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The Bagman Cometh
Sticking It To The Poobahs
News Hot Enough To Fry Radio Stations

By Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom

Blurred by newer generations are descriptive terms. For example, many young people believe the item "bagman" means someone who helps pack food bags in a grocery chain store. Or, a name for a homeless person carrying around their world goods, more like a "bag person".
Older, savvy folks, however, know full well it means a courier, corrupter of official authority, briber of more ethical minded persons who need to be "sweetened".
Note the following scene that says a thing or two.
Lenny Bloom: "Your message said you wished to discuss something regarding our radio show from Toronto, right?"
Visitor: "Yes, here is my card. I am a representative of the law firm of Highwater & Hendrickson. We undetand that some would like to see you and your colleagues back on the air after a run of 76 weekly programs."
[Pause. While Lenny studies his card.]
Visitor: "Well, we strongly believe in public-minded shows."
Lenny Bloom: "Well, that is a refreshing thought in this day and age. What do you propose?"
Visitor: "Well, our firm has set aside part of the funds of a recent settlement of a class action suit of which we were the lead counsel for plaintiffs. We would like to get you and your team back on the radio broadcast. What would it take?"
Lenny Bloom: "Well, be more specific."
Visitor: "We have the means to buy out Mojo Radio and any subsidiary or parent firm that would be required to get you back on the air."
Lenny Bloom: "And what do you require of us?"
Visitor: "Well, I think the public would be benefitted from a humorous format, such as a comedy program."
Lenny Bloom: "Well, we did, from time to time, put in sarcastic remarks."
Visitor: "Well, I do not think it is so appropriate to lampoon public officials. After all, public service for many, has become a difficult task. I want you to look at this list. It apparently is a compilation of members of the radio and television networks in the U.S. as well as certain members of the U.S. Congress, Representatives and Senators. I understand you are preparing to go public with their names as being part of a gay underground media and government cult. Is that correct?"
Lenny Bloom: "So you want me to confirm it is our upcoming list, right? And that we are about to go public with it? And to confirm all that, you want me to right now say you swiped some of our records, correct? I notice you have on your paper names of those who have been close associates of Ted Koppel, and his 'Nightline' Program, as well as other potentates at ABC Network."
Visitor: "Is it your list or not?"
Lenny Bloom: "Well, the list from CBS Network certainly is interesting. Although we already fingered John Roberts, White House press corp supervisor."
Visitor: "Well, what about these at CNN and Fox?"
Lenny Bloom: "So you are trying to test me out to see if it is our list or not?"
Visitor: "Is there an involvement between Barney Frank and these three U.S. Senators and Robert Novak? Or not? And what about this other list, with Barney Frank's sister, Ann Lewis, in a purported relationship with U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton. Is that correct, and is it on your list or not?" [Then points to items on the list.]
Visitor: "What about these items here. There are names of fourteen members of the House and Senate who 'hit' on male teen-agers working for them in routine tasks. And are their activities 'consenual' ?"
Lenny Bloom: "That's putting a good face on a bad situation to say those goings-on are 'consenual'. Come on. Experienced adult male lawmakers 'hitting' on male teen-agers and adult female lawmakers 'hitting' on female teen-agers. You are trying to get me to compare our list with yours. Keep fishing around. I am not here to confirm in advance of going on the air with whatever."
[After a pause.]
Lenny Bloom: "What did you have in mind for us?"
Visitor: "Well, we would purchase the radio facility and put you and your team back on the air."
Lenny Bloom: "Providing by contract, what?"
Visitor: "You are entitled to be a bit tired and could first use a vacation. For the public interest, we would finance you and your team members to a well-deserved vacation in Monte Carlo. You would enjoy the trip and six months there would do good for your health. Before you go on that trip, we would arrange to have you get an appropriate journalism prize of one sort or another, together with a sizeable cash benefit that goes with it. We have the 'pull' so we can even get you and your team the Pulitzer Prize."
Lenny Bloom: "How would you arrange to get us a journalism prize? Oh, and so you have the 'pull'. I get it. That is why they call it the 'Pulitzer' ".
Visitor: "Oh, I guess you would be surprised what our firm can accomplish."
Lenny Bloom: "And as to some of those public officials you want me to go slow on---well, now that would basically help the so-called 'welfare' and 'health' of certain public officials in the U.S. and Canada who got scorched by our programs. After all, we have been exposing the gay underground media and government cult. We no doubt upset some folks."
Visitor: "As you know, that might be fun and funny, but it does not help those who are simply trying to serve the public, in both government and the media. Some of what you broadcast is very unfair."
Lenny Bloom: "Well, they have the apparatus to respond to us and presumably to heckle us and hollar us down. So we are properly criticizing them. We prefer to call them 'liars and whores of the press' and 'those with the fifty dollar hairdoes and the nickel heads' ".
Visitor: "We can further your cause and benefit your work. All it requires is being a bit reasonable and understanding."
Lenny Bloom: "Basically you want to know if we are like some others, 'blackmailers', just trying to feather our own nest."
Visitor: "If you are prepared to be sensible and reasonable, we have the means to get you back on the air."
Lenny Bloom: "Why do I get the impression that you are a 'bagman', trying to size us up if we are 'for sale', and if so, how much is necessary? Leave me alone. George W. Bush thinks YOU'VE GOT A PRETTY FACE. Got to make him happy? Then go 'hit' on him!"
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