Illegal Immigration's Deadly
Financial Food Chain
Guest Commentary

By Frosty Wooldridge

Illegal immigration's staggering financial burden is causing a cancer-like accelerating death of cities and states across America. With 10-13 million illegal aliens already here and growing by more than 2,000 daily, seven days a week, 365 days per year, our country stands at the cross roads of an irreversible crisis. Once another 10 to 20 million illegal aliens breach our borders, we face a national crisis with unsolvable problems.
The danger signs blink at us everywhere from tiny towns like Austin, Minnesota, with upwards of 4,000 illegal aliens working at their meat packing plants, to larger cities like Los Angeles with embedded gangs and massive overloads of their hospitals, schools, prisons, welfare and transport systems.
California, with three million illegal aliens, suffers costs exceeding $8 billion annually to pay for their medical, educational, welfare, crime and prisons. Little wonder that state is $38 billion in debt. Texas, next on the list of failing states, suffers a $12 billion debt. Their illegal immigrant population exceeds 1.5 million. Colorado, with only 150,000 illegals and growing, commensurately suffers a $1 billion debt. What is it in your state?
What astounds the imagination are the remarks from Americans who look at California as if it was separate from their state. "I'm glad my children aren't going to school in Los Angeles where gangs, drugs and dozens of languages make learning impossible." A friend of mine added, "Living in Miami is a nightmare, but we're safe in the suburbs."
The problem with any kind of cancer is that it feeds off the host and multiplies over time. Whether it's skin, colon, liver, lung or lymphoma cancer-the disease spreads until it kills the entire body.
Arizona and Utah are affected because illegals are slowly, methodically making their way into those states with limited water resources. Even Washington and Idaho are affected as more Americans flee from the growing nightmare in California. "When Colorado reaches another four million," a friend said, "I'm moving to Montana." Where will New Yorkers move as they add five to ten million more people?
Everyone keeps thinking they can avoid this growing bad dream by moving to a safer location. What they forget about cancer is, there is no 'safer place' in a body that suffers unchecked growth. It would be the same for an obese person with advanced coronary artery disease pretending his disease would go away by moving to Florida because it's warmer.
In the end, when California or Florida collapse, we're all headed toward breakdown. Our national $7 trillion debt rockets toward $8 trillion. There's no way to solve or stop it by importing millions upon million of uneducated, unskilled illegal aliens into our country.
So what is encouraging this suicidal food chain? Who is feeding off it? Who are the parasites draining our economy and exporting jobs while importing illegal aliens? Why do corporations that gain their lives from America's work force want to destroy their 'host' body? Like a cancer that has no purpose other than to proliferate, corporations and their leaders live for two things-money and power.
How did this crisis begin? In 1965, Teddy Kennedy, a man with inherited money, and Congress, without debate or consent from the voting public, passed the Immigration Reform Act. It changed the influx of immigrants from 175,000 annually to over one million. Soon, the corporations reaped the benefits of cheap labor and busted the unions. A trickle of illegal immigrants dripped over the borders. Soon, the trickle became a stream.
Today, it's a mighty human wave crashing into our country, 24/7. In 1968, only 68 immigration lawyers existed to debate our immigration laws for illegals who tried their luck. Today, 7,000 immigration lawyers feed off the financial food chain. They obstruct our laws with amazing duplicity. An organization known as 'SER', which means, 'to be', supports an Underground Railroad transporting illegal aliens through 80 safe houses across our country. Its sophistication includes forged documents and job placements at a profound level. Feeding further on this financial food chain, the 18th Street Gang of Los Angeles (now known as Little Mexico) boasts 60% illegals of its 20,000 members who engage in racketeering, drug smuggling, robberies and assassinations throughout Southern California. Some of America's most trusted names hire and support illegal aliens from the famous ski resorts in Colorado to beef and chicken packing plants in Minnesota and Iowa. Construction and paving firms hire illegals while allowing them to 'colonize' the jobs in such numbers that English is no longer used so Americans can't understand the crews-therefore can't find work. Try walking into any of the fast food joints across America today and you can't understand or be understood by the illegals working in them. If you complain, you're a 'racist'. The term 'politically correct' needs to be changed to 'personal cancer'.
Such organizations as League of United Latin Citizens (LULC) and National Council of La Raza (The Race) feed off the food chain by gaining more power, money and support of illegals. These cancerous organizations intend, in the case of La Raza, destruction of the United States. They have no concern for you as an American or what our country stands for. They don't pretend peaceful co-existence with Americans. Several expect to bring California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas back into the grip of Mexico. Since 9.2 million illegal and legal immigrants from Mexico are already in the United States, at some point, yes, they could vote themselves into Mexico. Or, if they don't, they would make it so unbearable to live in those states, that Americans would flee. Case in point, 800,000 Californians DID flee last year. Even so, that state is slated to add 20 million people in the next 30 years--mostly from the Third World.
All the while, our jobs are being offshored and outsourced to Third World countries all in the name of profit. Maytag recently moved 1,500 jobs form Pennsylvania to Mexico. H-1B and L-1 visas displaced one million American workers from their jobs. The motive? Money and power. This financial food chain is pernicious, insidious and pervasive. Take one look at men like Ken Lay of Enron and multiply him by hundreds if not thousands of top executives in America who feed on the US worker. These men in power will do anything to make more money at your expense. How does anyone stop a cancer from killing them? If you're like most men, you will ignore it until it's too late. The fact is, we, as a country have ignored this immigration cancer far too long. It's in every state of our Union. It's doing horrific damage to our functioning society. Another couple of years and it will be unstoppable. Our English language and cohesiveness as a sovereign nation will be destroyed. Our hospital systems and health care will collapse. Our schools will be in total chaos. Environmentally, at current rates of immigration, we'll add 200 million people by mid century. We're creating an unsustainable society with irreversible consequences. Worse, we can not run a First World country with a massive overload of Third World people.
What can you do? Contact and to take action at the points of entry by insisting states put the National Guard on the borders. Contact for taking action by becoming a member of their 'letter faxing' team. They gained 6,000 members in the past three weeks from people who are sick and tired of this invasion. In North Carolina, go to Go to my web site for an action item list in your state, Men like Ken Lay of Enron and hundreds of corporations could care less about your American Dream. They encourage this immigration cancer via money and power. Even though these men and organizations like La Raza are killing this country, they don't care. Therefore, it's up to you. The longer you wait, the more deadly the cancer grows. At some point, no matter where you live, your life will be affected in deadly ways.
Frosty Wooldridge (, ( is a teacher and author who has bicycled 100,000 miles on six continents to see overpopulation up close and ugly.
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