The English Jew Behind
The Foundation Of Israel

A Vivian Bird / Michael Walsh Report

It has always been assumed by historians and others that it was the pro-Zionist US government at the end of World War Two and earlier that laid the foundations of the State of Israel.
Admittedly, the US did play a decisive role in this but research carried out recently in Britain by a Jewish professor has put a very different complexion upon the prelude to the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine.
As in many fateful - and fatal - policy decisions, the machinations of the British Foreign Office played a decisive role in creating bloody mayhem, betrayal and misery on a monumental scale, not only in Europe but also in the Middle East.
William Rubenstein, professor of modern history at the University of Wales, has unearthed an extraordinary secret from the annals of British Government concerning the origins of one of the most influential members of government during the past century.
"This case is possibly the most remarkable example of concealment of identity in 20th Century British political history," commented Professor Rubenstein in 'History Today' magazine.
Rubenstein was referring to Leopold Amery, a leading Conservative politician, close ally and friend of Britain's un-elected wartime leader, Winston Churchill. Amery was the author of the infamous 1917 Balfour Declaration, which promised British government support for the Jewish rape and colonisation of the Palestinian nation.
Amery throughout his life deliberately concealed his Jewish origins and Professor Rubenstein who is himself Jewish, has established the deception beyond any doubt. In his disclosures about Leopold Amery's past Professor Rubenstein says that Amery misled people about his past in his autobiography, 'My Political Life' which was published just before his death in 1955.
In this book Amery declared that his father, Charles Frederick Amery, came from an old English West Country family. However, according to the historian he sought to conceal his mother's origins. Amery merely wrote that his mother, Elizabeth Leitner Amery was one of a stream of Hungarian exiles who emigrated after the 1848 European revolutionary turmoil, fleeing first to Constantinople (Istanbul) and then to England.
In fact, according to this new research, Amery's mother was born in 1841 to Jewish parents in Pest, which subsequently became part of Budapest. This area of the Hungarian capital was host to the Jewish ghetto and her own mother's name was Elisabeth Johanna Saphir, a common Jewish name in the region.
Professor Rubenstein says that Amery also changed his middle name Moritz to the more Anglicised Maurice in his full name, Leopold Charles Maurice Stennett Amery. He did so to further disguise his Jewish origins.
Amery's mother was of pure Jewish descent says the learned historian and therefore, according to orthodox rabbinical Jewish law and tradition so was her son. Amery's actions and psychotic anti-German hysteria expressed during both World Wars and the intervening years left no doubt as to where his anti-Christian sympathies lay.
As the Assistant Secretary to England's War Cabinet in 1917 it was the deceitful pretend-Englishman Amery who drafted the now notorious blood-document, the Balfour Declaration, which was delivered by Lord Balfour, the then British Foreign Secretary.
It was the same hapless Lord Balfour who on behalf of the British Government signed the equally disastrous and infamous Versailles Diktat, which was to lead directly to the British declaration of war against Germany, the consequences of which left Europe in ruins.
This, the Balfour Report, was a momentously evil document, was in effect the founding Charter for the State of Israel and what can be described as the ensuing Palestinian holocaust.
Amery thus had an overwhelming racial self-interest as opposed to British interest, in promulgating this. He also founded the so-called Jewish Legion, the first racially exclusive Jewish fighting force created since Roman times. The Jewish Legion was composed of battalions of Jewish soldiers who were trained and served under superior British officers during the First World War.
This force was a forerunner to the present Israeli Army. Many of its members deserted, attracted by the opportunity to vent their piratical bloodlust on the displaced Palestinian population. During the Israelis anti-Palestinian pogroms tens of thousands of Palestinians, many of them of Christian faith, were uprooted and driven from their homelands of centuries. Tens of thousands died of brutality, starvation and in numerous Jewish slaughter orgies. Entire villages such as Deir Yassin were wiped off the map.
Few were spared. Even their British allies were slaughtered; captured, held hostage, hanged and often their lifeless bodies booby-trapped. The most notorious terrorist outrage was the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in which 105 Britons, many of them women and children, lost their lives to Jewish terrorism. Such terrible events have since been conveniently air-brushed out of history books. Surprisingly, Amery's openly pro-Jewish sentiments and collaboration failed to raise eyebrows among British Government colleagues, some of whom like Sir Anthony Eden who were known to be strongly anti-Semitic. Presumably such politicians regarded the Asiatic Amery's actions favourable to British interests at the time. It is for this reason that much of the Arab world despises Britain today, an alienation, which costs billions of pounds and tens of thousands of jobs in lost trade and favoured nation status.
