After nearly forty years of secrecy, the real truth is finally revealed behind the famous Roger Patterson "Bigfoot" film - a hoax that has managed to fool scores of scientists and millions of people around the world.
In this riveting and historic book, author Greg Long reveals, for the first time, the identity of the man who actually wore the Bigfoot costume in the famous Patterson film! In addition to reading his exclusive, full confession, Long also presents the testimony of another equally important eyewitness: the man who made and then sold the "Bigfoot" suit to Roger Patterson, and later advised him on how to make the costume look more "authentic."
Other historic breakthroughs in THE MAKING OF BIGFOOT include the actual legal contract that Roger Patterson signed and then exclusive interview with a female investor who gave him money to create his "Bigfoot" film; exclusive testimony from the man who advised Patterson on how to improve the realism of his "Bigfoot tracks" to make them more believable; and the testimonies of dozens of eye-witnesses, including several exclusive, firsthand accounts from individuals who independently saw the "Bigfoot" costume suit after Patterson used it to fake the film.
Regardless of your opinion about the subject, THE MAKING OF BIGFOOT is a spell-binding account that will have you glued to each page. It is a classic gumshoe detective story, told in gripping first-person narrative - it's not only a fascinating story, but the facts it presents and the startling information it reveals are all true!
THE MAKING OF BIGFOOT exposes it all: the shadowy life of Roger Patterson, the clever perpetrator, and how he did it, as well as the never-before-heard stories of dozens of men and women in Yakima, Washington, who became the victims of Patterson's scams and lies, watched Patterson's scheming in action, and helped to "connect the dots" of one the most successful hoaxes of all time - one that continues to be marketed and falsely promoted even today.
Based on forty original interviews, newspaper archives, criminal records, court documents, and never-before-seen photographs, THE MAKING OF BIGFOOT is the most comprehensive examination of a truly American story, a unique slice of Americana in a small western town in the late 1960s, where one man's dream of discovery quickly turned into a quest driven by the lust for money on a contorted pathway of lies and corruption.
About the Author: Greg Long is a professional writer, investigative journalist, and editor who lives in Mill Creek, Washington. He has been researching and writing about "mysteries" and unexplained phenomena of the Pacific Northwest for twenty-five years. His work has been featured on radio and television, including the Discovery Channel.

"The journalistic quest to identify the person who wore a 'Bigfoot Suit' in Roger Patterson's world-famous film has culminated in this highly informative and revealing investigation. Hopefully, now all the people who know the truth about Patterson's footage will come forward, and the scientific community will focus on other potential evidence when trying to determine whether the legendary creature is real or a popculture myth." -ROBERT C. KIVIAT (Network TV Executive Producer, WORLD'S GREATEST HOAXES: SECRETS FINALLY REVEALED and ALIEN AUTOPSY: FACT OR FICTION?)
"Greg Long's new book is long overdue in a time of outrageous urban legends. It is both refreshing and affirming to encounter a serious book that reveals an 'actual' conspiracy of deliberate lies. Furthermore, THE MAKING OF BIGFOOT is that rare combination of investigative journalism and storytelling; it is simply a very good read. I recommend it for its gripping internal narrative based mostly on the strange life of one man - yet it weighs in against the larger legends that still swirl around the mythic hairy giant who haunts the wilderness of our minds." - KENNETH C. WYLIE, Ph.D. (Author of BIGFOOT: A PERSONAL INQUIRY INTO A PHENOMENON)
"Greg Long has written a rare book: one that celebrates the true mysteries of our lives while remaining faithful to the importance of rigorous examination and critical thinking. Thos book is a must-read for those who seek to understand the anatomy of our burgeoning modern myths. It will stand as a cautionary tale for all of us. We are each responsible for the way our tales unfold. Like Roger Patterson and the film he created, we are joined at the chest to our stories. If one becomes corrupt, the other is sure to die also." -DAWN PRINCE-HUGHES, Ph.D. (Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, Western Washington University, Bellingham; Author of THE ARCHETYPE OF THE APE-MAN and GORILLAS AMONG US: A PRIMATE ETHNOGRAPHER'S BOOK OF DAYS)
"Regardless of your opinion about the subject of Bigfoot, this book cannot be ignored! This is a work that is truly universal and appeals automatically to everyone. This book is a real eye opener, and it is refreshing to see that the lost art of good old investigative journalism is finally back. This should set an example for courses on critical thinking and investigative journalism around the world. Long's persistence has paid off; the scientific community and the general public should be thankful, as well as the Bigfoot community." -MICHAELA KOCIS (Investigative Journalist, Broadcaster, ExpresRadio, Mlada Fronta DNES, Czech Republic)
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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
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Hollywood is buzzing this month about a new TV newsmagazine series that is being presented to all the major networks which will feature stunning new evidence of unexplained phenomena, as well as hard-hitting investigations bent on authenticating the most compelling cases while exposing misrepresentations or outright frauds whenever they are found.
From the executive producer of FOX's "Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction?," "UFOs: The Best Evidence Ever Caught On Tape" and other widely watched prime-time TV specials, the riveting series will tackle some of the most sensational and controversial claims ever made, including recent allegations that mysterious, domed flying saucers are making themselves visible to videographers worldwide to prove their existence.
Other provocative cases will involve a video clearly showing what people in Florida call "Skunk Ape," a creature possibly related to Bigfoot, footage of an 11,000-year-old underwater monument scientists have linked to legendary Atlantis, the most convincing footage of a ghostly apparition ever shown to the public, satellite images that appear to show scars in the Earth that could be evidence supporting the biblical destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by a cosmic collision or, incredibly, an atomic weapon attack, and much, much more.
In addition, the series will distinguish itself from all other phenomena-based TV series by offering strong opinions - and often conclusive evidence that goes beyond a reasonable doubt - suggesting blatant, moneymaking frauds are being perpetrated that must be separated from truly baffling cases. Viewers will see a man break more than 30 years of silence and confess to wearing a "suit" to stage the infamous "Patterson" Bigfoot film, long considered the "Holy Grail" data by believing scientists, and the series will also unravel the perplexing "Alien Autopsy" saga with the no-holds-barred exclusive interview with the top European special effects pro who created the "extraterrestrial" seen in the film and acted as the lead surgeon.
But in a jaw-dropping twist, viewers will meet an award-winning Royal Academy press photographer who will state that in the 1970s, animators at the Walt Disney Company brought him to a screening room in California, where they showed him film that looked "almost identical" to the "Alien Autopsy" footage later revealed in 1995. The critical difference, however, was that the footage the respected press photographer was shown long ago not only documented the medical examination on a dead alien lying on a table, but also showed "two living aliens squirming around on the floor, seemingly in pain.'
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