposed To Win...
From Jay Weidner 11-12-00
The system is rigged via the Voter News Service that is owned by the major media. This service runs the entire computer voting system for the USA. The are owned by a consortium of companies including CBS, NBC, ABC, NY Times, Wash Post, Wall Street Journal. They say that they are doing this to get reasonable accurate news about the elections. Right and I'm William Shakespeare. The software that is used to count the voting cards is a total secret. I tried to get them to give me a copy of the code in 1994 but no dice.
(Note - Here Jeff's 11-3-00 interview with James Condit on VoteScam to hear the whole story of the Voter News Service fraud. -ed)
Gore was supposed to win the election. The FAMILY (the Bushes) had other ideas. They threw the election in Florida via Jeb Bush. That is why they don't want a hand count. This is also what they are implying when they say that they will open up the entire scam if Gores carries on with this. They are betting that the New World order will not let the voting system scam be exposed. In order to protect the scam they will have to finally decide to let Bush have the White House.
This same consortium of companies also runs the debates. If you are not in the debates you cannot get enough votes (witness Nader). What is the criteria for getting in the debates? You must get 5 percent in the polls. Who takes the polls? The above companies are the ones doing the polling. It is one gate keeper after another until it is impossible to get a real candidate elected. Further more - and even worse than all of this - the CIA admitted in the Church Hearings that they had targeted certain news organizations for takeover in the late 40's and 50's. What news organizations did they target - you guessed it - the same companies that run the Voter News Service.
Nader could have recieved 10 to 15 percent of the vote - we would never know. If you are a legitimate critic of the World Corporate State you will not even be allowed to ever get the votes needed to become a voice. It is a scam, a good scam - make that a very good scam - but nonetheless a scam.
For a moment really consider exit polls. Yes they are also run by the above consortium. They (the above media companies) called NY at 9:03 NY time. That's three minutes after the polls closed. They were absolutely right in their predictions of who would win and they were exactly right in the percentages that every candidate recieved. This includes Lazio/Clinton and all the local races. How in God's name did the exit pollers get the right amount of Jews, Catholics, Irish, Blacks, Women, Men, Democrats etc. How can asking people how they voted as they leave the poll be in any way scientific? Yet they are as accurate to the tee as they can get. They would have been exact about Florida if Jeb Bush hadn't thrown a monkey wrench into the cogs.
That is the hard truth of the matter and there is just about nothing you can do about it. I voted Green but I knew all of the time that Nader would get just under 5 percent. Unless Nader is taken over by the above forces he will never get the 5 percent.
The World Corporate State already rules the world - they just haven't told anyone yet.
Jay Weidner
A Solution
From John Dudek
Hi Jeff,
Well, as the post-election's political turmoil continues to rage unabated around us, yours truly, joe 6-pak, has decided that enough is enough, and has therefore appointed himself - are you ready? - The Voice of Reason.
The current situation cannot be allowed to continue. The Bush-Gore imbroglio must be resolved. We The People demand closure! After all, it's important that WTP know which of those two corporate shills is going to be leading this country further into the darkness during the next four years. Inquiring minds want to know.
I (The Voice of Reason) have a solution. A quick and tidy one. A solution requiring no recounts (which, to be fair, should include Florida, New Mexico, Oregon, Iowa, & Wisconsin . . . so far) and no further hysteria from the whores in DC or their bedfellows masquerading as impartial observers in mainstream media. A fair & equitable solution absolutely guaranteed to work.
Enough self-serving political rhetoric, I say. Let's find out which candidate really has the cajonies to lead us. After all, Mr. Clinton has had U.S. bombs & missiles lobbed into - what is it, ONLY 6 or 7? - sovereign nations during his two terms. We can do better! But to do so, our God-given right and privilege as the world's only remaining superpower, a leader of true grit is required, one not squeamish about spilling a little hemoglobin whenever globe-raping corporate expansion or "wagging the dog" is deemed desirable.
So here, finally, is my suggestion to resolve the election dilemma. It is concisely housed within the following quote - which, by the way, The Voice of Reason is shamelessly 'borrowing' from a Rip Rense editorial titled "Electile Dysfunction" in the 11/11/00 WorldNetDaily. The only requirement for understanding the message, lest any member of the Prozac snorting, TV addicted, illiterate American public be concerned that said quote may prove too erudite for mass consumption, is a vague familiarity with Mel Gibson movies.