During the Conservative Government of Sir Stanley Baldwin 1925 - 1929, when he was Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, Amery was actively one of the promoters of the greatest growth of British Jewry's exploitation of commercial, financial and political opportunity throughout the world. Yet, he disguised his own Jewishness so effectively that few of his parliamentary and government colleagues were aware that he was in fact Jewish or of where his true allegiances lay.
However the act for which he is best known and often heralded by the English establishment's apologists 'as a true Englishman came in May 1940. Amery played a decisive role in bringing down Neville Chamberlain's government, which sought peace in Europe. It was Amery who with the impudence of the successful infiltrator made a war-provoking speech in the House of Commons: "Depart, I say. Let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!"
It signalled the departure of the 'Peace in Europe' section of the Conservative Party and opened the door to those who fervently desired war with Germany, the removal of a trade competitor and the opportunity to loot Europe's most prosperous nation. More than half of this pro-war section had shares in munitions factories.
Amery, as a secret Jew, had good reason to hate and loathe Neville Chamberlain, the alleged appeaser of Germany's conciliatory leader. Chamberlain was one of the last, if not the last, of the old style gentlemen of honour and decency in British Government.
Amery neither forgot nor forgave Chamberlain's bitter words in September 1939 when he said to his Foreign Secretary, Lord Halifax. "The Jews of America are pushing us into this war . . . . "
And so it was, Amery and the Conservative Party's 'War with Germany' faction led by Winston Churchill, resolved to ignore Germany proposals for peace and plunged Britain into a global conflict which became the bloodiest in the history of the human race. It was a conflict which delivered half of Europe to the dictatorship of Jewish-Communism and the Palestinian nation to the emerging Jewish empire.
Professor Rubenstein says he made the discovery by following a hunch he had had for years. In his article in History Today he says: "I was about 75% certain of what I was likely to find before I started looking. Knowing both the relevant Jewish and British sources well, with some lateral thinking, I managed to piece together the whole story with little real difficulty.
An ironic piece of history is that John Amery, Leopold's estranged son was a British Fascist who had gone to live in Germany where he remained when Britain declared war on the German nation.
In the early forties John Amery made a few radio broadcasts from Berlin calling for peace between the two countries and the ousting of the British autocrat, Winston Churchill and his warmongering gang.
Vengeance was swift and brutal. At the end of the war he was arrested in Italy, brought back to England in chains, tried and hanged as a 'traitor', his body being unceremoniously hurled into a lime pit within the confines of London's Pentonville Prison. The executioner, Albert Pierrepoint later said that John Amery was one of the bravest men he had ever executed. Whether John Amery knew of his father's past and origin remains uncertain although Professor Rubenstein inclines to the view that he did. His younger brother, also John, became a senior figure in British post-war governments and died several years ago maintaining silence until the end about his family's Hungarian-Jew origins.
Professor Rubenstein sought the reasons for Amery's reluctance to identify his Jewish roots. This was a period in English history when many, even those in the English establishment, held those of Jewish race in loathing often contempt.
He suggests that one reason for the cover-up was the driving ambition to break into English society demonstrated by Amery's Jewish mother, and also the fear of embarrassment that knowledge of his Jewish ness might have caused him at the 'elitist' private school Harrow where outwardly at least he ingratiated himself as a 'fervent English nationalist.'
Rubenstein points out also that most of those - especially in public life - who then and now hide their Jewish ancestry, also took pains to distance themselves as far as possibly from overt interest in Jewish issues. Some would even proclaim anti-Semitism. Leopold Moritz Amery chose to present himself as a great English patriot whilst at the same time serving the interests of where his true loyalties lay, Israel and Judah, side by side with those other cultist sycophants of Zionism, Winston Churchill and F.D Roosevelt.
Sources: History Today magazine. February 1999.
A Vivian Bird / Michael Walsh Report



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