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The Queen's Bribery Gang
Sticking It To The Poobahs
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By Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom

Notice this cast of characters and entities.
Queen Elizabeth II of England
The Bush Crime Family
Saddam Hussein
Criminal business center, Carlyle Group
Paul Martin, the new Prime Minister of Canada
Canada Steamship Lines, owned by Paul Martin and of which Paul Martin has been Chairman and CEO
Republic of Vanuatu
South Pacific Islands Bank, Ltd
A Greek Bank, a CIA proprietary operation, once a branch of Rockefeller's First National Bank of Chicago
Ionian and Poplar Bank, S.A., of Athens, Greece
If you do not already know, after reading this, you may conclude that they are part of dirty business in the extreme. By disguising their names and titles, could a Hollywood movie be made about them? Not hardly. Illusion-creating movie makers in years past, some say even today, have been accustomed to financing some of their productions through banks in Boston, enterprises long operated by traditional gangsters in combination with high-tone bankster judges and other low lifes.
The Carlyle Group has had Daddy Bush as a senior consultant and polished bagman and blackmailer, sent to shake-down and collect from, the degenerate Saudi royalty, long-time users, jointly with the rotted out royalty of Kuwait, of black chattel slaves. The directors of Carlyle have included former prime ministers, such as of the United Kingdom; an overthrower of the Portugal government, who had been a deputy director of the American CIA; and various expensive dressed sharks who know how to shake loose war contracts from the corrupt, blackmailable Pentagon and their military uniform swindlers.
Among other things, Carlyle buys up war-mongering industries, stock-watered down telecoms, big-time big-town real estate, such as downtown Chicago; and an assortment of related and unrelated businesses.
A fraud upon the throne of England is Queen Elizabeth II, actually not British royalty, but from German royalty, from the House of Hanover. A fake name, the "House of Windsor", was created early in the 20th Century, to cover up the German domination of Buckingham Palace. A sizeable portion of supposed British royalty, including the Cliveden set (pals of the Kennedy Family) were pro-Hitler. On the eve of World War Two, King Edward 8th abdicated his throne. Why? Because he wanted to marry a commoner? No, because he was pro-Nazi.
A true heir to the British throne was Princess Diana of Wales and her brother, from the Catholic House of Stuart. Thus, you can see why Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Phillip, arranged with British counter-intelligence, MI-6, to assassinate Princess Diana and pass it off as an "accident".
The head of the conspiratorial private bank, the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, through his secret authorization codes, arranged a One Hundred Billion Dollar wire transfer to the joint account of the Bush Crime Family and Queen Elizabeth II, at her private bank, Coutts Bank London. Having a major interest in the same joint account has been Daddy Bush's former private business partner, Saddam Hussein (who is also a major owner of DaimlerChrysler; the magazine empire Hachette, publisher of George Magazine, now defunct, the assassinated editor of which was John F. Kennedy, Jr.; and Saddam is a large owner of Paris-based Matra which operates the light rail system at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, for transferring people and baggage, called "People Mover").
Tied in to Carlyle, the Queen and Prince Phillip are themselves major owners of firms producing land-mines, opposed by a worldwide campaign by Diana. The Queen ordered the head of her private bank to become a top official of Carlyle. As stated in the Financial Times of London, December 19, 2001, "The Queen has a new bank manager, following the departure of Andrew Fisher, chief executive of Coutts, to the Carlyle Group, the US private equity firm".
So the Queen merged her worldwide financial, war-mongering interests with U.S.-based types who want to "bomb others into Democracy", in the process killing numerous women and children. And crippling and destroying children who unsuspectingly play around concealed land-mines.
The document showing the One Hundred Billion Dollar joint account is archived on <> On Skolnick's website is the secret private partnership court case reference Bush/Saddam, story entitled "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh".
With the Coutts Bank/Carlyle link, part of the One Hundred Billion Dollars began being transferred as bribery funds. The first part, 2.1 Billion Dollars U.S., was disguised as reputed "dividends" from Carlyle. This is referred to in a heavily-censored, watered down story in the Financial Times of London, February 6, 2004.
[1] The first portion of the over 2 Billion Dollars U.S, was trans-shipped through a Greek bank. The history of the bank:
It had for years been operating as a proprietary entity of the American CIA, as a branch unit in Athens of Rockefeller's First National Bank of Chicago (which later changed its name to Bank One, and then merged with the Queen of England's official transfer operation J.P. Morgan which, in turn, merged with Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank, becoming J.P. Morgan-Chase, now in the process of taking over Bank One).
