Chemtrails Over Ohio
From Dave

Hi Jeff,
The last few days here in Southern Ohio there has been a constant barrage of aerosol operations. I wonder if we are not a part of some sort of government experiment. Only a stupid gullible person would believe these are just contrails. Only someone with something to hide would lead us to believe that they are just ice crystals from jet exhausts.
Here are two photos with trails. A close up of one and another of the southern horizon at noon today, 2-11-04. Then at 3 p.m. the same horizon is milky white with spread out chemtrails. The very trails in the photos here. They became a hazy white false cloud cover. The sun is sill shining through them for they are not dense like real clouds.
I think the gentlemen responsible for this ought to show some responsibility and tell the American people the truth about these operations. Also, why should we act like spineless cowards or the pliant type of individual who suffers any offense and says nothing because he is afraid of conflict and write Congress demanding a logical explanation.
Dave Ohio



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