The Israeli Army Can't Win
By Barry Chamish <>

On Wednesday evening, the Yesha Council will hold a mass rally in downtown Jerusalem under the slogan, "Let The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) Win." It's not just an empty slogan, devoid of anything but jingoism, it is also wrong. The IDF can't win because it doesn't want to. But the Yesha Council is far too shallow to understand why.
Two weeks ago, one of the most decorated officers in the history of the IDF visited my home. He wanted the full story of the Rabin assassination and wanted to understand why the IDF was acting in such a cowardly and inefficient manner. He said he was representing a group of officers who demanded answers immediately.
First, I gave him my Rabin murder evidence, which he understood without me having to repeat a point twice. He knew, without question, that Shimon Peres had to have been the organizer of the murder based on what he had seen. It didn't take long for him to grasp that Rabin was desperately trying to get out of the "peace" process and that was the primary motive for his murder. And he concluded on the spot that the Israeli media were actively cooperating in the coverup by creating a false Rabin, one who died at the hands of anti-peace inciters.
And because of that manufactured stigma, the Yesha Council has chosen a non-inflammatory, meaningless slogan. They do not want to be branded "inciters" by utilizing such words as "traitors," or phrases like, "Put The Oslo Criminals On Trial." That, they concluded, after a successful five year media brainwashing, could lead to another political assassination. So the Yesha Council organizers are misleading their followers and allowing them to take the unwarranted blame for Rabin's murder. And that permits Peres and his Shabak partners in murder, to control the high moral ground.
Meanwhile, Israel is aflame and hasn't got long to live.
My visitor noted that the IDF officers who had advanced the farthest, were the most incompetent. And he had witnessed these men in action. "Rabin," he recalled, "was a disaster in the field but he was an excellent administrator who built a superb fighting force. But people like Lipkin-Shahak and Barak were cowardly in battle and rotten administrators. Why were they the ones chosen to force this peace with the PLO on us?"
I took a chance and gave him the full global picture. I began easy with Prof. Uri Milshtein's books on the history of the IDF, proving that from the beginning, the worst, most scandal-ridden officers were advanced and later entered high politics, while it was the most courageous men who remained enmired in the middle ranks.
Then I gave him the deep story and he understood it as quickly as he caught on to the real Rabin assassination. It begins early in the century when some really nasty British and American robber barons were informed of the vast oil wealth beneath the sands of the Middle East. British Petroleum and the Rothschild family felt a Jewish state loyal to Britain would be a stable base to ensure control of the region. A major motivation for World War One was Britain's desire to take over the richest oil fields and for that purpose, diverted over a million badly needed troops from the European front, to drive the Ottomans out of the land.
So the British, with the great help of their provocateur T.E. Lawrence, armed two Arabian tribes to oust another ally, the Hussein clan from the oil-rich lands of Arabia, and as a sop, moved the Husseins north to Jordan and Iraq to rule foreign, artificially-created nations. Thus, the British won control of the Saudi oil fields through their puppets, the Ibn Saud and Wahabi tribes.
But back in America, a few really nasty families, notably the Rockefellers but later the Bushes, wanted the oil just as badly. So they used their wealth to arm and bribe tribes on the Persian Gulf and thus created their own kingdoms with their personal choice of royalty. While Rockefeller's Standard Oil took control of the Gulf's riches, they spread the wealth to their equally nasty allies, like the Bushes, who created the Kuwaiti oil industry for the Al Sabah tribe.
The British and Rockefeller clan both understood that to maintain control and vastly increase the value of their properties, they needed a powerful political organization behind them. So in 1911, two British imperialists, Cecil Rhodes and Lord Milner founded their Round Table, which by 1920, became the Royal Institute For International Affairs, to protect Anglo Saxon interests. Two years later, the Rockefellers pooled their money with that of the J.P. Morgans and founded the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) for the same purposes, which included the ultimate formation of a one world government run by, guess who, themselves. To promote their cause, they placed their well-paid, unscrupulous adherents in the top levels of government, academia and the media.
The British ruled Palestine the same way they maintained control throughout the empire. They chose the least ethical quislings to run the colonial governments, beginning with David Ben Gurion and Chaim Weizmann. Both did the dirtiest work for the British, including rounding up and imprisoning those Jews who had figured out what was going on, the most famous being Menachem Begin. So with Rothschild money and British support, a Jewish state was aborning.
However, in the early 1930s, the Round Table/CFR Arab puppets began rebelling against the Jews in their midst and they now had the muscle to influence their masters. You see, the Rockefellers were avoiding paying American taxes by a quirky law they arranged, which replaced American taxes with "allotments" paid to their corrupted oil sheikhs. While Standard Oil was ripping off Americans at the gas lines and funneling billions into its CFR, the sheikhs had the power to blow the whistle on them and end the scam.
Well aware of their precarious position, the Round Table/CFR gang tried to put an end to the emerging Israel by cutting off immigration. The plan was working well, thanks to the cooperation of Ben Gurion at the beginning, but even he woke up to the fact that his bosses were betraying him. And he finally, almost too late, joined in the rebellion against the British, as far as he could go without endangering his own existence. It was a delicate balancing act. He gave as much as he could, which will turn out to be too much, while trying to preserve his nation.
The end of World War 2 brought worldwide guilt-ridden support for the new state of Israel, as well as a doubling of its population. The Arabs felt betrayed and unsuccessfully attacked Israel. After the first failure, the Royal Institute/CFR diplomats promised their sheikhs that they would wear Israel down until it disappeared.
The first step was the corruption of the IDF. Ben Gurion was ordered to advance his weakest officers and prepare them for public service. He realized the longterm plan and as usual, compromised. Thus utterly inappropriate officers like the unabashed antiquities thief Moshe Dayan and Yitzhak Rabin, the shooter of the helpless men swimming away from the burning ship, the Altalena, rose to the highest military and political ranks and once there, appointed the same kind of weaklings to further high posts.
These men owed their power to the CFR, which continued to finance and groom their rising careers. It is no different with Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon, Amnon Lipkin-Shahak et al. They were all bought and have debts to repay the CFR. Rabin bravely reneged on his debts and was murdered for it. Barak knows he has to play ball by their rules or he will suffer the same fate.
So, he will never let the IDF win and the Yesha Council is deluding its followers.
However, something new is happening in Israel; the middle-level officers are beginning to grumble and plot. I lecture several times a week and at the end of each evening, there are always people with inside information who want to talk to me. One IDF officer told me, "We all know what has to be done. The PA has to be utterly cut off; no power, fuel, food or anything let in until they turn their guns over to us. The world will be riled up to condemn us no matter what we do and its either an embargo or near carpet bombing. Barak has chosen to avenge brutal murders with rocket attacks on empty buildings. That strategy will bleed us to death. If he doesn't act, there may be a rebellion from the middle in the IDF."
And still, believing the IDF is too loyal to rebel, Barak will not upset his masters by actually defending his country. So the Yesha Council is wasting its breath and everybody's time.
If its members really want to preserve their own existences and that of the Jewish State, they would be far better off organizing a massive rally to reinvestigate the Rabin murder. That would be worth a million of their current fruitless demonstrations. _____
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