Chemtrails Over New Hampshire
Someone Is Stealing The Sun

FromJudith Moriarty

I first took note of Chemtrails several years ago when living in Connecticut. For ex: Early in the morning around 7:00-8:00am you'd think to yourself while out in the garden what a beautiful day it was going to be...turquoise sky not a cloud to be seen. Then the chemtrails. Now if you were a late riser and got up at 11:00 the sky would already be completely covered with no sign of the early morning blue. Just another overcast day, I suppose most people told themselves.
A contrail disappears within seconds. I don't know what flight patterns has planes playing tic-tac-toe? Crisscrossing back and forth until the sky is gone! There's nobody of any influence or authority you can ask...everybody plays stupid-mind numbed-or indifferent. In a day and age-duh!-of terrorism talked about every day in some form on TV, how is it that the sky can disappear and nobody thinks there might be a problem?
The pictures here were taken in October-2003 in New Hampshire where I now live. Again-same theme. Early in the morning I was out in the field and the chemtrails started....I got so angry because I knew my Arizona turquoise day would soon be gone. This time though it was different.
Indoors for the next few hours doing laundry I paid little attention. When I took the laundry out around 1:00pm to hang on the line I was astounded! I can only say that I'd never seen such a sky. It was churning like a cauldron! You would think if you were in hurricane alley that you'd soon be blown off the face of the earth (though there was no wind).
Now, if we get a storm here you can see it from the backyard coming over the mountains. This was not a storm. The WHOLE sky was like this and no there was no thunder-no rain-no wind. How can somebody be stealing the sky and nobody notices or cares? Can somebody answer? Why are there warnings on convenience store doors about shoplifting and cameras in Walmart junk stores, and buzzers that go off and nobody is reporting that the sun has been stolen? Why do we have Washington investigating Janet Jackson's pathetic breast and nobody investigates what the latest doings are of HAARP in Alaska are up to with weather modification and heating the stratosphere? I'd like to know who voted or gave permission for madmen to steal our sun? Does anybody care about anything any more? Do they?
A reading of HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy by Jerry E. Smith gives some insights as to where billions of where unaccounted monies in Washington might be going? The author examines all the theories about what HAARP is and what it *might* do--without bias towards any one explanation.
What is clear from the author's comprehensive examination of this bizarre govenrment project is that HAARP really does pose a serious danger, no matter what explanation you believe. Even the "offical" government statements reveal that they plan to use this SUPER-POWERFUL ELECTRON ARRAY to PUNCH (imagine!!!) holes through the ozone layer--just for the sake of some vaguely defined expermiment! Also Angels Don't Play This HARRP by Dr. Nick Begich-Jean Manning. I want to know who stole the sun - my sun??




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