Chemtrail Spraying Over
Newburgh, NY Area
From Cortland Tice

Today, 11-3-00, there were extremely heavy chemtrails being made by five different aircraft during the afternoon over the Newburgh, Poughkeepsie areas and westward toward Milford, PA. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me while I was driving my armored truck.
I am a retired Chief of Police and also retired from the USAF having been an Air Traffic Controller and therefore am very fimiliar with CONTRAILS vs. CHEMTRAILS.
I noticed that 99 percent of the spraying was being done in an EAST to WEST direction with some nice curves in the trails. I did notice one plane make a WEST to EAST run with its Chemtrail.
I have observed this spraying going on for several months now. I also have a dormant farm and while working outside when they have sprayed I developed chest congestion. Twice now, I have observed huge halos around the sun with rainbow colors. You may post this on your web site.
Cortland Tice
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