GM Chickens In UK Too Fat
To Walk - Hundreds Die In Agony
From Patricia Doyle, PhD <>

Hello Jeff,
This article will go perfectly with the Terminator Chicken article that I sent you. The Terminator chicken was about the GM chicken with the human gene. Well, here is, yet, another GM chicken story.
For the life of me, I cannot understand why people eat meat. Some think that eating chicken is healthy. Wrong!
Patty _____
GM Chickens Too Fat To Walk
By Jeremy Armstrong The Mirror - London 11-2-00
Monster chickens too fat to waddle around are being bred for sale to millions of shoppers.
The grotesque birds, up to three times their normal size, were genetically selected by Britain's largest chicken supplier, Grampian Country Food Group.
It provides 3.8 million chickens a week to some of Britain's biggest stores including Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's, as well as restaurants, butchers and London's famous Smithfield market.
But undercover investigators at one of their farms found chickens with broken and deformed legs, unable to take their own weight as a result of generation after generation of genetic selection.
Campaigners filmed birds scarcely able to move around the giant shed, their legs painfully splayed because of their massive weight.
Last night Britain's leading food retailers launched their own investigation after being alerted by the Mirror.
A Tesco spokesman said: "We take these allegations very seriously. We will investigate."
And a Sainsbury's spokesman said: "We are investigating. We take animal welfare very seriously, all of our suppliers have strict guidelines."
Asda said they, too, were investigating and added: "We are very concerned to hear these allegations."
Martin Coutts, spokes-man for the Hillside investigation unit which filmed at the farm earlier this month, said: "Today's broiler is a genetic freak. Many end up with horrendous abnormalities.
"They live in the same position day after day, until they are slaughtered."
The birds filmed were reared at East Farm in Norwich for Scottish giant Grampian, which supplies 200 million chickens a year and describe their "super roaster" as a market leader.
Investigators also found the bodies of dead birds among the thousands milling around the shed.
Grampian Food Group, of Aberdeen, said in a statement representatives had seen the video and were "shocked by part of its content. We take allegations over the welfare of the flock very seriously."
Marketing manager Alasdair Cox told the Mirror: "You do get problems of this nature on farms, but it is not as common as this video suggests." _____
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