"Us want justice! Us want Thunderdome! Two men enter! One man leave!" --"Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome"
John Dudek
Lytle Creek, CA
P.S. Am a long time admirer of your website, Jeff, and a recent convert to the evening radio/Internet interview program. Keep up the good work - you're making a difference.
From James Carmody
Isn't it simply amazing that people who cannot punch the correct hole in a ballot can play 9 bingo cards at the same time?
Vote Recounts
From 1
If Gore supporters think that ballots may have been all that confusing or that pieces were left on the ballot after punching holes, then why don't you have a recount of ALL COUNTIES in Florida by hand, just to make sure that votes punched for Bush don't have pieces left on the ballot and thus were not counted by the machines? In other words, why are only heavily Democratic counties being recounted? If they want a manual recount for Florida, do the ENTIRE state and see if the numbers TRULY match.
If all counties' numbers match machine numbers, then the U. S. will have no reason to go through all the rigamarole again and we can put our faith in the machines. If none of the numbers match, we can all blame machines and all go back to hand counting. If part of the numbers match and part don't, then other proposals could be made, such as having EVERY machine in EVERY county checked (especially for tampering), EVERY ballot style checked (for accuracy when read by the machines), and if need be, EVERY state in the Union will see that the machines are too unreliable for the job and must be replace by the next election! And every state would see the need to do a recount! By hand!
This is simple logic.
From Norman Andrews
Let's see...where to begin. There are so many things that could be said but it would be to no avail. Our voices are the needle in the political haystack of life. If you think our vote is worthless, how much more worthless is our voice. So many have emphasized in the media the past few days that this shows how important our vote is. I think it's quite the contrary. When it's all said and done, those in power will have done anything necessary, and I mean anything, kill, steal, and destroy to hold their present positions. And we the people will do absolutely nothing about it. On the other hand, I think there is a vast majority of people out there who prefer this kind of darkness rather than light. So...why should we be surprised or think that any of this is strange. Strong delusion is on the loose and people prefer to believe a lie. It's much easier than demanding accountability from anyone.
#1. As for the people who were confused and didn't know who they were voting for:
All of the sudden it's become the Republican party's fault that these people don't know how to read. Now here's some real encouragement, we can take heart in the fact that this is the type of crowd that's drawn to Gore, Clinton, and the Democratic party. This is the uneducated crowd that obviously can't read or write. So in my opinion they had no business voting without asking some questions. This to me is a reflection on the fine education system this country has become so proud of the past eight years. We are supposed to be leaders in the finest education establishments in the world but we are quickly becoming a nation that doesn't know the left hand from the right.
Secondly, about them (this uneducated party), is that if the voting ballot had been a lottery ticket, or an application for a car loan, etc. you can bet the lottery they'd have been asking questions about all of this supposed state of confusion they were in. By law they could have made a mistake 3 times and come out of the voting booth and change their vote. Why didn't they do it right then and there? I say game over, time's out, the clock is finished, you loose!
#2. As for these minority crowds who were told the polls were closed:
Did anyone think to ask them if they just happened to arrive after closing time? Were they allowing white people to enter the voting booths while singling out black people and restricting them from entering the polls? Highly unlikely...for then there would have been a riot that would have made the Rodney King ordeal look like Romper Room.
#3. As for missing ballot boxes:
How do you have a person in charge of a ballot box, plus a police escort (just an educated guess but that's at least two people for sure who's once in four years responsibility was the safety and security of that ballot box) leave the scene and forget the ballot box? How is it a police escort, who without a doubt, is in constant radio contact, unable to be reached and demanded to know what's going on? Why has this story not been heavily pursued? How does Al Gore go from a gap lost vote of 50,000 in the state of Florida, get on the phone to concede the race, and all in a matter of a few minutes that gap is narrowed to less than 1800 votes. How does a recount only now show a gap of 300 or so? Let's just keep tampering with this thing until we get the numbers we need to win. Why is it that the polls can open on election day, close on election day, and we can have the results of those votes shortly after closing, but a recount takes several days?
#4. As for taking into consideration a re-vote:
If we are forced to allow a re-vote in Florida, then we need to shut down the whole system and start over. Start over in Wisconsin where homeless people were shuttled to the polls and given packs of cigarettes to vote Democratic. Start over in Missouri where the polls remained open past hours in defiance of a court order from a judge. Start over in California where non US citizen Latinos received special cards signed by Bill Clinton to go and vote. How is it that I know people who have lived here for years and still cannot obtain US citizenship and the right to vote but yet we can boat in 10's of 1000's of immigrants so much so that we have to hold two swearing in ceremonies a day for the past month in Chicago and those people are registered Democrats??????
