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By Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom

To make their life seem more like a "regular" couple, some women, often "dykes", acting as a "beard", cohabit with a womanish man.
So, Laws and Equal Rights being what they are, and some say should be, White House occupant and resident George W. Bush and U.S. Senator John Kerry rush off to Massachusetts to get married (without, of course, informing their "wives".)
Swishing down the aisle in a white frilly dress comes Dubya with groom John in a tuxedo. Their lovers' courtship goes way back to the time Skull & Bastards Society member John initiated Dubya into the Satanic worshipping cult, both doing their number in a mud-filled double coffin while both were au naturel. Following them are Robert Novak and Matt Drudge (ethnically known as Matt Dreck, stuff down a water closet), with Matt's male Japanese lover, all, of course, suitably dressed as bridesmaids.
And then there is bridesmaid Marc Raciciot, in a pink dress, former Montana Governor, reputed bagman for year 2000 Florida presidential election fix; Enron lobbyist, and chieftain of the Republican National Committee.
The marriage ceremony is performed by Knoxville, Tennessee Mayor Victor Ashe. (Temporarily set aside is his polygamy conflict of interest as additional husband of wife Dubya. Also, for the moment forgotten, is their cavorting rendezvous spot, a lounge reputedly owned by the American money bags of Osama bin Laden. Obediently observing, with an electronic item in their ear, some in the U.S. Secret Service wolf down handfulls of vomit-control pills to remedy their National Security illness.)
To cover this news event are a television camera, light, and microphone crew made up reportedly of members of the Red Chinese Secret Police. (No one present dares utter the term "White House weapons blackmailers", an impolite description, deemed discriminatory against Asians.)
As the ceremony concludes, John leans over to kiss Dubya while whispering "You have a pretty face."
Someone in the audience tells a friend, "I could swear I saw Canada Prime Minister The Rt. Hon. Paul Martin and Mexico President Vicente Fox, known as Vicente Zorro, both in bridesmaid dresses among the bridesmaids. Both most anxiously looking forward to jointly catching Briber Bush's bride-bouquet".
In the wedding audience are three orthopaedic surgeons. One, in hush-tones, comments professionally to the others, "Dubya walks kind of side-gaited odd." Another, quietly mumbles "Seems he has a rear view problem of some sort." The other one quietly offers, "Divorce and abstinence might cure it".
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