The Greek bank became the subject of a purported "embezzlement" case until it became evident in the court record that it was the CIA siphoning off funds of their Athens proprietary for political assassination covert operations. The case naturally came onto the docket of Chicago Federal District Judge Hubert L. Will, formerly CIA's head of Counter-Intelligence in Europe. In the federal court case, a vain attempt was made to block disclosure of the CIA role with the Greek bank. Trying the cover up in court was the then General Counsel of the now-infamous accounting book-cookers, Arthur Andersen (Enron, etc.) The court lawyer was Kennedy Family in-law R. Sargent Shriver, father-in-law of California governor usurper Arnold SchwartzenNAZI.
Skolnick was the only journalist covering the case and obtaining copies of the court records. His associates taped an interview with Shriver who tried to explain away the CIA link. In an interview on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse, Judge Will admitted to Skolnick it was just one of eight bank "embezzlement" problems for the American CIA.
[2] Receiver of the bribery funds was an ostensibly fake numbered, fake name "nominee" account at the Greek bank for the new Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin. Also done reportedly as a concealed account for the company owned by Paul Martin and of which he has been Chairman and CEO, namely Canada Steamship Lines and their subsidiaries. The reputed secret bribery funds for Paul Martin went through an adjunct bank, namely Ionian and Poplar Bank, S.A., of Athens, Greece, personally, individually, and jointly, for Paul Martin and his shipping businesses.
He is not, however, the head of the Canadian government. Under law, the Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II, a known point but seldom publicized or emphasized. The only radio program going into the Head of State question has been the Toronto-based program "Cloak and Dagger", taken off the air at the height of broadcast ratings for that time slot. [The program previously dared mention the Queen is by various schemes, actually also the Head of State of the United States. Among other tricks, she is the largest receiver of U.S. cotton subsidies.]
Prime Minister Martin was instructed by his superior, the Queen, to begin the clandestine disbursing of the funds. Martin is to keep part of the loot, payment as a reward to Martin for assisting the Bushies, including Jeb Bush, in various criminality in the Toronto area and elsewhere in Canada, primarily in conjunction with international massive swindler Marc Rich. [The Marc Rich/Jeb Bush dirty business was discussed on Cloak and Dagger.] As one of his last presidential acts as outgoing occupant of the White House, Bill Clinton, January, 2001, pardoned Marc Rich. Some say Bill/Hillary received several million dollars as a "gift" for the presidential pardon. An Israeli government document shows that an Israeli government official reportedly asked for Marc Rich's U.S. presidential pardon on the basis Rich was a useful proprietary operative of Israeli intelligence, The Mossad (The Institute).
[3] Another part of the first section of bribery funds was to be forwarded by Martin to the Bush White House, to be received on behalf of George W., by his Rasputin, Karl Rove. [Rove and the Bush Family both have Nazis in their family background.]
This portion of the criminal currency was to be "reward" payments to be belatedly forwarded to certain American radio/tv executives for doing an excellent propaganda job in favor of the war-mongers, U.S. and Great Britain, approving of the slaughter of Iraqis supposedly for their own good. Yes, Saddam was a dictator and a son-of-a-bitch BUT HE WAS THE IRAQI's own SON-OF-A-BITCH, quite acceptable to most of the inhabitants there, but Daddy Bush's former private business partner, Saddam, stood in the way of the Bush Crime Family grabbing the Iraq oil treasures.
[4] Other pay-off funds traveling through the joint account at Coutts Bank London, were secretly authorized to be forwarded by the Bushies/Carlyle/Queen Elizabeth II. The route was to be concealed by first sending the funds to two banks located at the reputed notorious and infamous Pacific basin Islands, Republic of Vanuatu. [The Vanuatu group lies roughly 500 miles west of Fiji and 250 miles north-east of New Caledonia.] Vanuatu is getting to be the preferred place to launder illicit funds such as for bloody black ops of the American CIA, MI-6, and the Mossad, by various banks now having units there, similar to the Channel Islands, off the French coast.
The two banks on Vanuatu, in turn, further laundered the bribery funds for Paul Martin, in concealed fake nominee, fake numbered accounts for him personally, and reportedly by and through his firm, Canada Steamship Lines and their subsidiaries. This done, by and through South Pacific Islands Bank, Ltd., of the Philippines.