#5. As for absentee ballot votes:
We have been drilled over and over with the statements from the media that more than 1/2 of the votes in Oregon are absentee ballots. Am I really expected to believe that more than 1/2 of the voting population was out of town on election day. WOW those people got a lot going on.
These are just a few of the questions I'd like to have answered, and when I say answered, I mean answered with straight yes or no answers. Not some skirted about wishy, washy, crap that leaves me wondering what the definition of "is" is. But do you think anyone in the media, owned, operated, and run by Washington DC, the lying, cheating, murdering, adulterating, capitol of the world is going to ask these questions? They themselves have been caught with their pants down on this thing but who slaps them on the wrist for slanted reporting?
#6. As for the 25 year old DUI:
Why is it that we can make an issue of this? Were we the people ever misled? Did Mr. Bush get on national TV, point his finger at the camera, and the American people and say, "Let me make this perfectly clear, I did not have a DUI...ever!" Hey are Republicans still carrying on about a drunk by the name of Ted Kennedy who was behind the wheel of an automobile that ran off the road, submersed in water and drowned and killed the girl in the car with him and then left the scene of the crime, covered it up and is a Senator? Mr. Clinton, is it ok to breathe in Marijuana (an illegal substance) just so long as you don't inhale it, but God forbid, heaven forbid, stop the world, drop that person off, if that individual running for office were ever (and I mean ever) to have a DUI.
#7. As for Ralph Nader's sex life:
As I recall a few months ago, we had no right to inquire into the private lives of people whether they were ordinary citizens, and especially Presidents. One of the main agenda's of the Democratic party is the homosexual/lesbian agenda, and neither race, color, creed, male/female, or sexual orientation are to have a bearing on the rights of any one individual. Not in the boy scouts, not in the military, not anywhere! I believe the Democratic party calls it discrimination. Now all of the sudden when they feel the pressure and the threat of losing votes to Mr. Nader, their newly passed laws and ideals only apply to situations that benefit them. Hmmm...
I don't know, I'm going to go out on a limb here but it seems to me the whole world (at least the US) has reached its' destination. To hell in a hand basket.
From Gayle 11-8-00
Jeff -
I learned today of many people in Florida going to vote ( central FL ) and being refused, only to be told they had voted by absentee ballot according to the records. They had not voted at all. What a sham this whole election has been - from the beginning...
A Perfect Mercury Retro Outcome... From Jerry Glass
Hi Jeff,
From an Astrologer's vantage point -- when you hold an election on a (29 degree) Libra retrograde Mercury day, the perfect outcome is a struggle to re-establish balance!
49 Million Votes Wasted By Electoral College
From Scott D Portzline
I don't believe one can waste his vote unless giving it to a candidate that is not your first choice. The Electoral College just wasted 49 million votes.
Clinton Declares Martial Law - Troops Occupy States and Major Cities
From Jim Mortellaro
November 31, 2000
President Clinton has declared Martial Law, the first time in the history of the United States of America.
The president appeared on national TV yesterday evening in order to request calm during this, our most difficult period since the Civil War . He told the people of our great nation, that because of questions raised during and immediately following the November 7 elections, it is not possible to determine exactly who the president elect is to be.
The president went on to say that it is possible that the inaugurated president may be declared the loser of the election. Facing such a scenario, there is nothing in the Constitution which accounts for this scenario. Hence, Martial Law.
Vice president Gore, the declared loser of the election, and the Democratic National Party, have been telling the nation since November 8, that legal action will be pursued in order to guarantee that the will of Floridian and American Voters were properly and accurately represented, and as a consequence, the Democratic National Party will not cease legal action until every ballot is accounted for, every perception of inaccuracies settled and every accusation of inequities and illegalities, adjudicaged.
At this time, American Citizens in huge numbers are hoarding food and water, looting stores and going to their caches of arms and... ..........
__ We are sorry to interrupt this broadcast. We are informed that this radio station is being shut down until further..........
__ Troops Fire on American Citizens ... Return Fire Reported in Rural Areas ...
__ The United Nations Sends Peacekeeping Forces to America
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