U.S. Post Office Issues
Chemtrailscape Stamps

From Diane Harvey

Dear Jeff -
Promotional chemtrail stamps certainly are a new level of absurdity in the long-playing Ice Crystal Charades.
We can see that mind-control in this instance is a very simple matter. Merely convince people to use the stamps, and the big lie will automatically take root: "These skies are Perfectly Normal."
However, despite such devious advertisements, the perpetrators of this mockery cannot after all be too bright. Because obviously they haven't figured out yet that they and their children are also obliged to breathe.
US Postal Service To Issue Chemtrail Stamp Designs
By Bruce Conway
In June of 2004 the U.S. Postal Service will release a new set of Cloudscape postage stamps. These images are startling and thought provoking, as more than half of the cloudscape classifications depicted are visually identical to their man-made knockoffs -- the chemtrail cloud formations.
For those of us who are aware of this ongoing covert operation, and who still retain the ability to think and see for ourselves, we must ask: Why the heck would our government issue these stamp designs now?
To answer this question we need to consider the necessity of plausible deniability that surrounds the Chemtrail spraying programs. This program would never have gotten off the ground if it had been limited by environmental law and regulatory processes. So it was conceived as a black-ops project to be carried out in secrecy. And it will remain secret, even if it's proponents have to brainwash every person on Earth to accomplish it.
These stamp designs are intended to help condition people into thinking that the unusual cloud formations being sprayed above their heads are natural phenomena. Indeed, chemtrail formations do closely resemble their natural counterparts.
Other chemtrail public relation projects include: The constant presence of chemtrails in TV commercials, print media, and feature movies. These are just a few of the ways that they can keep the lid on this volatile topic, in order to continue global atmospheric geoengineering,
Stay tuned, as next year they will be working diligently to convince the sheeple of the United States of Amnesia that the sky has always been white, and that blue skies only exist in our dreams.
Click here to view the full set of USPS cloudscape stamps:



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