The money was to be received later by Paul Martin, Canadian P.M., to influence financial and other power brokers, to strangle radio/tv shows in U.S. and Canada that severely criticize Queen Elizabeth II, the Bush White House, and Carlyle Group, such as "Cloak And Dagger" highest on such enemies list. White House and other Washington reporters that did not further the Big Lie of the war-mongers were to be made to sweat, and be pushed around, and threatened with less choice assignments.
The money trans-shipped through Vanuatu, however, had a built-in clinker. Some of it was very superior quality counterfeit U.S. and other paper currency, created by a highly-skilled team of engravers, known in the trade as "master cutters". The head of the team was instrumental in assisting the American CIA and a covert black ops group in the U.S. Treasury. What did they accomplish? Why, they produced a superior quality fake Soviet Ruble and used it, 1990-91, to topple the Soviet government, smashing the USSR's power by causing breakaway provinces which thereafter refused to collect taxes to be forwarded to the Moscow government.
Linked to the team has been Leo Wanta who contends he has been punished by false arrest and now house arrest, and cheated out of huge amounts guaranteed to him by contract. He says he has not been paid for his clearly patriotic services to the American CIA and the U.S. Treasury secret unit. In the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Virginia, he brought a damage suit seeking to collect what is, he says, owed to him and not paid for a decade. The defendants and their mouthpieces included Daddy Bush, the American CIA, the U.S. Treasury, and other named defendants.
The judge in his ruling shows the essential facts and contract set forth by Wanta are not disputed or challenged and are considered correct. The judge, however, states that Wanta should not be allowed to collect for his services, even though a contract provides for him to be paid. Why? The judge's ulterior purpose is to conceal, among other things, how the Elder Bush himself pocketed great sums belonging to Wanta. To accomplish this, the Judge falsely invoked so-called "national security". Are we to understand that there was no violation of "national security" when Daddy Bush and his criminal band grabbed large sums of the money? But when Wanta, by contract, not disputed or rebutted, demands payment for patriotic services rendered, "national security" is to blockade WANTA from being paid?
One of the provisions implicit in the contract, is that Wanta is to be paid in absolutely guaranteed valid and real currency, not superior quality counterfeit stuff. The banker-judges are clearly up the wall since they have reason to know that large quantities of the fake stuff have filtered back to the U.S. Why? Because large quantities of the countefeit U.S. currency were dumped on Saddam Hussein who was somehow tipped off. He, in turn, bought loads of equipment in Europe with it. The Europeans likewise were tipped off and dumped the counterfeit paper on Canada which, in turn, dumped it back on the U.S. And what is going to happen to the U.S. Stock Markets when someone discovers that the markets have been pumped up two ways?: First, with billions swiped from Enron by the Federal Reserve (one of the Enron executives was also a director of the Houston District Bank of the Fed);
[See Skolnick's website series on Enron.]
Secondly, by using large quantities of the fake U.S. currency.
[5] Leo Wanta also contends he was falsely jailed in a dungeon in Switzerland, later transferred to the U.S. on trumped up Wisconsin state tax charges, which he says he does not owe or has already paid. He is now out but under house-arrest. Why? He says he was part of a team that included CIA attorney Vincent W. Foster, Jr., who went on to become early on in the Clinton White House, as Deputy Counsel.
In an open letter to top government officials (shown on Skolnick's website), Wanta related how he and Foster and others, part of a team, came within a hair of grabbing international massive swindler, Marc Rich, on the Swiss border. That team had been ordered to take Marc Rich back to the U.S. for federal criminal prosecution. About 1986, Daddy Bush as Vice President, corruptly arranged for Marc Rich to skip the U.S. headed for Zug, Switzerland, to evade criminal charges stemming from Rich's defrauding billions of dollars. Rich so corrupted Swiss officials that the Swiss prosecutor, while still in office, also became an official of one of Marc Rich's firms. The local Swiss Mayor likewise held two positions, one as Swiss official and also Rich company official.
Bill Clinton/Hillary Rodham Clinton, with financial deals with the Bush Crime Family, faced federal jail if their supposed "friend", Foster, was available to testify about them. So they arranged a tremendous cover up of the political assassination of Vincent W. Foster, Jr., passed off as a so-called "suicide".
[Refer to Skolnick's website items about Marc Rich.]
THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS JUST THE NEW WORLD UNDERWORLD. The foregoing are the beginning of the details.
More coming. Stay tuned.
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