Impressions NOT
A Mars Anomaly


These imprints are not some strange glyph, but are the bounce marks left by the Rover's impact on the surface of Mars. It bounced quite a bit before coming to rest.
From David Smith
Response to anonymous "Impressions NOT A Mars Anomaly" post:
Interesting observation. I think you have inadvertantly made the case for the landing site being a very muddy area. I certainly couldn't picture the standard desert sand deforming, then staying like that. Judging by the difference in texture being the "bounce spot" and surrounding granular area, the particles appear to have coalesced together, not unlike the texture of a muddy seashore at low tide here on Earth.
From Don Chesney
I imagine the marks were left for so long due to the fact that the rover is pretty heavy and fell a long way into a crater where winds are less likely to gust around as much, considering the terrain doesn't appear to be muddy as much as flattened.




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